New Year Resolutions

(Note: Yes, I am reading right now … my goal is to finish Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon by the end of the year. I’m about 200-ish pages away from the end. This book is so long!)

For the past many, many, many years, I’ve always started the New Year without any kind of resolution. Yes, I have goals – exercise, eat right, read – but I’ve never written anything down or made an actual plan about something I want to accomplish in the New Year.

I’m hoping that 2010 will be different. I’m in my second year of marriage, entering my 6th year at my current job, have 5 wonderful animals at home, and am feeling more content now than I think I ever have. So why not make some concrete resolutions?

The thing I like about this blog, too, is that it’s not something I feel I have to update regularly. This is probably the first life post I’ve put in here and don’t want to force myself to write something every day. But I digress. Let’s look at the resolutions, shall we?

1. Read More

Yes, this has already been established. I’ve joined 2 challenges and am really looking forward to cracking open my first book of 2010. My library is overflowing and I still haven’t decided what to read first! I remember in 2008 I had a goal to read 12 books in the year – I can’t believe that I didn’t have the time to read more. Not only do I want to read more, but I want to make sure I’m reading the books that I’ve already bought that are sitting in my library, unread. I’m sure I bought them for a reason, right?

2. Be more efficient with dinner

OK, that seems a little vague, but here’s the deal: I work in spurts. One week we’re eating pizza every day (albeit, healthy homemade pizza) and another week we’re having balanced meals that were actually planned. This year I want to make my plan for the week, STICK TO IT, and better my cooking skills. I want to follow recipes, NOT throw away unused food (i.e. eat it before it goes bad!), and still be healthy in the process. That being said …

3. Have a budget and stick to it (at least 80% of the time)

It’s not that I’m frivolous, but I definitely handle my money in a not-so-efficient way. Last year I made up a budget which included $100/week on groceries. This meant that I had to actually plan what was going on during the week and buy only what fell into that plan. Of course, this lasted about 3 months, so I’m hoping for a better outcome this year. The budget usually falls through when I’ve convinced myself I need new clothes, shoes, books, etc. I’m hoping to really cut back on that this year.

4. Run, run, run

So you probably read in my intro post that I once had a blog about weight loss. Well, I lost 50 pounds before my wedding in 2008, having learned how to eat healthy and how to put one foot in front of the other in some form of exercise. I loved eating good food (i.e. good, healthy food) and I loved what working out made me feel like: darn healthy! No, I wasn’t a crazed nut with working out, but I eventually learned how to make it work with my lifestyle. I didn’t want to be doing it all. the. time. I got into running and actually really liked it. I’ve started this goal a little earlier than January 1 because I’d like to get into a running routine at the beginning of the year. I took a LOT of time off from exercise in the last while and am working back up to it. The goal? To run at LEAST 2 miles in the morning, 6 mornings a week. If I can’t run, WALK! Do something! Be active! I’m not looking for hours of activity a day, but something to keep me on track with #5.

5. Eat healthy, dammit.

This is something I do in spurts. Let me just say, I still want to lose 15 pounds. At least. I always lose the initial 8-ish and then fall off my healthy eating plan and start eating garbage. Cookies, chocolates, crackers, etc. I don’t want to completely eliminate anything from my diet, but this will be the year I put intuitive eating and moderation in place. I will keep a food journal, make sure I always have fruits, vegetables, yogurt, nuts, and other healthy foods in the house, and I’ll work with #2 in this regard, as well. The weekend is not a time for me to eat anything. Stopping for dinner while running errands in the city is not an excuse to eat anything. I have to realize that there are special occasions in life – birthdays, Christmas, get-togethers – and during those special occasions I can indulge. But not too much. Moderation, right?

6. Finish recording my Christmas CD

As you probably read in my ‘About Me‘ section, I’m a musician. The last full-length CD I recorded I did all on my own in my home studio. That was released in 2007. For 2010 I want to release a full-length Christmas CD, something I’ve wanted to do for a few years now. The music is recorded and I have to work on vocals. I figure I should write this down as a goal because I really want to make sure I’m efficient with my time and get it done and ready by its release date (November 15, 2010). There will be no waiting until 2011 to release this sucker!

I think this is definitely manageable and I am hoping that at the end of 2010 (though really, who wants to think that far ahead?) I can say that I stuck to all of these. I guess we won’t know for another year, right?

At this time of year be safe in all that you do, and have a very happy holiday.



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