BOOK REVIEW: Foursome, by Jane Fallon

Released: February 1, 2010 (Penguin)
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Rebecca, Daniel, Alex and Isabel have been best friends since university. Rebecca married Daniel, Alex married Isabel and, for twenty years, they have been inseparable. But all that is about to change… When Alex walks out on Isabel, Rebecca thinks things can’t get any worse. But then she finds out the reason why and she’s left harbouring a secret she’d rather forget… And there’s more upheaval to come in Rebecca’s life as her emaciated, neurotic, self-obsessed colleague, Lorna – her arch nemesis at work – suddenly becomes a regular feature in her social life. Rebecca’s once-happy foursome is now a distant memory and with hearts broken and friendships fractured, it seems that change is never a good thing. Or is it?

My Thoughts (May Contain Spoilers) 

I love Jane Fallon. It seems like I love a lot of authors these days, but I don’t mind. It’s a lot better than hating authors. I mean, they do write the words, you know?

The thing with Jane Fallon is that she writes a great story. Something that draws the reader in, keeping them intrigued until the very end. I felt exactly the same way with her previous two efforts, and was so excited when I saw her latest novel, Foursome, was due to come out this year.

I’ve always been a fan of chick literature and while this novel definitely has aspects of the genre, it’s also honest and moving – something that could actually happen in real life. Like past novels by Jane Fallon, Foursome also has some great humour – the characters can be gritty and raw and they like to say it as it is!

The one thing that irked me with this book, however, is that it didn’t seem as well written as her previous efforts. Don’t get me wrong – the story was great, but the editing was something that should have been looked at a little more closely. More often than not, I found myself rereading lines and paragraphs to understand what exactly Jane Fallon was trying to write – her wording and the occasional use of a typical British word threw me off on occasion and I don’t know if it was because of bad editing or because she threw the book together too fast. It seemed very out of character compared to Got You Back and Getting Rid of Matthew.

Though, aside from all of that, I was into the book until the very end – Jane Fallon kept me guessing and while I had my ideas, I never knew the outcome of the novel until the last few pages. THAT is the mark of a good book: being unpredictable.

The characters were also very well written. I found myself falling in love with the characters I was supposed to love, and hating the ones I was supposed to hate. I was speculative because the characters seemed a lot older than in her last few novels (something that initially threw me off in the second installment of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon)

It seems it was so long since her last book that I wonder when she’ll release another novel. If it’s anything like Foursome and her previous efforts, I can’t wait.


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