Musical Saturday: Ode to My Books (I’ve Got All Day)

musical saturday-01

*taps on the microphone*

Anyone here? I know, I know … I have SLACKED with the Musical Saturday posts, but I’ve got one for you today! I’m still on hiatus for my Weekend Library Reads and Book Hoarder’s Selection posts and since today is the day I would post my WLR, I thought I should have something special for y’all. Aren’t I nice?

This is a song I wrote a few years ago, but rerecorded especially for you! And in the video you’ll get a glimpse at part of my home library. πŸ™‚

Download the song (for free!) from Bandcamp.

Ode to My Books

Written and performed by Kristilyn Robertson

I think I’ll go outside where the sun is shining bright
If I look up I can’t see any clouds in the sky
And that’s a good thing because of all the friends I will bring
To the party inside of my mind

And it’s okay, yeah it’s okay …

I think I’ll stay inside where the fire is warm
And I’m so tired from this day
I can’t wait to invite you into my head
All my favourites will be there — you can talk until I’m fed
Full of stories and adventures

And it’s okay, yeah it’s okay …
It’s okay — don’t just stand there and think I don’t see you
In my head
You’re in my head …
It’s a great big world, but I’d rather spend time with you instead

My book boyfriend just broke up with me for another girl
But that’s okay ’cause I’ll just find a new one
I hear the latest romance is swell

I think I’ll stay in bed where the covers are nice and warm
I’ve got my sustenance all planned — a cup of tea and some leftoversΒ I can reheat
My pile is getting high, too many books I’ve invited into my life
But that’s okay I’ve got all day and nothing else planned …



20 thoughts on “Musical Saturday: Ode to My Books (I’ve Got All Day)

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  2. I LOVE your voice Kristilyn! I’ve heard it before – you directed me to your music last July when I was doing my Canadian music spotlight – but I’d forgotten how beautiful it is. This song is so cute! And I love your library. πŸ™‚

  3. This is my first time hearing your music and I agree with the other comments, you have a beautiful voice! Love the song, as I think all book lovers would, and definitely look forward to hearing more! I might have to go hunting for older ones you’ve done once I leave work…

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