COVER LOVE: My Life Next Door, by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Today’s cover …
My Life Next Door, by Huntley Fitzpatrick

dividing line-01

my life next doorCover version: Hardcover
Language: English

This COVER! I know when this came out, I absolutely fell in love. It has that summery vibe to it, with the summer dress, the sun peeking over hte trees, and I love the lens flare from the sun. With all the new adult books that are out these days, I really like the innocence of this cover — the fact that the two characters, Sam and Jase, aren’t all over each other. It just looks so sweet! I also like the fact that they’re in front a fence because a lot of the story seems to revolve around Sam’s mom’s thoughts about the Garretts living on the wrong side of the fence. Jase and Sam are almost hiding as they kiss by the fence. I love it! Lastly, that title. There’s something to be said about those big, fancy typographic titles on books, but it’s also nice to see something simple, in a simple font. And the yellow is so eye-catching — I love that it matches the yellow dress. This is such a sweet, easygoing cover that I find myself looking at it on my shelf more than I should — it’s definitely one of my favourites.

my life next door hardcover germanCover version: Hardcover
Language: German

MY THOUGHTS:I really want to like this cover, but there’s something about it that just turns me off. Like I said with the innocence of the top cover, there’s something about Sam laying on top of Jase that just doesn’t seem innocent. I mean, they’re kind of all over one another (in a way) — I like the distance between the two in the top cover, rather than they on top of one another in this one. And really, there’s nothing safe about laying in a tree like that. Or comfortable. I mean, who says, “Hey, let’s lay on this branch. It looks comfortable.” No one. I do like the two houses showing that they’re neighbours, but Β it’s just not as eye-catching as the top cover. There’s too much pink, so the title doesn’t stand out — instead, the title and the author name kind of blend into the cover. This cover just seems a little too fake to me.

Which cover do you like better?



7 thoughts on “COVER LOVE: My Life Next Door, by Huntley Fitzpatrick

  1. It was one of my favourite covers last year ❀ I haven't actually read the book (yet) but I might have to pick it up this summer. I just love all these colours and how summery and cheerful it looks. Great pick!

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