My Search for a New Reader

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Unless you live under a rock, you may have noticed the news: As of July 1st, Google Reader will be no more. Seeing as that’s what I use for my blog reading, I was crushed! I had no idea what to do, so I tried a few different readers:

Feedly – Not bad, but I hated all the clicking. I had to click on the folder, click on the post to open a post IN Feedly, then click on it again to open it in another window to comment, then click AGAIN to close the post, and then again to mark as read. Not to mention the commenting on the post page. BUT, this one is pretty awesome for the iPad. It’s so easy for me to go through and read all my blogs, flagging the ones I want to comment on later. I have issues when it comes to commenting on the iPad — for some reason, certain comment forms don’t let me put in my info so I CAN comment.

The Old Reader – I really liked the look of this one, but it was way too slow for me. It seemed to take forever to load anything. AND it was difficult to export and import my feeds from Google Reader. I also couldn’t figure out how to make folders and I NEED folders for my reading habits. I’m still thinking of checking this one out once more.

Pulse – This was a no right from the beginning. I love the look of Pulse and used it a lot as a mobile app, but I couldn’t create any folders and it didn’t seem to like me JUST adding blogs. It wanted me to add interests. Well, screw you, Pulse – I just want to add blogs!

NetVibes – This one looked incredibly confusing AND it looked like I had to pay to use it effectively?

Bloglovin‘ – Simple to import my blogs, to make folders, and it looks nice. I also like that I can read blogs with the Bloglovin’ frame, which lets me go from blog post to blog post; I can like certain posts AND comment right within the frame. The only glitch I’ve found is that the frame sometimes disappears when I comment, so I have to go back and reopen the folder I was looking in. AND it doesn’t have an app for iPad, which kind of sucks.

One thing I’m noticing in my search is that I really want an app for my iPad. I like using it for commenting, but I want things to be EASY, too. It’s nice to read the blogs on it, when I have time, and then comment later. But it seems that there are very few applications that have an iPad app. And, when they do, the version in the browser is either confusing or finicky.

Here are some links to what other bloggers are suggesting:

Have you tried any of the other readers? What have your preferences been?



48 thoughts on “My Search for a New Reader

    • It’s funny how each of the alternatives has something that we don’t like about it. Maybe the makers will pay attention to our woes and fix the glitches and complaints!

  1. I’ve started using Feedly and… I don’t mind it. For the most part I like it, and I like that it imported my folders right from my Google Reader account. I think once I get used to it this will be a good choice. I like the look of The Old Reader, since it’s the old Google Reader design, but my import doesn’t seem to work in it, and I’ve also heard that they’re going to be charging for accounts in the future.

    • Oh really? I’m not sure how I feel about paying for a reader account. If that was the case, I’d probably just bookmark all my favourites. It’d be more work, but it’d be free!

  2. I never really used reader – I just have all my fav blogs as tabs in my bookmarks and I go through them that way. I know it’s probably not that efficient, but I’ve always done it that way…plus, I like actually commenting while on the blog. I know that on google reader, people don’t get the page view if you only read the post on reader, right? Is that the same with Bloglovin’?

    Also, does this mean that Google Friend Connect will be no more?

    • Bloglovin’ seems to take you directly to the blog to comment, it just has a frame that is up at the top of the blog, so you can comment, then go to the next new post easily. I would assume that that would affect page views positively?

      I’m really not sure about Google Friend Connect! I don’t use it myself since I’m on WordPress and it’s unavailable to WP users. So far as I can gather, they might be moving completely to Google+ eventually.

      • I read blogs directly from the website as well. I go into my blogger account and open up the blogs I wanna read. I used to do A-M Saturday Nights and N-Z Sunday nights. It used to take forever…now I just browse my faves 🙂

      • I like having folders for my blogs … I have favourite bloggers, other blogs, authors, food blogs, etc. It makes it really easy for browsing! I’m not sure if I could go back to having them all bookmarked in my browser.

