Read-Along: Under the Ever Night (Through the Ever Night Q&A)

Under the Ever Night ReadalongSo sad that this read-along is finished! I’m so happy that Amanda (and everyone participating!) gave me the kick in the pants I needed to start this series. IT WAS SO FREAKING GOOD!!!

I did have a few issues along the way … mainly with not realizing that my answers for the first half of Through the Ever Night had to be posted LAST Friday. I thought I had until Monday, so I failed at that. BUT! I still got the book read (and loved it!) and will be posting my answers for ALL of the questions today. WIN!

Thank you so much to Amanda and Cass for hosting this read-along! It has been fun!

Here is the schedule from Amanda’s blog:

March 1st: sign up to participate, Never Sky questions (THAT’S TODAY!)
March 15th: Never Sky answers, Ever Night P1 questions
March 22nd: Ever Night P1 answers, Ever Night P2 questions
March 29th: Ever Night P2 answers, wrap up

Through the Ever Night Questions

Part One

1. Perry and Aria choose to hide their relationship from his tribe because they feared the tribe’s reaction. Have you ever been in a situation where you hid a relationship or friendship from your family? (Chapter 2)

I don’t think I’ve ever felt the need to hide a relationship from my family … I may have been a little vague about certain details, but I like to think I kept people in the loop for the most part. I think if a relationship is going well, there’s no reason to hide it … shout it from the rooftops, people! Hiding things only makes things hard.

2. Does a leader–like Perry–have a responsibility to put his life ahead of everyone else’s so that he survives or is his responsibility to take care of his tribe no matter the cost? Why? (Chapter 7)

I still think that a leader needs to be smart. While they’re responsible for a lot of people, like Perry is about his tribe, I think one does need to take into account their own life. Every life is precious! And only so much can be done during bad times.

3. Why do you think Aria made the right–or wrong–decision to leave Perry and go off on her on? (Chapter 15)

Well, I think Aria made the right decision, but I thought it was SO WRONG for her to be separated from Perry! I love them interacting together! Still, it was smart for Perry to stay where he was (even if that little tart was after him …). And longing just makes the heart grow fonder … right? RIGHT?!?

4. Soren–the reason Aria ever met Perry in the first place–makes an appearance in Chapter 18. What do you think: do you trust or distrust him? Why?

I am SO on the fence about Soren. I mean, he was a complete ASS to Aria, so of course I’m going to distrust him — I guess I just hope that he can redeem himself!

Part Two

1. Aria and Roar finally meet Sable in Chapter 22. What is your first impression of him? Does your impression change through the book?

I HATED Sable! I mean, he was a total douche! I think I was intrigued by him in the beginning and really thought he could help out Aria, but then everything changed. FOR THE WORSE!

2. Things happen with Liv in Chapter 32. Share your thoughts on what happens.

Oh my gosh. I don’t even know where to begin about Liv! I mean, I love her when I met her — I thought that good things would come for her and Roar, but then … then! It was so terrible. Roar is SUCH a great guy and I wanted him and Liv to get back together. There WAS hope on the horizon, but then just soooo much sadness.

3. In Chapter 41, Perry makes a decision to offer refuge to some new people–how do you think this will play out in Into the Still Blue?

I think (as in most books where two groups come together) there’s going to be a GREAT division between the two groups. This is why I still kind of have doubts about Soren … I feel like he’s going to be the leader of this new group and it’ll be a fight between him and Perry.

4. What do you think the Still Blue is? How is it protected from the Aether?

Maybe the Still Blue is an actual outside world? Like in that Jim Carrey movie? EVERYTHING ON THE INSIDE IS AN EXPERIMENT! And they’re on TV! I know it! And they need the Aether so that people don’t escape from this bubble of Realms and the Outside into actual real life …

Seriously, though, I can’t wait for the third book to come out!!



8 thoughts on “Read-Along: Under the Ever Night (Through the Ever Night Q&A)

  1. You answered most of these questions the same way I was answering them in my brain! I hate Sable and don’t trust Soren and I’m really nervous about how things are going to play about between those two groups in the next book. I hope, however, that in Into the Still Blue, Aria and Perry get lots of time together, and Roar gets some sort of SOMETHING good, because that poor guy. He’s so good, but he keeps getting the shaft. 😦

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