Cover Love: The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

cover love-01

I know in the past I’ve talked about book covers being a blank slate for the reader’s imagination, how leaving more things up to the reader makes for a more enjoyable read — like what the characters look like, or perhaps a certain setting. Though there are times when the publisher gives us a book cover with people on it (instead of the ones we picture in our head) and it just works. The cover for The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han is one of those covers:

summer I turned pretty

I mean, this cover just screams SUMMER to the reader. There’s the shine of the sun coming through one of the brothers — which one we’re not sure. Is that Jeremiah? Or is it Conrad? Only the reader will know for sure! What the cover tells us is that these people are close. Obviously, our main character, the girl on this cover who is to be Belly, is the one who turned pretty, and she’s maybe being noticed by her best guy friends in the picture? I love the stark white in the background and how it’s just so summery. It looks like a book I need to dig into, being the romantic that I am.

Of course, THEN the publisher wipes all of these images from our brain and gives us this:

summer I turned pretty paperback

While it’s not that bad to look at, it just doesn’t have the same effect as the first cover. I mean, there’s too much colour going on and it’s just not as eye-catching. I like that the author tried to remove any pre-existing images we may have had of the main characters, but this cover really doesn’t do the book justice. Maybe if it was less of an illustration and more REAL photography I would buy it, but it’s just too plain for my taste.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that sometimes having those images of certain characters on the cover of a book works out for the best.

Which one of these covers do you like best? 



17 thoughts on “Cover Love: The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

  1. I’ve always wondered why publishers change the covers of books that don’t need them. Why can’t they change the covers of books that are in dire need of a makeover? These are the questions that I ponder on the daily.

    I definitely prefer the original cover to the new one. I haven’t read this book yet (I’m dying to, though!), but the new cover makes it seem kinda silly. Not in a good way, though. Hahaha.

    • I love the first cover, but I think it looked too light when I saw it. Well, that with the title. But it did turn out to be a great book! Why must we judge before reading?

  2. Definitely the first one!! I imagined Belly exactly how she is on the cover but I did not imagine Conrad and Jeremiah to look like that… oh well. But the first…absolutely!! Can this series please be a movie!!!

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