Read-Along: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (Week Two Update!)


This is my update for the second week of the Anna and the French Kiss read-along. I’ve already finished the book, but part of me ALREADY wants to reread it … AGAIN. I’m seriously thinking of getting the audiobook to listen to next. It’s just SUCH a sweet story!

Thank you so much to Molli (Once Upon a Prologue) and Suz (A Soul Unsung) for hosting this fabulous event, which is not only a read-along but 20 days of reading, challenges, secret giveaways, and having fun!

For the schedule, visit Molli’s blog.

me and annaAnna and the French Kiss Questions (Week Two)

At the end of what we read last, St Clair asked Anna a question that could change their friendship. Would you answer the same way?

I am TOTALLY on Anna’s side with her answer. I mean, it could have gone so many ways, but the fact that St. Clair wasn’t in a great state when he first told her his feelings doesn’t mean that Anna should be shouting HER feelings from the rooftops. It was definitely a heartbreaking answer, but I think it had to be done.

Anna realizes in Chapter 17 that she and St Clair will both be spending their Thanksgiving break at school, basically alone. How do you think this changes their relationship?

I think it really UPS the awkwardness! I mean, to be ALONE with a BOY that you LIKE for DAYS at a time? I would feel so nervous! I think this will DEFINITELY change the relationship because they won’t have to sensor themselves around their friends, keeping up appearances of ONLY being friends. I think while they try to not be so flirty towards one another while Rashmi or Josh or Mer are around, they can let go of inhibitions a little more now.

Anna and St Clair’s relationship changes even more over the Christmas holiday. Do you think either of them realizes just HOW much?

I don’t think so. Even though they talked LOTS through email — flirty talk — and over the phone, I don’t think that either of them realize that their talk was surpassing that of friendship. OR they knew, but neither of them wanted to admit it. I think part of me really wants to know if St. Clair felt the same thing about returning to Paris as Anna did, that home was where they were, that it wasn’t with their families or in their home town, but with each other.

Anna has a big realization about her relationship with St Clair at the end of chapter 30. Discuss!

I think Anna had gone for SO LONG without really coming to terms with her feelings, thinking that her and St. Clair could JUST be friends, but a little part of her ALWAYS knew that her feelings were so much more. I was so happy that Anna finally admitted what she was feeling! Of course, I wish it had been out loud, said to Etienne, with him responding by kissing her passionately, but I’ll settle for Anna being swoony and thinking about him all the time.

How do you think Anna will deal with her new feelings for St Clair?

I think it will be tough, ESPECIALLY since he’s still in a relationship with Ellie. While she’d love to share her feelings with him, or TELL someone about them, she really has to keep them under wraps so save her friendship.



8 thoughts on “Read-Along: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (Week Two Update!)

  1. Lovely answers, Kristilyn! I’m not doing this because I’m still behind. *hangs head* I have plans to get caught up this weekend. I HAD to sneak in a few review books this week.

    I LOVED the part with Anna, St Clair, and Christmas/New Year’s. As much as I had fallen for him before, I MELTED then, and I was right there with Anna, as their relationship changed. It was just so beautiful!

    • How can you be behind on Anna?!? Get reading, Molli! πŸ™‚ I plan to read lots of review books next week … I’m really looking forward to it! AND I bought Lola and the Boy Next Door … I can’t wait to reread that one!

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  4. Oopsy, I thought I’d commented on this last week!

    “Of course, I wish it had been out loud, said to Etienne, with him responding by kissing her passionately…” Haha, right? Those chapters were really fun when Anna was just figuring things out and things were really starting to change for the two of them. They were sweet and awkward and just…*sigh* I love this book SO MUCH!! And I love your answers. πŸ™‚

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