Read-Along: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (Week One Update!)


Yay for the Anna and the French Kiss read-along! I remember reading this book last year and completely falling in love with it! I started it late in the evening and stayed up until 2:00 a.m. finishing it. THAT’s love.

Thank you so much to Molli (Once Upon a Prologue) and Suz (A Soul Unsung) for hosting this fabulous event, which is not only a read-along but 20 days of reading, challenges, secret giveaways, and having fun!

For the schedule, visit Molli’s blog.

me and annaAnna and the French Kiss Questions (Week One)

Anna is afraid to really experience Paris when she arrives. Would you be, or would you look at it as an adventure?

I would be TERRIFIED! I’ve never really been a person who travels alone, so I would have no idea what to do or where to go. I think I’d love to look at it as an adventure, but I would take a while to get my water wings. AND it has been a long time since I took French, so I would be VERY rusty in that department!

Which of the characters we meet – Anna, St. Clair, Josh, Rashmi, or Meredith – do you most identify with? Why?

I think I most identify with Anna because I can be so awkward in new situations and say all the wrong things. I can also get very confused and probably wouldn’t admit it.

Anna is drawn to St. Clair, as well, everyone is. She wants to be “just friends” with him. Do you think this will be possible for her? Can a guy and a girl BE just friends?

I think it’s possible, but at that age it might get tricky. AND one of the first things she notices is his looks and she feels sad when she hears about Ellie, so I think any chance of having just a friendship has gone out the window. And, really, whenever they’re together I start smiling, so I’m hoping there’s some “more than friends” interaction!

What are your first impressions of Anna? Of St. Clair?

Oh, gosh, I LOVE Anna. She’s just so cute! And I love her inner dialogue. (Anna confused.) I do feel sorry for her with her dad being the writer guy who writes the same old stories, tragic romances, and her getting carted off to France. I loved that although she was thankful about France, she still doesn’t want to go — or, she at least would have wanted the option of staying. She’s human!

And St. Clair? *swoons* Is that enough? 🙂

What’s your favorite moment or quote from what we’ve read so far?

Oh, SO MANY! For starters, the cemetery scene where Anna and St. Clair are with Victor and his victor. So funny! And when they’re at Point Zero and Anna makes a wish and the wind picks up … Is this the beginning of … something?

Of course, each page has gems on it, so I can’t pick just one part or quote I love so much. It seems that I’m either swooning or snorting with laughter on each page!



16 thoughts on “Read-Along: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (Week One Update!)

  1. “It seems that I’m either swooning or snorting with laughter on each page!” Yes! That was my experience the first time, and it’s the same this second time around. I love Anna’s inner dialogue too – she reminds me so much of myself, and I love being able to relate to characters. And then St. Clair…*dreamy sigh*

  2. I am so behind already!!! I think I should take Anna with me to work tomorrow!! I love Anna’s inner dialogue too. But I still have yet to find anything to really complain about with St. Clair.

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  5. Loving your answers, Kristilyn! Anna is, IMO, one of the most relatable characters in YA literature these days. She has something most everyone can see in themselves – her humor, her love of films, her awkwardness.

    And you basically said it all about St Clair! 😉

    • Anna is SUCH a great character … she’s just normal! It’s nice seeing a character like that, who’s not a superhero or wise beyond their years, but someone you can relate to.

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