BOOK REVIEW: The 6th Grade Nickname Game, by Gordon Korman

RELEASE DAY: September 1, 2004
FORMAT: Hardcover
SOURCE: Purchased

Almost everyone in Old Orchard Public School (OOPS) has a nickname from Jeff and Wiley. It’s a dubious honour. Their underachieving class is dubbed the Dim Bulbs, their pop-eyed principal is Deer in Headlights, and their enormous football coach-turned teacher is Mr. Huge. But when a spunky redhead named Cassandra enters their lives, the boys begin to doubt themselves. No name seems to say it all. Plus, some of the nicknames are backfiring. Will Jeff and Wiley be able to get it together before it’s too late?


I’m not sure if reading The 6th Grade Nickname Game by Gordon Korman was a plan or not. I bought the book for my nephew for Christmas and while looking at both it and my current read, Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon, I figured I might as well read the former because it looked more interesting than the latter (OK … it’s not that I’m bored with Dragonfly in Amber, but it’s just so long and not as good as Outlander was – I’m still hoping to finish it by the end of the month!). I was also curious to see what the books my nephew reads are like. He’s 9 years old and I debated getting him Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. After some recommendations from his mom, I thought I’d get him some other ones for now.

The 6th Grade Nickname Game is not what I was expecting. It had a good, albeit simple, plot with interesting characters and scenarios. And … it was funny! I must have laughed out loud half a dozen times! Jeff and Wiley are the main characters of the book. They pride themselves on coming up with nicknames for anyone – including parents and teachers. Charles is an eavesdropper, so they nickname him Snoopy. Their new teacher Mr. Hughes is a 280-pound football coach (turned English teacher), so they nickname him Mr. Huge (who is absolutely hilarious throughout the book!).

The book is fast paced – Charles (alias Snoopy) wants to prove that you can give anyone a nickname (even if it doesn’t suit them) and it’ll stick, so Jeff and Wiley nickname the most un-cool, un-popular, most reclusive guy in the school, Mike Smith, the Iceman. If the nickname sticks, Snoopy wants a NEW nickname because he’s offended to have his current one.

There was even romance! Who knew there was romance in the books my nephew reads?

This may have been written for kids, but I found it a quick, interesting read. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up book to read on a lazy day, this is one for you. Korman makes the book intriguing for all ages.


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