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Do I have your attention?

If you saw that title thinking that I may be quitting blogging, don’t worry! I won’t be! But I wanted to talk about quitting blogging and how, from time to time, I have felt like I should quit.

It’s not that I don’t love this blog, because I really do. I love that I can read all the books and share my love of these books, my love of authors, and my love of blogging with you. I also love all of the people – you people! – who read my blog and comment on it because you all make me so happy and make it so worthwhile to be a book blogger! It makes me happy to make people happy with my thoughts on books.

But there have been times where I wondered what would happen if I just stopped book blogging, if I just decided to quit, shut down the blog, and went about my life. Would things change? Would I change? Would I regret my decision?

I think thoughts like this happen when I feel bogged down by writing reviews, or maybe a post I was excited for didn’t get as many comments as I thought it would be, or maybe I just was going through a reading slump and thought it would pass, but it never did. I think part of me thinks that I’ll never be able to keep up with the blog and that I’ll be spending way too much time doing blog things when I could be doing something else.

Of course, to these thoughts I say to myself, “Calm down!” The blog is not my life – my life is my life. My blog is not my job – I have a job and I love it very much. I have made some awesome friends through blogging and they help me keep my head on straight and they make things fun for me. I have to realize that things might get slow with the blog and that’s okay. I may want to take a break and that’s okay, too. Maybe one day I’ll want to quit the blog, and that will be okay. For now, I want to be able to do what I want to do – which may be reading, or it may be watching my favourite TV shows all day long – when I want to. And I don’t want to make myself feel bad about doing these things.

To me, blogging is so much fun and I enjoy it IMMENSLY, and I hope to enjoy it as long as I can. I think as long as I keep things interesting, and focus on doing things when I want to do them, rather than feeling like I have to do them, makes this thing I do more worthwhile. To me, book blogging means interaction with people who love the same thing I do – reading. When I started my blog waaaay back in 2009, I posted reviews here and there and not much else– and that was okay! It was what I wanted to do then and I like to think that I’m happy with the things I do on the blog now. I don’t want to let myself get stressed out to the point where I want to throw in the towel and just quit altogether.

And I know I’m not the only one who has thought this. I’m sure there are many of you out there who, at some time, have considered quitting blogging. Maybe you were like me and started thinking of it as a job, or maybe you just didn’t like it anymore. Whatever the case, I can only hope that anyone who may have these thoughts stops to breathe and actually think about what they’re doing before hitting the delete button. We all deserve to be happy and I would hate for someone to get rid of something they’ve worked on for years only to regret it down the road.

Have you ever considered quitting your blog? What keeps you going when you feel this way? 



51 thoughts on “Discussion: Quitting Blogging

  1. I had felt like this the entire winter – I hoped the feeling would pass, but I wasn’t sure. My blog is more about scrapbooking than reading, and I just needed a creative break after almost 4 years. So I worked on reorganizing my crafting space, and blogged a lot less. After the project was done, the urge to scrap and blog didn’t come back right away. But I always kept my hand in, because I do enjoy the writing process. I like the way that unrelated events in my life often are related, and they spur me on to write a blog post – life is all connected, as a friend tells me. It took Spring Break and a new scrapbook class to bring me back to full interest in my blog. I find it interesting that I also didn’t feel like reading much this winter – but almost finished 3 books during that week. So wanting to read definitely seems to be tied to my wanting to blog. I’ll remember that next time I come upon a dry spell.

    • Organizing can really get you excited about everything again! I organize my books and fall in love with them again and it makes me excited for reading and for blogging. I love that I can share my love of reading with others! But sometimes it is nice to just step back and take a brief break. It’s necessary sometimes!

      I think this is why it’s nice to just take the time to read exactly what we want when we want — and to not read when we don’t feel like it. If we’re forcing ourselves to do things we’re not going to enjoy it.

      I’m glad that you’re easing yourself back into blogging!

  2. There have been times over the years where I have been close to shutting it down but then I just give myself a break (exactly like you said). I realize that it is supposed to be fun (yes some responsibility) and if I need a break, need to read fun books, or just need to be silly then I should be 🙂

    • Exactly. That’s what we should be doing! I think a lot of bloggers feel most stressed when they’re overwhelmed with review books — or even when they think too much of stats and numbers. That’s why it’s so important to start blogging for ourselves first — and to have fun while doing it!

  3. YES. It is ok to have these thoughts. It’s also ok to want to take a break, or to slack on reviews. We definitely put a lot of pressure on ourselves to keep up the blog and make sure we have posts all the time. In reality, I think our followers will still be there if we take a break or don’t post every day of the week. I’ve totally let go of that guilt this year because I just don’t have the time to commit like I used to. That’s ok. It’s all ok.

