DISCUSSION: Show Me the Romance! (Valentine’s special!)

Since today is Valentine’s Day, I thought I would have a SPECIAL discussion about romance in books. I am a HUGE romance person. When I start reading a book, I am immediately thinking about who’s going to fall in love with who … will there be love triangles? Will I like the love interest?

I know I’m not the only one, but when I read through a book and there’s not even a hint of romance, I’m disappointed. It’s like watching a movie where no one is falling in love! It’s just not possible!

(As a sidenote, of course it IS possible, but those aren’t the kinds of movies I watch.)

Recently, I watched a movie that featured the end of the world and two people falling in love. The world still ended but it ended with them IN LOVE! I cried! Not because the world ended, but because these two characters who I fell in love with were together and in love.

<insert sigh here>

There are so many different genres of books that are about love these days that I find it hard to find a certain genre that I love for the love … Adult, Chick Lit, New Adult, YA Contemporary … there are so many!

I think when it comes down to it, my favourite love stories are ones that are light and romantic, maybe some with series things going on in the background, but stories where the main focus is two characters who are crazy in love. Definitely not something where there’s a love triangle — sometimes I find that love triangles are thrown into a book just as a plot device, but sometimes they’re not totally necessary.

While I really love the more adult love stories, there’s something to be said about the YA Contemporary, or YA Romance stories — take something like Anna and the French Kiss, or My Life Next Door — innocent stories about first loves, falling in love for the first time, where two people haven’t kissed before and they’re just discovering this new feeling.

These kinds of books are wonderful!

Or, we could take a book where the main characters are definitely strong characters, but when it comes to love, their character is a little shyer, a little more nervous — the feelings of butterflies in their stomachs.


This Valentine’s Day, I know I’m going to be picking up a love story of some kind — how could you not? — and reading it until my heart grows warm, or tears of happiness prickle my eyes. Those are the best kind of tears when reading a story!

Do you like romantic books? What is your favourite genre? Do you have any favourite literary couples? 


17 thoughts on “DISCUSSION: Show Me the Romance! (Valentine’s special!)

  1. Yep, some of my favourite books are the drop dead romantic ones: Wuthering Heights, Love in the Time of Cholera come to mind.

    The Romantic by Barbara Gowdy and Possession by A.S. Byatt are two of my favourite contemporary romances.

    But, I also love books without romance. I just had a discussion on my blog about how weird it is that Infinite Jest has no romance in it (it DOES actually, but the main character has no romantic interest whatsoever.) And sometimes I’m not really in the mood for lovey-dovey.

    The book I’m reading now is fantastic, but it’s a coming of age story, and so far there’s no love interest. It’s more about dysfunctional families. Not very V Day appropriate but maybe I’ll pick a good, sweeping, romantic classic to read next… Gone With The Wind, anyone? 🙂

    • Classic romances! I need more of those in my life. 🙂 Actually, I started reading Pride and Prejudice last weekend, but started too late in the night, fell asleep, then got too busy to pick it back up again. I must rectify that!

      Sometimes a romance is totally necessary — even if romance isn’t the main theme of the novel — but you’re right, sometimes it’s nice to read something WITHOUT romance in it. Even if it seems to take me by surprise!

  2. I’m kind of an oddball on this one. I’m happy with a bit of romance, but I always want something else to be going on, otherwise I get a bit bored. And no romance is no problem for me. That said, a well-done romance is a well-done romance and you can’t argue with that (such as Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy).

    I guess what I’m trying to say is I like glimpses of romance, but not ONLY romance. Does that make sense? The example of a romance that I love that keeps popping into my head is Tyrion and Shay from Game of Thrones. There’s so much other stuff going on, but whenever I see them together, I smile.

    In real life, I’m not very romantic either. My bf and I remind each other of our anniversary for a couple weeks leading up to it and once he even forgot Valentine’s day (he thought the 14th was actually the 13th). But at the same time, I love weddings! Weird.

    • Ha ha … true! I like an awesome book where the romance is a pleasant surprise, but still where there’s tons of other stuff going on. And a well-done romance is VERY necessary!

      I think sometimes I NEED romance, but yeah, something else must be going on or else it could be a bit boring.

      The hubs and I aren’t too into all that, either. I think we’re romantic in our own little ways. 🙂 I mean, why focus on ONE DAY when you can make each day special?

  3. I’m actually the type of reader who isn’t a fan of romance. I don’t mind if a book has romance in it, but it’s not something I look for or care about too much. If there no romantic pairing in a book (or film), I won’t miss it or feel like something is lacking.

    That being said, looking back over the few romances I’ve super super enjoyed, some of my favorites are the ones where the main characters start out disliking each other and eventually come to realize that their feelings aren’t quite so negative after all.

    • Yes! I love that kind of romance! OR the ones where the characters have known each other ALL THEIR LIVES and romance never came into the picture.

      I think for me, it depends on the kind of book or film on whether I’ll miss the romance or not. It’s always a wonderful surprise when I don’t think there will be romance and there is!

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  5. I love romance too! As much fun as sexytimes are, sometimes I really just need a light fluffy I-WILL-ALWAYS-LOVE-YOU-BECAUSE-WE-ARE-SOULMATES kind of romance! 🙂

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  7. I love romances! While I can actually enjoy a story that doesn’t feature much romance in it, it’s always fun to read stories that do. I’ve been a big romance reader since my teen days, thanks to my mom’s collection, and now I like to go back and forth between adult and YA romances.

    All kinds of romances work for me, whether slow burn, heartbreaking, first love, second chance love and so on. It’s a lot of fun to read about all different kinds of love, and that’s probably the reason I love it so much!

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