Things That Make Me Happy (a la Kelly!)

In my minimal amount of free time this week, I tried to think of a fun post for today. Since I’m so far behind with my reading when it comes to my Book Hoarder’s Selection reading, I’m putting the feature on hiatus until I can catch up! But I still wanted something for you guys — I thought and thought and just couldn’t figure out what to do! And now, as I write this, it’s Thursday evening and I think I came up with something.

OK, I didn’t come up with it, but Kelly did and I loved it so much when she posted it (here and here), and then Amanda posted an awesome one, that I thought it might be fun to do over here!

What is this thing I’m talking about? Why, the things that make me happy!

Things That Make Me Happy-01

1. YOU GUYS! Seriously, when I started blogging years ago, I never knew that there would be such an awesome community of bookish people! When I’m feeling down in the dumps about a book, I can talk about it with you all! When I love a book and want to flail and swoon, you all flail and swoon with me! And when I’m struggling with finding the right book to read, you are all there to help and give me ideas. I have to THANK all of you for just being so awesome!

2. Bookstores. OH MY GOSH. I can’t stay away from places that sell books. Even though I work in a library and can get books for free, I still constantly buy books. I love going to work and being surrounded by all the books, and then after work I’ll go to the bookstore just to be surrounded by MORE books. I may have even, on occasion, been caught petting a book or two. And sometimes this is by people other than my husband (who totally knows my ways).

3. That surprise package. Most of the time, the books I get in the mail are the books that I buy, forget about, and then receive in the mail MONTHS down the road. Those are awesome to get! But sometimes, I’ll get a bookish surprise from someone, which will leave me bouncing off the walls! Case in point, one day I got a copy of Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake in the mail with some buttons and it was a TOTAL surprise! My husband may have witnessed me screaming. Since that moment, he always threatens to open my packages before I get my hands on them.

Photo taken by Brie (Eat Books). From left: Rola, Cassie, Ambur, Me, Jenni, Laura, Tammy, Lisa, Leanne, Aylee, and Megan.

Photo taken by Brie (Eat Books). From left: Rola, Cassie, Ambur, Me, Jenni, Laura, Tammy, Lisa, Leanne, Aylee, and Megan.

4. The Edmonton Book Bloggers. After being so surprised that there were so many book lovers out there like myself, imagine my surprise when I realized how many amazing bloggers lived right in my city! It has been such a treat getting to know this group. We may not all agree on things, and we may not all read the same books, but we are definitely in agreement when it comes to bookish love!

5. The constant search for the perfect book nook. I am CONSTANTLY moving my books around. This is no small feat, either. I have a lot of books and to move them around means I have to find the space for 5 bookcases and lots and lots of books. I also have to have the time to move them all. My books have been in MANY different places of the house! When it comes to reading, I go from couch to bed, from room to room, from inside to outside … the possibilities are endless! I never stay in one spot for too long!

6. BOOK BLOGS! About 4 years ago, I knew of only a handful of book blogs. I didn’t think to look for more. Now I can’t stop looking for my next favourite blog! It’s always a great feeling to find that blogger who has the same taste as you, who talks about the same things you want to talk about, and who loves your favourite authors. I also love finding a blog that’s unique and fun! I’m not sure where I used to get my recommendations for books, but I’m so happy that book blogs always have me adding a new book to my pile!

7. Authors. Without them, WE WOULD HAVE NO BOOKS! The horror! Not only do I love authors, but I love that there is such a VARIETY of authors, which means we get books about ALL THE THINGS. I mean, how boring would it be if authors all wrote about the same thing?

8. This Blog. Really. I never thought, way back in 2009 when I started this blog that I would have so much fun writing it and have such a great following. This blog has really helped me step outside of my comfort zone with my reading and has made me really think about great posts to write — even if I’m the only one enjoying them (because it happens!). It really is such a pleasure and a joy to be able to share my bookish experiences with people and I hope to do much more of it in the future!

