Read-Along: Under the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky Q&A)

Under the Ever Night ReadalongI’m so happy I signed up for this read-along! This book has been on my radar forever and about halfway through, I bought BOTH books from the Book Depository. Of course, now I’m still waiting for them to get here so I can start the second book, so be prepared for lots of squealing when that happens. πŸ™‚

Here is the schedule from Amanda’s blog:

March 1st: sign up to participate, Never Sky questions (THAT’S TODAY!)
March 15th: Never Sky answers, Ever Night P1 questions
March 22nd: Ever Night P1 answers, Ever Night P2 questions
March 29th: Ever Night P2 answers, wrap up

Under the Never Sky Questions

1. What do you think of Aria’s adjustment to living outside the Realms?

I thought it was very realistic, though she kind of drove me nuts with how naive she was. Though, I guess she was basically just living inside of her head, so she couldn’t have had any idea what the real world would’ve been like at all. I think I would be just as scared as she was, going from the life she had to basically being stranded in a desert. I totally see how she would find comfort in her smart eye, since it was the one thing familiar to her.

2. These two worlds are so different from each other, which would you want to be in?

Though it seems VERY constricting, I would love to have lived in the Realms! I mean, to travel from one place to another so easily? That would be awesome! BUT … it would be very strange to never use your real body for anything and to never actually experience the things that we’re meant to experience in life, from pain to love to … well, everything else! It’d be like sitting in front of a TV for the whole of your life. We’re meant to move! And I really don’t like that the people are genetically altered — how weird is that?

3. If you had a Smart-Eye, what would you do? Where would you go?

Uh …. ALL THE PLACES. Really, I’m not much of a traveler and really haven’t been anywhere outside of North America. I would love to go over to Europe or Russia. And beaches and bookstores, oh my! It would also be so cool to visit the past and see all the places I had only read about in books, or to visit long-dead people!

4. Who was your favorite character and why?

I’m definitely torn between all the characters since I thought they were so well fleshed out. I adored Aria and Perry, especially, and loved seeing the growth in Aria’s character. She may have come across as a weakling in the beginning, but she really proved that she’s a tough girl! I also really loved Roar … he was a great character and I love that he wasn’t introduced as a love interest for Aria, but more as a friend.Β 

5. Make a few predictions about what you think will happen in Through the Ever Night.

Oh gosh, I have NO idea! I hope really good things happen for Aria and Perry!

For more information, or to sign up yourself, visit Amanda’s blog!



16 thoughts on “Read-Along: Under the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky Q&A)

  1. haha almost all the while when reading the book I was asking myself where I would go if I had a smart-eye! Imagine the possibilities! *evil laugh* And visit long-dead people! I hadn’t thought of that! You,re all profound and stuff, lady! πŸ˜‰

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  4. ROAR! I loved Roar so hard. I am really looking forward to reading TTEN to see what happens with all of the beloved characters.

    The Realms always sounded cool but yeah, stifling!

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