BOOK REVIEW [AND Q&A]: The Gift of Fate (Fatum Series, #1), by Valerie King

RELEASE DATE: February 29, 2012
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
FORMAT: Paperback
PAGE COUNT: 171 pages
SOURCE: Author, for review

Seventeen year old Jillian Marie Mathers uncovers her true calling in life one cool autumn night. With the belief that she is veritably crazy, she soon discovers she holds a very special gift instead. The gift of fate. Ariel Housen opens the beautiful world of the Fatum to Jillian, and the darkness is finally lifted from around the crevices of her mind as she learns and copes with who she truly is from the inside out. Along the road of self discovery and absolute survival, she finds herself yearning for the love of a curious young man named Connell Davall. For Connell is undoubtedly the answer to her own life’s questions. Questions Jillian never knew existed until she looked into the deep blue eyes of her saving grace.

A twisted story that is beautifully woven with petals of romance and dangerous corners, The Gift of Fate is a page-turning love story and dark thriller that will leave you wanting more.


When I was contacted by indie author Valerie King to read and review her first book in the Fatum series, The Gift of Fate, I was skeptical. I’m always skeptical when it comes to series books, so it takes a lot of convincing to swing me in their favour. But then … I saw the GORGEOUS cover for the book. Seriously, one of the prettiest covers I’ve seen — and I absolutely adore covers. The lettering and fonts are perfect as well as the entire layout. So, naturally I said yes.

I quite enjoyed reading The Gift of Fate — it made me wonder what I would do, were I in the same shoes as the main character, Jillian, who can see other peoples’ fates in her mind. If you could see the fate of a friend, would you change it? Could you change it? And what would you do if someone came and tried to take your power away?

This was a page-turner for me from start to finish. I really liked Jillian’s character. She didn’t immediately give into this newfound power, even when contacted by her new mentor, Ariel. Throughout the novel, Jillian struggles to understand her gift and what it means to her as she works with Ariel and encounters a mysterious love interest.

I do admit that the love interest was a slight case of insta-love, BUT when you’re dealing with fate, it’s interesting to see how both parties knew that they were meant to be together. It definitely made me more accepting of something I usually cringe at in novels. And Jillian’s love interest is quite the character — willing to do anything for her and help her with her gift.

Thought-provoking, exciting, and full of intrigue and mystery, The Gift of Fate is a read that will quench the thirst of lovers of fantasy. Valerie King is a great storyteller and I’m sure I will be checking out more of her novels in the future.


Why did you become a writer? What (or who) inspired you to do what you do?

I always wanted to write. It’s in my blood. I adore the works of C.S. Lewis. The way he paints a picture with his words is amazing. I wanted to do that.

As a young girl, I was always writing short stories and poetry for friends and family. I got married when I was twenty, had twin boys at twenty-one and my third boy at twenty-five. Marriage and motherhood came first. My boys are now twelve and eight. Last summer my husband and I had a deep conversation about what it means to follow your dreams. The very next day, I wrote the first chapter of The Gift of Fate. The rest is history!

What is the atmosphere like when you write – completely silent, or do you listen to music?

Music. Always. I am a huge music fanatic, and I tend to listen to the not-so-mainstream stuff.  Depending on what type of novel I’m writing, I choose music that reflects the story’s mood.

I’m a musician and I feel most inspired to write in the springtime. Is there a certain season when you feel most compelled to put pen to paper?

Anytime, any place, any season. I crave writing, so I make time every day if I can.

In The Gift of Fate, the main character Jillian is able to see the fate of other people. If you had one unique gift, what would it be and why?

Wow, that’s a tough one. I’d have to say the ability to turn back time. Now that my children are older, there are days I crave the “baby days”. I would love to relive some of the monumental moments of motherhood…my wedding day too! There are so many memorable moments in my life; I would love to live vicariously through them again.

What book are you reading right now?

I just finished reading Into You by Riley J. Ford. It’s an incredible book by a first time author. Humorous, serious and mysterious all rolled into one! Loved it.

I just started Graceling by Kristin Cashore. A friend of mine highly recommended the series. So far, I love it!

When you’re not writing, what do you do in your spare time?

I actually work out of my house twenty hours a week doing social media and marketing for a spectacular company! I also home school my children. In my downtime, I make time for date night with my hunk of a husband and fall into the pages of a book when time allows. Life is very busy for me, but blessed.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Never ever take no for an answer. If you have the dream to share the stories in your head, put pen to paper and do it. Life is about learning as you go. So is writing. Edit, re-edit and edit again. Can I say edit one more time?

Can you share any details on what you might be working on next? Any exciting projects in the works?

Yes! I actually just finished the first book in a novella trilogy called Guardian. It’s a fast-paced, short story tale of desire, deceit and a costly secret. It’s available on Amazon right now!

I am also more than halfway completed with the second book in the Fatum Saga, The Power of Suggestion. This is the follow-up to The Gift of Fate. New character, new storyline, but many of the same faces you have seen before. This is a much darker, more mysterious novel, highlighting the twisted world of the Tenebrae. You’ll be introduced to Alexandra, Rhys and countless other characters by the end of the year. 


Valerie has always possessed a vivid imagination and a mind full of stories waiting to be told. As life moves forward, her pen has finally hit paper and incandescent sagas are being written. Her passion has transformed itself into the Fatum book series, the Unseen Wings trilogy, along with a number of short stories. May you find a fable of deceit or perhaps a love story to fill your heart. Welcome to her journey…

Valerie lives with her husband and their three children in Dallas, TX.


© 2012, Reading In Winter. All rights reserved.


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