CHALLENGE: Bloggiesta – Fall 2012 Sign-Up & Goal Post

Bloggiesta! Bloggiesta!

<insert Rocky theme>

Bloggiesta is hosted by Danielle @ There’s a Book and Suey @ It’s All About Books. It runs from September 28th to 30th and it’s all about updating and working on your blog.

On her blog, Danielle writes:

If you decide to participate in the Fall 2012 edition you can expect:

  • to spend time that weekend (as much or as little as your schedule allows) working on your blog
  • to create a to do list to share on your blog and link up with other participants
  • to hopefully participant in several mini challenges and learn something new
  • to connect with other participants through blog hopping or twitter
  • to make new blogging friends!
  • to come away at the end of the three days with a spiffed up blog!

Let me just say that I wasn’t planning on participating in this round of Bloggiesta. Nope. It wasn’t until I saw Amanda’s super-organized post that I wanted in on all the action.

*cough* Enabler! *cough*

So far as I know, hubs is home that weekend, but it looks like I’ll be busy with blog stuff. Hopefully golf is on the TV.

Here are my goals (which are bound to change) for Bloggiesta:


  1. Back up the blog.
  2. Change the password.


  1. Add new signature to old posts. (This is done from July 2012 onward — to tedious to do them all!)
  2. Come up with a ratings scale.
  3. Add said rating scale to all reviews. Yes. ALL reviews. (Nope. Not gonna happen. Did this from July 2012 onward — will do the rest as time permits.)
  4. Add links to reviews to other reviews by author, or other reviews in series.

(Note: So I changed my thoughts about the three remaining things on this list. I’ve been updating to a new look for my reviews, but will only try to do that for posts from this year forward. The rating scale will be done as I can do it — it’s been taking FOREVER to update all of my posts, so this isn’t something that’ll get done this weekend.)


  1. Update archives.
  2. Add reviews to Goodreads (And Indigo. Maybe.).
  3. Ensure all pending reviews are written.
  4. Schedule November Book Hoarders posts. (& for December!)
  5. Draft Clock Rewinders posts for October.
  6. Schedule all Blogiversary posts for October.
  7. Draft discussions for November.
  8. Update old Book Hoarder posts with the new picture (with an apostrophe!)

Added: Write up blog schedule for the first half of 2013 (inspired by Amanda — doing this, I can see I’ll need 65 reviews for the first half of the year, 15 discussions, and 15 cover love posts, with a book hoarder post each week!)

Added: Clean out Google Reader (I’ve been letting this pile up ALL WEEK and really needed to get it cleaned out before it got to be too much!)

Added: Update Pinterest (saw this over on April’s blog and remembered I had a Pinterest account)

Added: Review and update blog roll (stolen from Suey’s list!)


  1. Meet new bloggers.
  2. Comment on other participants’ blogs.
  3. Chat on Twitter (like I really needed to record that).

Looks like I have my work cut out for me!

Are you participating in Bloggiesta? Anything else you’d like to see spruced up on my blog?

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33 thoughts on “CHALLENGE: Bloggiesta – Fall 2012 Sign-Up & Goal Post

  1. Sounds like you have a lot of work to do! Hope you reach your goals. (: I used to go with the 5 star rating system thing, but I sort of fell out of it. I didn’t want to rate books, I just wanted to review them. Though I still rate them on Goodreads.

  2. Heh. Yes, of course. All my fault.

    I like how you separated all the things you have to do into different categories. My favorite is the one that will likely set off complaining tangents. Probably because I have some of those as well.

    I used to do grades for ratings on my blog. But then I switched to the enjoyment scale last October and haven’t looked back. I do love my enjoyment scale. 🙂

  3. Oh boy, your guy’s super-organized selves make me feel sooooo lazy lol. ;D
    What does it mean to “back up your blog”?
    I know my blog could use A LOT of work, but I don’t even know where to start. I get too overwhelmed just thinking about it and then I just leave things be *sigh*

    I’m excited to see what kind of rating scale you come up with! Are you going to create your own icon/symbol? Like a SNOWFLAKE! haha.

    • My shelves have gone through sooo much. I think they’re FINALLY organized!

      When you back up your blog, you save all of your posts and comments, I believe — I think the only thing it doesn’t back up is the pictures.

      It’s hard to not get overwhelmed. I think if you make a list of priorities and work on one thing at a time, it’s a little less daunting.

      I was thinking of snowflakes, so we’ll see. 🙂

  4. BLOGGIESTA! I can’t believe it’s already time again!! Unfortunately, Bloggiesta happens when a major book festival (Austin Teen Book Festival) happens as well, but that’ll only take up one day. So I’ll still have two days to work on my blog, so I still think I’ll sign up. It’s too much fun to resist. 😉

    I love all your goals Kristilyn! And the different categories are so funny and smart. I really want to add a rating system, but I’m going to have to make one first. And I seriously need to add all my reviews onto Goodreads- I’ve fallen totally behind on that!

    Good luck Kristilyn! Hopefully we’ll be able to chat during Bloggiesta. =)

  5. I LOVE, love, love how you have your tasks organized!! For someone who wasn’t going to play along you sure rock the Bloggiesta I think I need a college course to just think organized like you – can I just steal your hierarachy, minus the brilliant dialogue that will ensue on Twitter? If you saw my list you’d feel completely sorry for me.

    I know I’m going to learn a lot that weekend. I’m sure you’ll kill all your goals, no problem! See you around that weekend…

  6. Oh dear, I went through the whole adding a new signature to older posts misery last year, it was tedious! But I HOPE you manage to get through all of these goals during Bloggiesta – I’ll be here to cheer you on! 🙂

    Here’s my post and my Bloggiesta goals.

    • I actually added a signature to my posts during one of the bloggiestas, but now I’ve changed it. Oh, and I went and added a Copyright at the end of each post, too. So this’ll be my third trip through the posts. Ah well … HOPEFULLY I’ll quit changing it!

      Thanks, Vicky!

  7. I don’t know if I’m going to participate or not. I’m hoping to, but need to see how the next week works out, and how my internet issues get solved.
    I wish you lots of luck with this though, especially on adding ratings to ALL THE REVIEWS!

  8. Ooooh wow. I love your to-do list! I’m already learning so much and it hasn’t even started yet! I think I may have to add a few of your chores to my list, too. I hope I can be as productive as I hope. Off to check out Amanda’s enabling list, as well. lol!

    Good luck! 🙂

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