    At the end of the day, our followers stop by because they enjoy interacting with us, whether it be 5 days a week or 3. They also remain even when you take a break, like I did in January. They come for US, our thoughts and personalities, on books and bookish things.

    • I’ve taken breaks before and I’m SO thankful that I have my dedicated followers who are always there to encourage me and help me through stressful times. Book blogging isn’t exactly easy … it’s easy to get bogged down and stressed! It’s nice to have people remind us of WHY we started and authors who remind us of WHY we love reading, and those feelings we get when we read an amazing book. Really, the goods outweigh the bads and I have to remind myself of that sometimes. Blogging is fun! I love my followers! I love books! Just take a step back, breathe, and maybe take a few days “away” … it helps. 🙂

      And I love having followers who are there for ME … not the books, necessarily. Really, we’re all united in our love of the written word — that’s encouragement to keep blogging!

  4. I just started so I’m not thinking about quitting. What I find I’m having problems with is juggling all of my responsibilities. I write for a living. I freelance for an entertainment site and I blog. Lets not forget juggling the home life. I’m hoping that I can balance it all out. For me, blogging allows me to share my love of books. So I think I will continue to do it. If one person reads it, I’m happy about it.

    • Yes! It’s very hard to balance EVERYTHING, especially since book blogging does take up a lot of time — books aren’t quick to read, unless you’re a speed reader. Then there’s all the other things that come along with it. AND, like you said, our work and homelife, too. It’s really a talent to juggle it all! And you have the right idea — love ALL of your followers, even if it’s only a few. We blog for ourselves, first, right? 😉

  5. I’ve had moments too, I have a full-time job and also write three (yes three!) blogs. One work-related, one book-related and one theatre-related. I also have Twitter accounts for them which is extra ‘work’ too.

    All blogs take time and effort to think of content, write the content, edit it and, in the case of reviewing, actually read the book, see the show, etc. It can be long days for me at times and as it’s unpaid I do sometimes wonder “why am I doing this?” but then I remember that theatre and books are my favourite hobbies, and therefore blogging about them is also a hobby and enjoyable too. The negativity soon passes, but it normally only happens at times when I’m stressed with other things.

    • Wow — three blogs is intense! I run just two right now and it can be tough. I rely so much on scheduling to make sure I’m on top of things, but I still try to have fun and be myself in all of it. And Twitter takes up a lot of time, too — I agree. I can’t imagine having separate accounts for all of your blogs! I just use the one account for both, which helps keep me sane. 😉

      I think that stress in other facets of our lives can definitely make us feel stressed about blogging, leading us to feelings of wanting to quit — it’s nice to remember the reasons why we LOVE blogging and books, etc.

  6. Yeah, whenever a blogger says they’re quitting, it scares me and makes me sad. Thankfully that doesn’t happen often, though! But I do know the feeling. It can be overwhelming, trying to keep up with everything, and I honestly wonder how some people do it! But you’re right: we can all set our own pace. Even just taking a small hiatus can help ease some of the tension, I bet.

    • It makes me sad, too! And so many bloggers have quit. I think it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with things like numbers, stats, or even the dramas that seem to pop up all the time. It’s nice to just take a step back, remind yourself WHY you started blogging in the first place, and not let things get to you. And a small hiatus is always good! Even if it’s just for a weekend.

  7. Thanks for your thoughts on this, Kristilyn! I have felt this way, too – largely in times when I tried to play the stats/numbers game and got overwhelmed by it all. Recently I’ve made myself take a MUCH more laid-back approach to blogging, and while part of me feels almost lazy now, the other part is having SO MUCH fun creating wild and silly discussion posts, doing the ANNA RAL and such. I think the trick is to find what works for you with blogging, and stick to it, and not try to get stuck on any hard and fast “rules,” or any way things “have” to be. Find out what you enjoy most about blogging, and do it, and do it for YOU and no one else, and always try to have fun.


    • Oh, it’s SO easy to get overwhelmed by stats and numbers. I used to check my numbers ALL THE TIME, but in the past months I’ve stopped doing it. It’s really lifted a weight off of me! It’s definitely nice to be more laid back with blogging … remembering that we do it for ourselves first. And I love the silly posts! It’s fun to be silly and let your personality shine through instead of being so serious all the time. And rules suck … really, I wonder why some people follow them, especially when blogging is such an individual thing.

  8. I think we all feel this way from time to time, but books are such an integral part of my life and my blog gives me a format to share them, talk about them and friend like minded folks. But there are moments when an author annoys you, or a nasty comment makes you think is this worth it or when the housework gets neglected cause you spent 2 hrs chatting or how much more time I could spend reading if I wasn’t doing this or how my own tbr pile suffers..oh yes I would think we all think about it from time to time. wonderful post and heck yes that title caught my eye!

