BOOK REVIEW: Before I Fall, by Lauren Oliver

Date(s) read: November 6 – 11, 2012
Genre: YA Contemporary

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What if you only had one day to live? What would you do? Who would you kiss? And how far would you go to save your own life?

Samantha Kingston has it all: looks, popularity, the perfect boyfriend. Friday, February 12, should be just another day in her charmed life. Instead, it turns out to be her last.

The catch: Samantha still wakes up the next morning. Living the last day of her life seven times during one miraculous week, she will untangle the mystery surrounding her death–and discover the true value of everything she is in danger of losing.

My Thoughts
I’ve come to learn that Lauren Oliver will ALWAYS be surprising me. Whether she’s writing a YA book or writing an MG book, I’ve found that each book has something unique and special about it.

With Before I Fall, I admit that I wasn’t immediately intrigued. I knew something serious was going on, but I really couldn’t stand the main character, so I was constantly putting the book down in order to find some happier reads. Of course, whenever I picked the book back up again and read a few pages, I was automatically swept up in Oliver’s writing and needed to know more.

Truthfully, this isn’t the happiest book, but it’s a journey. Once I accepted the fact that not everything was going to be unicorns and flowers, I got into the story. I got to know the characters and by the time I reached the halfway point, I had to finish it.

One thing I really loved about this book was the whole Groundhog Day aspect. Right when I thought, This is it, it’s going to end now, Sam would wake up again and the day would start again. It made for a pretty intense read! But, like I said, it was a journey and I was happy to go along on this journey of self-discovery and making things right with Sam.

Lauren Oliver is a fantastic writer and even if I wasn’t completely into this book when I started reading it, I’m very much in love with her style and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.


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19 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Before I Fall, by Lauren Oliver

  1. I’ve wanted to read this one for a long time. It stares lovingly at me from the shelf, those eyes begging for a connection.

    Glad it turned out to be a worthy read.

  2. I started out rough with this one too but not for the same reason but because I found it a little boring and too repetitive (even considering the Groundhog Day aspect). However, I pushed on through and just when I was thinking of putting it down around the 100 page mark, it started to pick up. I’m glad I continued it though because I LOVED it. And that ending? It ruined me! Glad you ended up liking it once you got over the fact it wasn’t going to be a unicorn and flower type of read 😉

    • It definitely was a book you had to keep reading to really get into. I know I wasn’t totally thrilled at the beginning, but I have to tell myself to just sit back, keep reading, and let Lauren Oliver work her magic. 🙂 I’m glad you loved it, too!!

  3. Wow great review, and I have been impressed with this author. I am adding this one to my list. I am anxious to see the twist in this.

  4. I’ve been meaning to read something by Lauren Oliver for ages now and this one is definitely on my list (after I read Delirium, which is sitting on my shelf staring me down while I study for exams).

  5. This is the one Lauren Oliver book that I haven’t read yet! I just KNOW I would love it, like I love all of her books. I have heard that the protagonist is pretty horrible in the beginning… I guess this might be a good example of what I was talking in my last comment about when an author is talented enough to pull off a convincing turn-around in their character? I hope so! I will have to read this book someday!!

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