  3. I’ve gone with BlogLovin’. I tried Feedly but it didn’t seem very user-friendly to me (or maybe I just have issues), and I didn’t like that it wanted to take over my toolbar. Leave it alone Feedly!

    I like BlogLovin’ because of the folders. It’s very easy to sort out blogs based on content, preference, purpose, etc. Plus, now when I comment on a post I also like it through BlogLovin’ so that way I can easily pull it back up to see if the blogger has responded to my post. Win win!

    • I do like Feedly, but there are lots of things I DON’T like about it. Of course, now that you mention liking posts through Bloglovin so you can go back to check on comments, that moves it WAY UP in my books! That’s something that’s been bugging me lately, how some blogs can send notifications of comments and others can’t. This would be a perfect reader to use for the blogs that don’t send notifications. Thanks for mentioning that!

      • Glad to be of help! For chatters like me, I think it’s one of the greatest things ever. Otherwise I quickly forget where I commented and have a hard time remembering to go back to see if anyone responded. 🙂

      • I think that’s an awesome idea, since I forget, too! I know most self-hosted blogs, and WordPress blogs, will send notification, but that’s a big positive for Bloglovin – definitely incentive for me to use it AND to be better at going back to the comments I’ve made. Chatting is fun!

  4. I might be one of the few not loving Bloglovin 🙂 Or maybe it’s because I can’t figure out how to get the full feed, or save a post, and I don’t like that it’s inserting random feeds in my stream.

    • Does it really insert random feeds? I haven’t noticed that yet! I’ll have to pay more attention next time I’m in there. I think a lot of these new readers will take some getting used to, especially if you’re as used to Google Reader as I am!

  5. I actually stopped using Google Reader a couple months ago in favour of Bloglovin. Although I only comment from my computer, so the lack of app doesn’t bother me.

    • Good for you! I had never thought to try out other readers in the past — I was always so stuck on Google Reader. I’ll definitely be researching all of my options before totally settling, though Bloglovin’ is a high contender!

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  8. I’m really glad that you mentioned Bloglovin on Twitter the other day. I hadn’t seen it on ANY other lists of GR alternatives, and it turns out that it’s pretty close to what GR was and what I want.

    Darn Google for making all of our lives so difficult though! I think that if they decided to keep it but charge $1 a month like NetVibes or whatever it was, I’d probably do it just because I was so used to it.

    • I’ve seen it in some lists, but no one really talked about it being in the running as an alternative. I’m so glad that you love it! I was very used to Google Reader, too, but I still can’t see myself paying for the service … there are always other (and sometimes better) alternatives!

  9. Loved this post. I’m going to choose between Feedly and Bloglovin. I agree that I have yet to find one that’s perfect, but I guess I’ll take as close to perfect as I can get.
    Thanks for linking to my post 🙂

    You can find me here: Jen @ YA Romantics

  10. I’m currently using Bloglovin’ and Feedly. I think both are relatively good and fit for me. Feedly DOES involve a WHOLE LOT of clicking though. But ultimately, I really like the look of it. I like that Bloglovin’ lets you “claim” your blog but then none of my folders would appear, so that’s basically the only problem I have. Though, no readers can be perfect, so I’m currently fine with both!

  11. I’m pretty bummed about the loss of Google Reader. I used that thing for everything! And I’m also really lazy so I’m glad people are posting these reader comparison posts so I don’t have to research it myself. This was very helpful! It really seems like the favourite among bloggers at the moment is Bloglovin’.

  12. I’ve been trying out Feedly for the last week or so. It seems to be okay. I like that you can have your blogs in a magazine layout, which makes it a bit more enticing to look at. I might also test out Bloglovin – I already have an account there but haven’t been utilizing it.

  13. I started using Feedly over the weekend. I was able to set it up so I can see all the posts. I also don’t really use folders. I also use Feedly on my iPhone and love it.

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