GUEST POST: How I Got My Fiance To Read (Kelsey @ Kelsey’s Cluttered Bookshelf)

Today, as part of of blogiversary celebration, I’m happy to have Kelsey from Kelsey’s Cluttered Bookshelf on the blog for a guest post! Thank you, Kelsey, for being a part of the celebration!

I am in awe of Kelsey for getting her fiance to read. My husband isn’t a reader, so I may have to try and use some of these pointers, though I’m sure Kelsey will have much better luck than I will!

Kelsey is a book blogger, a Canadian, and a video game lover!

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How I Got My Fiance To Read

How I got my Fiancé to Read

I know there are book bloggers out there who have a significant other that could care less about the books we love so much, but I think I lucked out. When we met he didn’t read, but after a while I came up with ways to get him interested in reading, even if it was only a little bit. How did I do it?

Didn’t Push Him

When he’s forced to do anything, he’s most likely not going to do it. Which is a lot like me actually! So when I would get new books I would tell him about them, show him the pretty covers, and talk about books I read. Getting him looking around my blog once in a while I think helped explain what I do and why I love to read.

Chose Books He Might Like

When he said he’d like to try and read, I had him look at my books to start and see what he might be interested in. After he read the Hunger Games, he loved it and wanted to keep reading. I suggested some more titles, but mostly let him choose. We took a trip to the library not too long ago, went through the aisles, and it was a lot of fun! I think those trips will be more common now. J

Reading Time Together

Every night for an hour or so we turn off the TV or whatever we’re doing, get our books and read together. Not only does the reading together give us more to talk about later, but it gives us some quality time, no matter how busy we are with work and other things in life. It’s also a great time to relax and have fun. He likes to tell me about his book too, which is super cute!

I’m so happy that we have something like this that makes us closer than before. While I’m writing this he’s actually on the bed behind me reading a book. I know he’s not going to become a book blogger overnight, and I’m fine with that actually, there’d be too much competition in the house! (Just kidding) But the little bit of reading he gets done makes me proud that he’s giving it a try, and in a way it pushes me to actually try and get more done, I think he’s put more into reading this past week than I have!

Have you gotten someone into reading? Share your experiences!

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8 thoughts on “GUEST POST: How I Got My Fiance To Read (Kelsey @ Kelsey’s Cluttered Bookshelf)

  1. Ugh, I wish my hubby was a reader! He will read, but not fiction – he likes boring business books and the odd humor/biography book like Bill Mahar’s latest book. The only fiction that he actually got through was The Great Train Robbery by Michael Crichton which we both read and then watched the movie together. I thought once he could see for himself how much better it is to watch the movie AFTER you’ve read the book, he’d be hooked, but it was a one time thing lol. Then before the Hunger Games movie came out I thought that’d be the winning ticket to get him to like reading because I mean, everyone was reading it whether they were “readers” or not. He got through 50 pages in 7 days and then gave me the book and declared “BOOOOOORING”. *Sigh* lol.

    So…I’ve accepted that my husband will never be a big reader but we have an understanding that reading is important to me and he respects that. And usually it works out well because when he’s got a project around the house or something, I can read and everyone is happy! 😉

    Great post! 🙂

  2. Great post! My boyfriend wasn’t much of a reader when we met and he still thinks it’s a bit ridiculous how much and how quickly I can read. I’ve read a couple books that he really loved and gave him a copy of my favorite classic, and a collection of books by his favorite author, which we read together.

    I love that we have things to read together and that he texts me things like “reading the book you got me” or “loving this book”.

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