Read-Along: Under the Ever Night (Sign-Up)

Under the Ever Night Readalong
I wasn’t sure if I had actually wanted to sign up for a read-along this early in the year (wait … is it March already?!?) but when I saw that Amanda and Cassie were hosting one, my interest was piqued, and when I saw it was for Veronica Rossi’s Under the Never Sky series — a series that I had been wanting to read for QUITE some time — I was already trying to think of when I could post up my sign-up.

Here are the details for the read-along from Amanda’s blog:

We will devote one week of discussion to Under the Never Sky and two weeks to Through the Ever Night.

  • You may participate in Never Sky OR Ever Night OR both.
  • This is a faster read-along than usual. Please plan accordingly.
  • Sign up will begin March 1st. You have two weeks to read Under the Never Sky before discussion questions.

Here is the schedule:

March 1st: sign up to participate, Never Sky questions
March 15th: Never Sky answers, Ever Night P1 questions
March 22nd: Ever Night P1 answers, Ever Night P2 questions
March 29th: Ever Night P2 answers, wrap up

For now, I’m going to JUST commit to Under the Never Sky, but if I like it (is there any doubt about that?) I’m going to pick up a copy of both books from the bookstore and continue on with the read-along!

For more information, or to sign up yourself, visit Amanda’s blog!



9 thoughts on “Read-Along: Under the Ever Night (Sign-Up)

  1. I have this book sitting by the bed. I just haven’t had time to read it. Sounds like this will be a good read along. I’m just in the middle of reading something else and I don’t think I would have to participate. Look forward to reading your review on it.

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