    • I do agree that it’s easy to think about all the other things I could accomplish while chatting with bloggers on Twitter, or how much EXTRA time I’d have if I wasn’t such a voracious reader … but I still love it all in the end. 🙂 I guess sometimes it’s nice to just step back for a moment.

  9. Yes, you got my attention 🙂

    I haven’t felt this way about the blog yet. I’m still pretty new though, only been doing it seriously for about a year. I also see the blog as very important time devoted to ME – not work, not husband, not kids, not any kind of self-improvement, but just me and my thoughts, and if anyone else reads or appreciates them, that’s a huge bonus.

    I DO feel this way about social media. It’s a huge time suck without all the benefits of blogging like time to reflect, creative outlet, community etc. Well, you can get those things from social media, but I find it easy to slip into just mindless scrolling and compulsive checking.

    So if I quit anything, it’ll be Facebook or Twitter.

    • I can definitely see the blog as being “me-time” … it’s nice to have that bit of an escape from the real world to talk about something you love. And social media is SUCH a time suck. I love that I can chat with other book lovers, but sometimes I wonder where my day went.

  10. I honestly have days where I just don’t feel like blogging or thinking up posts or the like. I like to joke that the blog is my “second job”, though it’s really not but it is (if you catch what I mean by that confusing statement). There’s a lot of hard work that goes into everything I do for it – and since I don’t get paid and it eats up free time, I think that sometimes makes it seem like a chore.

    But then I just think about how much I love it. I love meeting new people who enjoy books as much as I do. I love sharing my thoughts on books with the world. I love interacting with authors and publishers and promoting the HECK out of books that I enjoyed. And then I remind myself – I do this because it’s FUN. The moment it stops feeling fun, I take a break.

    Of course, it probably helps that I do try to keep scheduling things ahead. Then I can take breaks in between my flurry of posting/editing to just do fun things like reading and real life stuff instead 😉

    I hope I stay a blogger for a long time yet, but I think that I’ll quit if it no longer is something I enjoy doing 🙂

    • It really can feel like a chore sometimes … I think I most feel like that when I’m WAY behind on either writing posts, or when I’m way behind on my review books. But then I talk to awesome bloggers, or awesome publishers, or get an advance copy of an amazing book, and I fall in love with it all again. Heck, even going into a bookstore or into work and seeing all the books makes me excited about it! Or, when I get that idea for a discussion or a post and want to get home to write it … so many things make me excited about blogging. It’s just too easy to feel bogged down and stressed sometimes. That’s why it’s important to have those reminders of why I love it so much. It can be easy to forget sometimes!

      I think it’s important to take a break the minute you start to think of it as not being fun. Even if it’s just a movie night, or a weekend AWAY from the computer. It can be refreshing! And scheduling is a HUGE lifesaver … I love that I can get ahead on my posts and I always feel so much better knowing that I’m ahead.

  11. Sometimes I think about it, but if I did, there would go the majority of my social life..lol
    I’m sure eventually I will quit. Life changes and that’s okay. If I were to quit, I’m not sure I would delete my blog. All that work would just be gone and maybe I might want to come back some day. Besides, If I deleted it, everything would disappear and then everyone would be denied reading any of my reviews!

    It’s definitely something to think through before you do it!

    • I think I would leave mine up, too …. you’re right — SO MUCH WORK put into it, why would I delete it? I want my bookish love to live forever! But you’re right — I think eventually life will happen, or my tastes will change. I don’t think I’ll blog forever, but I’ll definitely love it while I can. 🙂

  12. I can’t say that I’ve thought about quitting, but I *have* thought about posting more often/regularly lol. But, that doesn’t really work for me or my life so I just post when I can. I think that’s probably why I haven’t felt too pressured (yet), or feeling like I should just throw in the towel altogether. There’s no pressure really to get a certain post out at a certain time. And I think, since I’ve always been this way, I don’t feel like I’m letting anyone down when I don’t have a post up in over a week, etc. The truth is, I’m just not a very organized person! But I’d rather post less-frequently than quit altogether.

    • I think there are certain things that can lead a blogger to think about quitting … usually it’s when they post all the time, or when they feel bogged down by review books, or their schedule in general. I think it’s great that you post whenever you feel like it! I *need* the schedule, or I think I’d stress even more! And it does make sense to post LESS often than to just quit … especially after you work on your blog for so long!

      • Totally! When i see/hear of bloggers quitting, I think “just post once a month – I’d still stop by and read it!” And yes, I think too, what a shame all that content now just abandoned really 😦 I keep telling myself “It’s great” I post when I want, but secretly I wish I was like you 😉 Haha! No, seriously.