I’m sure my list could go on and on — and I’m sure that once I post this, I’ll think of SO MANY MORE things that I love when it comes to blogging, books, and the bookish community!

other things that make me happy:

movies based on books / pictures of overstuffed bookcases / tv shows about books / pictures of animals reading books / seeing a favourite tv character reading a favourite book of mine / planning bookish events / seeing the look on someone’s face when I gift them a favourite book of mine / seeing how unique all of us book bloggers are / listening to my favourite author narrate an audiobook / unusual bookends / discovering a new favourite audiobook narrator / secretly reading picture books instead of books made for people my age / being able to read whatever I want instead of reading adult books / learning that a favourite author is coming to my city for a signing / being able to chat with my favourite authors on social media / gorgeous book covers / etc. / etc.

What makes YOU happy? 



33 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy (a la Kelly!)

  1. Loved this post 🙂 Sometimes it’s good to remind yourself about all the positive things in your life! I especially loved the thought of you petting your books. I’m a major book lover myself, and won’t deny I’ve never done such things (My precioussss), but I just imagine walking into a library and seeing someone petting a book off in some empty aisle and it makes me giggle.

    • Glad to see I’m not alone! I’m sure I could just flail around a bookstore all day and be happy. 🙂 And just thinking about this makes me want to go pet my books again …

  2. Aww I love this post and the list could easily be mine..except you forgot to mention coffee and coffee makes me very happy!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading these types of posts. I’m all about learning more about the individuals behind the blogs I adore. 🙂

  4. Yay, what a fun post! And now we all get to giggle with glee because I’m pretty sure most people who read your blog ALSO love these things! I love that you love bookstores so much and go visit them even after working in a library all day! I think I would probably do the same thing. In fact, I often have to make myself avoid bookstores because if I go inside I’ll just want to spend lots of time in there and come out with WAY too many books! 🙂

    • Yes, that is something that happens when in bookstores! Though, I think I spend more time looking at the books trying to pick just a couple to buy … I always want to be sure I’m picking out the best!

  5. Aw, I love this post! I think I pretty much love all of the things you mentioned, especially the Edmonton Book Bloggers 🙂 I love that we are all so different yet our common love for books brings us together!

    “pictures of animals reading books” – hmmm *Saigon Sunday post in the works* me thinks 😉

    P.S. That picture in my kitchen makes me realize how badly that wall in the background is in desperate need of some decorating! yikes haha!

  6. I love this post! I felt the same way when I started blogging last year, there are so many book people that just love talking about books and I couldn’t believe how many people had the same opinions as me! And even if they didn’t it was amazing to see other views 🙂

    Thanks for the post!

  7. Oh I really loved this post! It’s so nice sometimes to just take a moment and think of all the things that make you happy + that you are thankful for. And I totally started of the things that make this list for me, so I’m really glad I got to read your post. YAY for book blogs, authors and bookstores! Plus the million other things that bring a smile to my face 🙂

  8. This really made me smile. I’m having such a good time reading different types of books lately, and that is very much inspired by you and the other bloggers I’ve met.

    One thing that will make me happy very soon, is that once we move the baby’s crib out of our room, I am going to put a book shelf in. My books have been in a closet and an old dresser (I know, THE HORROR) since we moved more than a year ago!

    • Those sad, sad books! They’ll be very happy to be out in the open for all to see! 🙂

      And I love how other readers’ enthusiasm for a certain genre can make you try something new – I’ve tried a few new genres this year already!

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  11. What a sweet post, Kristilyn! I should do something like this. I loved so much of your list. Finding this community was just SUCH an unexpected gift. I’ve met so many cool people, conversed with authors, had awesome debates, and read some great books.

  12. I love this post and I LOVE the button as well! Bookstores make me really happy and every time I walk into one, I just kind of have this stupid smile on my face. I’m happy to met all of us as well, because now people won’t judge me when I go on some tangent about books.

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