Blog Hop, or Where I Write

As much as I love reading, I have to admit that a part of me likes to dabble with writing.

When I saw on Twitter something about a blog hop hosted by Lillie McFerrin that was ending right away, I knew I had to enter.

But wait!

I had to WRITE something for it.


And share it with the world!

*cringe again*

Anyway, without further ado, here’s what I came up with, my little piece of flash fiction, 300 words exactly, based on the picture below:


Elyen saw the meadow.

It was dark – twilight — when everything slows down to a hush and all that’s left is the sound of thoughts rushing through your head like the lapsing waves of the ocean.

It was a dream.

Elyen saw the meadow again, surrounded by tall trees, the last rays of sun achingly pushing their way through the branches.

She could feel warmth on her skin.

Elyen took a few steps forward, suddenly feeling the air cool down a degree or two. Her desire to cover her bare arms was prominent. She let out the breath she didn’t know she was holding, seeing its soft vapor mist out into the air.

Shivering, Elyen took a few more steps forward.

This wasn’t the dream she remembered having. Not the dream where she and Robert kissed under the moonlight after a long-overdue proposal and a ring from his grandmother’s box of heirlooms.

No — this was something different. Something eerie was surrounding her and it threatened to suck her in, to pull her from the safety of her bedroom into its grasp, until she had no chance of escaping.

She wished Robert was here with her.

Elyen willed herself to wake up, thinking horrible things in her mind, though the temperature was dropping, the dusk turning to dark, and a soft mist was starting to creep up over the daffodils: clearly, the meadow was doing a pretty good job of scaring Elyen out of her wits.

Surrounded by a circle of light where she stood, Elyen looked up, noticing a light bulb strung in midair, hanging like the last errant wisps of a spider’s web.

As she stared, the light grew brighter and brighter, until it consumed Elyen and she could no longer escape the dream.

She woke up screaming.

(300 words)

To see other entries for this blog hop, visit Lillie McFerrin’s blog!

© 2012, Reading In Winter. All rights reserved.


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