      • It takes a LOT of scheduling and preparation to be me. And my husband is a sports lover and I am not, so I have lots of computer time.

        I think people like to be more consistent with their posting, even if it’s 3x a week because then their followers know what to expect. If suddenly they go from posting regularly to irregularly and sporadically their readers might think that they’ve stopped blogging or something and might not come back. That’s why I think it’s important to have some kind of consistency in my blog … I have my schedule and, for the most part, I try to stick to it.

        AND I think having a schedule really helps me because I can see what I need for where and can easily get ahead if I have the time.

  13. Since I started my blog, I’ve been thinking of what would happen if I just stopped, especially after I met all of the bloggers!! I mean, for me, I’m pretty sure there WILL be a point where I stop, but it’s certainly not now. I mean, I LOVE blogging, especially designing different points of the blog and everything. It’s just something I really enjoy doing!

    • That’s a big thing for me. I think about what it would be like if I quit, but then I think about the bloggers, the Edmonton bloggers, specifically, and realize that I don’t want to abandon that. It does really help to have blogging friends to help keep you happy and loving the whole blogging hobby.

  14. I love blogging and I don’t think I will stop book blogging anytime soon. I fear what would happen if I do. Will i become bored? I find that reading is not enough – I enjoy the discussions too and somehow I enjoy discussing my reads online with fellow book bloggers. I will sure miss it !

    • I think about that, too! I love reading, but I also love sharing my thoughts on the books I read, or having discussions like this with my readers. I think that there would be some big gap in my life if I gave it up now — especially since I’m not stopping reading anytime soon, nor do I have plans to cut back my reading severely or anything.

      • Then that’s your reason to keep on blogging. You can even start saying “no” to book review requests – then read what you want and write a review and discuss them with your readers. No pressure and no feeling like it’s a job.

        PS: I do that all the time – I spent one weekend watching a full season of a series instead of finish reading a book I was half way through 🙂 I did feel bad, but I decided it’s FINE to take a break.

      • YES! It’s totally fine to take a break! 🙂 In fact, I just obtained the first four seasons of Doctor Who, so I *may* just have to take the time to rewatch them all. 🙂

  15. There are times I consider quitting, but usually I just step back and take a break instead. Lately I haven’t been posting as much as I used to and that’s ok! I have other things in my life (like school!), so I need to put those first. Blogging is a hobby. With this attitude, I’ll probably never be a top blogger and that’s ok too! I do it for fun!

    • It’s VERY MUCH alright to not post as much! Breaks are good! And, really, I think being a “top blogger” would just add more stress … it’s nice to just have fun!

  16. I have been thinking about this more lately due to the pressures of graduate school :(. I keep wondering if I “should” quit so that I spent those extra hours working on research/reading scientific papers etc…. But I think I’d get pretty darn depressed if I did that, so I won’t 😀

    Anya @ On Starships and Dragonwings

    • I think blogging can be a great escape for some people — in addition to their reading — so I fully support just stepping back if you need to. Or, if you’re busy, do only a post a week, if that’s all you can manage. It’s a great way to chat with other bloggers and to keep in touch AND to share your love of reading. 🙂

  17. I’ve gotten to the point where I looked at blogging as a job and needed to scale back, but in the end the thought of giving it up gives me more anxiety than having it. But I have been a lot more open about how if I accept your book, I don’t guarantee a timeframe and I am less rigid about what I HAVE to read (I don’t join challenges anymore).

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  23. It’s been a while, but I definitely have felt like this in the past. Blogging is a lot of work, and sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth it – will the fact that I keep/kept a blog matter in 10 years? Luckily, right soon after the worst of that feeling for me I found a bunch of really close blogging friends. Since then, I haven’t even considered quitting! 🙂

    • Yes! My blogging friends definitely keep me going. And when I think about 10 years in the future and whether I’d enjoy it still, I remember that right NOW I love it, and that’s all that matters. Things change, people change, but as long as I enjoy myself in the moment, I’m happy.

  24. Late reply. Sorry.

    You are TOTALLY not alone. I feel like I want to quit my blog, like, every few weeks. Of course, it’s usually just because I’m in a slump of some kind or stressed with “Real Life” things. I think I’ve only SERIOUSLY thought about it once, but I didn’t do it and I eventually got back into reviewing and blogging. I think when that time comes the best thing to do is step away for a while. You know?

    Anyway, I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way sometimes. (:

    • I’m sure plenty of people feel this way sometimes! I feel like I’ve done really well for my blog and am so happy with all that I’ve accomplished. I hope that one day I can get that momentum again. 🙂

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