FEATURE: I Will Cast a Spell on You!

When I was thinking about what to do for Witch Week, I knew I *had* to have a post about casting spells. How many of us read all of these books about witches, magicians, wizards, etc. and finish them thinking, “I WANT TO HAVE MAGICAL ABILITIES!”

Well, put on your cape! Grab your wand! We’re talking SPELLS! And MAGIC!

Here’s how my day would go, if I could use magic:

8:00 AM — Wake up. Wave my wand to get that steaming cup of coffee on my bedside table PRONTO. Uses the Lumos spell to get just the right amount of light in the room.

8:10 AM — No need for showering. I wave my wand and I’m clean, clothed, and looking AWESOME. I also look remarkably refreshed for the horrible sleeper I am. The power of magic!

8:30 AM — Hop on my broom and fly around the yard for a bit. Oops! Hit a tree!

9:00 AM — All better. Just used the Episkey spell to heal myself.

9:05 AM — Continue to fly around the yard. Run into a tree again. *eyes the yard suspiciously*

9:10 AM — Go inside to the mirror on the wall (who needs a cauldron when you have a mirror?) and ask it to bring up my enemies. Realizes someone’s casting a spell on me!

9:15 AM — Use the Finite Incantum spell to undo their vexing spells. Decide to cast a spell on them that their wand will be juuuuust out of reach. Thus, no bad spells casted!

9:30 AM — Decide to read. Eye the dirty house. Wave my wand to get the brooms moving and the dogs working, just like in Beauty and the Beast. I sit down with my feet up and read for a few hours.

11:30 AM — Hungry for lunch! Close my eyes, wave my wand, and conjure up the best lunch EVER. Yum. That was exactly what I wanted!

12:00 PM — Lays down to take a nap. Remembers husband was coming home and we were going away for the weekend! No worries — I just use the Packing Charm, which will pack my luggage while I nap.

3:00 PM — Oh no! I overslept! I wanted to finish my book, too. No worries — I’ll just freeze time for a bit so I can finish the book up.

3:01 PM — Finished!

3:05 PM — Husband should be home soon. Might as well look pretty. Casts a spell to dress me in a gorgeous outfit. Waves wand to put luggage down by the back door.

3:30 PM — Husband comes home. Wonders why kitchen sink isn’t packed. I use the Undetectable Extension Charm to pack ALL THE THINGS.

3:45 PM — Oh no! The in-laws have stopped by and we were planning to leave on vacation — they can’t know we’re here! Cast the Bedazzling Hex to hide us until they leave.

4:00 PM — Whew! That was a close one. Time to leave!

4:05 PM — Luggage was moved into the car, but we won’t be doing any driving. Cast the Flying Charm to get to our destination!

5:00 PM — Arrive at the destination! Hello sunshine! What’s that? Dark magic? Wave the wand to conjure up a Protection Spell. There, now we can relax!

Yes, there was a LOT of Harry Potter spells in there! But wouldn’t it also be cool to be able to make your coffee appear, or to get ready in the morning without lifting a finger? I would also love a spell to make ANY MEAL I WANT. How convenient would that be at dinner time when your family’s waiting for a meal, but you don’t want to cook? (I know, I know — the magic of DIALING THE PHONE!)

Magic that would be awesome in my day would be FREEZING TIME so I can read ALL THE BOOKS, or INSTANT DRY DOG so the dogs don’t leave tracks in the house after being outside in the rain or snow. Or INSTANT AGREEABLE HUSBAND, so I am ALWAYS right.

If you could cast any kind of spell, what would it be? Is there anyone you would use your magic on?

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21 thoughts on “FEATURE: I Will Cast a Spell on You!

  1. Ooh I like the idea of magically freezing time to read. I’d probably spend months doing that so I could read ALL THE BOOKS! Although… have you ever read Another Faust by… umm… somebody Nayeri I think, I’m sure it’s on GoodReads. One of the characters has that power and it doesn’t actually turn out that great, so maybe not.

    I think another spell I’d want is one that would write directly from my brain – so I could think about the review I wanted to write and what I want it to say, and from the jumbled mess it would write and publish a coherent review. That one would probably get used A LOT! Maybe too much lol!

  2. I love this!! It would be so fun to be able to cast spells! my house would be so clean! My cat would use the toilet!..lol And Kailyn! And we would have good food (I’m a terrible cook!)

    Great feature, thank for the laugh today!

  3. Ha. LOVED this. So fun! I personally would love to be able to eat whatever I want, never gain a pound and remain fit without exercising. Is that too much to ask?

  4. I think it would be great to have magic, but at the same time it would make me a very unproductive person. And I’m not sure I would always use my powers for good. Sometimes when I’m working at the library, I just want people to treat the books with respect and SHUSH.

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