BOOK REVIEW [AND Q&A]: Muse, by Janica L. Stoff

Date(s) read: August 10, 2012
Genre: YA Supernatural

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The last thing Callie expected to receive for her sixteenth birthday was the power to freeze time. Before she can adjust to her new talent though, she discovers that her worst enemy, her best friend, and six other girls are all descendants of the nine Greek Muses, and are now blessed with various magic abilities.

Between visions of the future and ghosts of the past they come to realize not everything is at it appears and something wicked is pursuing them. Can they learn to put aside their childhood jealousies and fears in order to take control of their new found powers and fight together or will the wretched creature get his way by pitting them against one another.

My Thoughts

Thank you Janica Stoff who provided me a copy of this book for review!

The author had contacted me about a possible review of her book. Reading the synopsis, I was intrigued by the idea that a girl could FREEZE TIME. What a cool power!

I found this book to be a delight from start to finish. It was perfectly paced and had just the right amount of action to keep me interested the whole time. In fact, when I started reading it, I was reminded of the TV show The Secret Circle — once I got the show in my head, it was hard to read about the main character, Callie, without seeing Cassie from the show, or to read about Clio without seeing Faye. That’s not to say that the book was that similar to the TV show — actually, it was kind of neat to see those characters in my head as I read. 

I loved that the story was about the Greek muses and that the girls received their powers on their 16th birthday. While it might be assumed that they would all have the same powers, it’s nice to see that they don’t — and that they don’t even know what their powers will be. It was great to see the girls get closer as the book goes on. Of course, there are ups and downs in the friendship, which is just natural, but it really added to the flow of the book.

And romance! Yes, there’s romance! It’s not hot and heavy, but perfect PG romance — suitable for a younger YA read. I thought the love interests may have hooked up just a little too quickly — just a wee bit of instalove — but it totally worked out in the end. And there’s mystery! Right when I thought I knew what was going on, I was totally wrong, which I loved! There’s nothing worse than guessing what’s going to happen in a book right away.

The writing is great — maybe a bit of flow problems the odd time —  but it’s definitely a fun book to read. No mention of a sequel or anything, but the book does end with a cliffhanger, so we might meet these characters again!

(As a side-note, I did want a few more fun things to happen with Callie’s power. I mean, she can FREEZE TIME! Maybe it’s just me, but I wanted just a few more shenanigans – I know I would totally be wreaking havoc on people. Maybe I’m just not serious enough.)

If you like lighter YA books that have some Greek mythology, romance, and friendship, this is the read for you. It’s a quick read that will keep you hooked until the end.

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Why did you become a writer? What (or who) inspired you to do what you do?

Since I was a kid, I made up stories, mostly in my head. Once I reached high school, I decided to take a creative writing class and that’s where I first started putting the stories down on paper and eventually into my computer. I currently have about 20 different stories just waiting to be written when I have the time.

What is the atmosphere like when you write – completely silent, or do you listen to music?

It varies greatly. If I can get away and have silence I do, but I’m a mom of two kids and another one on the way so there is rarely silence in my house, I mostly just have to tune out the noise around me.

I’m a musician and I feel most inspired to write in the springtime. Is there a certain season when you feel most compelled to put pen to paper?

I would say winter. I can’t stand the snow and cold weather so that’s when I tend to gravitate towards sitting at the computer to write.

What book are you reading right now?

I’m currently going through all the Nicholas Sparks novels for the summer, I’m reading Message in a Bottle right now and I think I only have a couple more to go.

In your book, Muse, your main character discovers she has the ability to freeze time – if you had some kind of power, what would it be?

The power to freeze time! When I was growing up there was a show called “Out of This World” in which the main character Evie had the power to stop time. I thought it was the coolest power to have and always wanted that one.

When you’re not writing, what do you do in your spare time?

I like to do a variety of things: sew, crochet, play games, read, draw. I’ll usually pick one and do it until I’m sick of it and move on to the next, then do it all again.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Write! No matter what, just write. That was the hardest part for me. I kept worrying about what someone would think of what I was writing. Until I finally got in the grove and just wrote what came to me. I think that first chapter must have been written thirty times before it finally came to be what it is. 

Can you share any details on what you might be working on next? Any exciting projects in the works?

I am working on the second book in the MUSE trilogy, but also have a very different young adult novel I’m working on, it has a much darker feel. I’m really excited about that one so it makes it hard for me to focus on the next MUSE book, but I’m trying.

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20 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW [AND Q&A]: Muse, by Janica L. Stoff

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  2. Thanks for the link Kristilyn. Great interview with Janica too. I really liked this book and can’t wait to read more. It’s a great start to what looks like is going to be an interesting series.

  3. Sign me up!! I love Greek Mythology and all things even remotely related! So Muses?? I love it! It’s something that’s rarely touched in literature (especially YA – since they’re typically so sexual!) So I’m definitely going to be reading this one!!

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

  4. Oh this one sounds good! And one where Instalove doesn’t turn out to be a trainwreck, that’s a feat. I like the freezing time idea too, definitely unique. I’m curious about the darker YA novel she is working on. Great review and interview!

  5. I’ve always said, if I had a secret power, I would want to be able to Freeze Time! I mean seriously, how awesome would that be?! Think – you might be able to read ALL the books that way! 😉

    Sounds like a really interesting read. I really want to know what the other girls’ powers were! 🙂

  6. Freezing time sounds pretty AWESOME. I’d love to do that myself.. I just love anything surrounded around time.. because that’s what we never have control over is time.

    Great reivew!!

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  8. I am from Greece and I am usually very suspicious about the books which are based on our history but this book sounds very interesting.
    I really want Callie’s power, it is very useful.

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