Read-Along: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (Week Three Update!)


I’m so sad that the Anna and the French Kiss readalong is over! It’s been great and I’m so happy to have not only reread the book, but to have FINALLY obtained a copy for my shelf. My shelf is happy. 🙂

Thank you so much to Molli (Once Upon a Prologue) and Suz (A Soul Unsung) for hosting this fabulous event — it’s been a lot of fun!

For the schedule, visit Molli’s blog.

me and annaAnna and the French Kiss Questions (Week Three)

St Clair knows he needs to make a decision about his relationship with Anna, but his hesitation only hurts her. Do you sympathize with him?

This is a tough one because from the start we know that St Clair really likes Anna and that Anna really likes him back, so I have NO sympathy for his hesitation. He could have something great with Anna — he KNOWS this — and yet he doesn’t want to be alone? What IS that? If I were Anna, I would feel hurt, too.

Anna is hurt by St Clair, and makes some bad decisions, relationship wise. Do you sympathize with her, or not?

Oh gosh … her “fling” was so not what I wanted for her! She could have done SO MUCH BETTER. So, yeah, no. No sympathy for her either! I think she should’ve waited for someone special — even if it WASN’T St Clair. I felt she entered into that weird relationship just to show him that she, too, can move on.

How would you have reacted in the park if you were Meredith? How do you think Anna handles the fall out with Meredith?

I thought she handled it well, but I think they needed to talk a lot sooner than when they did. I mean, Meredith’s reaction was very understandable since she was in love with St Clair, too. I would feel VERY hurt if something like that happened. Although, she should’ve seen the signs that St Clair liked Anna WELL before the park. I guess once it finally came true and she saw them acting like they were together, it could be a lot to handle.

Anna has a meltdown in chapter 42 – do you think this was a break-through for her? St Clair tells her that he isn’t the only one who is afraid of being alone. Do you think Anna ever realized this before now?

I think Anna was too busy mooning over St Clair to realize that she doesn’t want to be alone, either. BUT I totally get her meltdown. I had NO sympathy towards St Clair when she told him that he WASN’T alone because he really wasn’t. But if Anna couldn’t have St Clair, she shouldn’t feel like she has to settle for second best JUST to have some kind of intimate connection in her life.

Were you proud of Anna for the steps she takes to repair the relationships in her life?

YES! Especially with Meredith. I loved Meredith from page one and felt like that relationship needed to be repaired PRONTO. I also loved how Anna’s relationship with Rashmi evolved throughout the book — I feel like they’d become GREAT friends (had this fictional world continued).



6 thoughts on “Read-Along: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (Week Three Update!)

  1. But if Anna couldn’t have St Clair, she shouldn’t feel like she has to settle for second best JUST to have some kind of intimate connection in her life.

    THIS. SO MUCH. You really said my thoughts exactly on this point, Kristilyn. Thanks SO so much for being part of the RAL!

  2. Hi Kristilyn. I totally agree with you on Anna being so busy Mooning over St Clair, that she did not even realize she was also afraid (like St Clair), to be alone. This was a turning point for Anna I think. I was kinda disappointed in St Clair for not just making up his mind! Hope you had fun in the read a long 🙂

  3. I almost feel that I was so in love with St Clair that I would forgive him a little easier than some people would. Which is kind of sad since he’s a fictional character lol. I can understand where he’s coming from, but I don’t necessarily agree with it. As for Anna, I was disappointed with her fling too – she certainly could do much better, and it seemed like a way to both get over St Clair and pay him back – but she made things right in the end, and I was proud of her. Great answers, Kristilyn! 🙂

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