Introducing: Reading In Winter (After Dark)

I am ALL about new features, keeping on top of reviews, writing up discussions, and many other things.

From a previous discussion post, you’ll also know that I kind of dabble in reading books that are … *ahem* … slightly risque. Because I don’t ever get to talk about those books on this blog, I thought I would start ANOTHER blog!

Introducing: Reading In Winter (After Dark)

Click on the above picture to be taken to the new blog and read all about my plans with it, though keep in mind that it IS adult content, so you do have to be 18+ to view the material. (Actually, I don’t think it’s considered to be ‘mature content.’ No nudity or anything.)

But do not fret! I will still be a voracious blogger on this site! I love Reading In Winter and would never think of abandoning it! Not even for steamy reads!

If you like reading dirty books, or slightly naughty books, I encourage you to check it out. I hope that I can get into the swing of it soon! I’m looking for anyone who might want to be a contributor, so if you think that’s you, let me know!

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