CHALLENGE: Mount TBR Reading Challenge

ONE last challenge to sign up for before the end of the year–trust me, this one’s a gooder! If you’re like me, you have a TON of TBR books. I recently reorganized my books and have an entire bookcase of books that I’ve bought but haven’t read. I really can’t go by a bookstore, or book display without buying something. I love garage sales, thrift stores, and book sales. ANYTHING to get a great new read!

It’s a terrible habit, I know, but I just love books!

Of course, this means I’ll never catch up wit my TBR pile, but I’m hoping I can one day. In fact, I’ve told myself that I know I’ve read everything when I’m finally reading Tolstoy’s War and Peace — the last book on my TBR list.

The Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2012 is hosted by My Reader’s Block and I’m so excited to do it. The best thing is that it allows crossovers, so I don’t have to feel too bogged down.

Challenge Levels

Pike’s Peak: Read 12 books from your TBR pile/s
Mt. Vancouver: Read 25 books from your TBR pile/s
Mt. Ararat: Read 40 books from your TBR piles/s
Mt. Kilimanjaro: Read 50 books from your TBR pile/s
El Toro: Read 75 books from your TBR pile/s
Mt. Everest: Read 100+ books from your TBR pile/s

And the rules:
*Once you choose your challenge level, you are locked in for at least that many books. If you find that you’re on a mountain-climbing roll and want to tackle a taller mountain, then you are certainly welcome to upgrade.

*Challenge runs from January 1 to December 31, 2012.

*You may sign up anytime from now until November 30th, 2012.

*Books must be owned by you prior to January 1, 2012. No ARCs (none), no library books. No rereads. [To clarify–based on a question raised–the intention is to reduce the stack of books that you have bought for yourself or received as presents {birthday, Christmas, “just because,” etc.}. Audiobooks may count if they are yours and they are one of your primary sources of backlogged books.]

*Books may be used to count for other challenges as well.

*Feel free to submit your list in advance (as incentive to really get those books taken care of) or to tally them as you climb.

*A blog and reviews are not necessary to participate. If you have a blog, then please post a challenge sign up and link THAT post (not your home page) into the linky on the page linked above. Non-bloggers, please leave a comment declaring your challenge level.

*A progress site for reviews will go up in January on My Reader’s Block.

Hmm … I think I’m going to go for MT. VANCOUVER and read 25 BOOKS from my TBR list. I am hoping to read more than that, since there are tons of books on my shelves, but we’ll start smaller for now. 🙂

1. Marley & Me, by John Grogan
2. The God of Small Things, by Arundhati Roy
3. Distant Shores, by Kristin Hannah
4. Swoon, by Nina Malkin

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