Cover Love: My Favourite Typography on Book Covers

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While I know for a fact that I am a huge lover of book covers, there is also the slight possibility that I also love a nice bit of typography on a book cover. It’s so easy for a designer to use a generic font on a book, like Georgia or Times New Roman, but when they step out of the box and really design a font to match the feel of the book, they win major props from me.

I shouldn’t have to tell anyone this, but designing a book cover is so much more than just getting the right picture and slapping the title on the cover. The font can say so much about a book and really give the reader some taste of what will be inside before they even crack it open.

Here are just a few of my favourite covers, with super unique typography:

the fault in our starsready player onestatistical probabilitybook of blood and shadow audioshades of earthbetween the devil and the deep blue sea

Which one of these covers do you like best? Do you have a specific cover you love solely for the design of the title?Ā 



35 thoughts on “Cover Love: My Favourite Typography on Book Covers

  1. Matching type to something can definitely be hard, especially with so many fonts out there! I appreciate a nice cover font too, and sometimes the inside of books can have some really nice ones, like I’m reading Meant to Be right now and the font at the beginning of every chapter is just so cute and matches well!

  2. My favorite is probably The Fault in Our Stars out of that selection, but The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight ALWAYS catches my eye when I’m in a bookstore or see it on a webpage. The only reason I don’t get my greasy little hands on it is that it’s a romance and that’s usually not my thing. Of course, rereading the blurb on Goodreads might make me change my mind because my boyfriend lives in London so I’m sure I’d be able to relate on some levels to the story.

    Anyways, I definitely agree that typography is also important when it comes to book covers, and can really help sell it. Anything they can do to make it stand out, be a little different, is always a bonus. (Unless it stands out because it’s just so ugly…)

    • I just bought The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight for my eReader … I love that cover! It’s just so eyecatching!

      Typography is SO important — it’s too easy for things to look the same.

  3. Between The Devil and the Deep Blue sea is definitely my favorite. I also really like The Symptoms of My Insanity! I really like typography covers actually, it’s surprising how much they can say just with the font.

  4. I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY! I think the one for Ready Player One is interesting because of the 8-bit aspect and I really liked Between the Devil too. It was specially made for that, how fancy!

  5. I LOVE the “Devil” cover. I am liking this trend this year where the covers focus more on the font/title than the typical girl in a prom dress/half of someone’s face type deal. Gorgeous fonts are gorgeous, and I’m drawn to those books!

    Molli | Once Upon a Prologue

  6. Such beautiful covers although I only have read The Fault in Our Stars. I love simple covers. Covers which too much going on turn me off. I usually don’t like people on the covers either because I like to imagine my own characters, but I am not against reading those type of books because some have been really amazing. The one that comes to the top of my head is Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer.

    • I had to go pull out my copy of Scarlet … it has a great font for the story! There are SO many instances where I want to ask someone what a font is. I’m definitely a font junkie. šŸ™‚

  7. I SO agree! I’m pretty sure typography is my absolute favourite thing about a book’s cover, when it’s done well. I also love the typography for Eleanor & Park, Shadow and Bone, Cinder, all the ones you mentioned above, and probably much more than I can think of right now!

  8. I hadn’t really thought about my feelings toward typography on the covers..but you are right, I am drawn to them.

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