MUSICAL SATURDAY: Experiments in Terror

If you’re like me, you read a LOT of books. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, some of them blow your mind, and some of them you can’t even get through. I’ve had my fair mix of all of these.

BUT, in the past few weeks I found a new favourite author and a new favourite series that completely BLEW MY MIND. So much so that after I spent 7 days reading the 5 books and 3 novellas available in the series, I had an entire week of just picking up books, reading a bit, putting them down, and so on. Nothing was as good as this series to me. I loved it THAT much.

So yes, if you read my blog or follow me on Goodreads or Twitter, you will know who I’m talking about.

Karina Halle and her Experiment in Terror series.

I love this series SO MUCH and can’t believe I just found out about it. I heart me some Dex and Perry and if you’re a fan of ghost hunting, the supernatural, or relationships that are crazy, complicated, and real, you NEED to read this series. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re still on sale at Amazon!

I’ve been toying with an Experiment in Terror song for a while now, but actually had an hour to sit down and do something about it earlier in the week. I will admit to you that I’m not actually recording what you see in the video — my week was a little nuts and I forgot my process, so the song was recorded and THEN I remembered I had to record a video. So I just played and sang along with the track. Yes. This happens.

Anyway, I hope you can read this series and fall for it like I did. It’s pretty awesome.

And be sure to pick up INTO THE HOLLOW, the 6th book in the series that will hopefully be out next month! If you want to read any of my reviews, read past the lyrics for links.

Experiments in Terror

Words and music by Kristilyn Robertson

It started with a ghost
Which led to an internet show
They’re the couple we love the most
When it comes to the supernatural

Don’t go into that lighthouse, baby
Don’t go into that mental asylum
Stay off of that scary island
These experiments in terror
Are terrifying!

Dex can be a jerk
But we’ve come to love him
That’s for sure
All we want is some lovin’
Between him and Perry, so

Don’t go into that lighthouse, baby
Don’t go into that mental asylum
Stay off of that scary island
These experiments in terror
Are terrifying!

Darkhouse (#1)
Red Fox (#2)
The Benson (#2.5)
Dead Sky Morning (#3)
Lying Season (#4)
On Demon Wings (#5)
Old Blood (#5.5)
The Dex Files (#5.7)

Have you read this series?

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10 thoughts on “MUSICAL SATURDAY: Experiments in Terror

  1. I recently heard of these books, and of course, now I really want to read them. 😀 I love your musical romps through books…

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