Challenge Update: Anne & Kristilyn’s 2013 Book Bingo Reading Challenge (Update #2)

2013 Bingo Challenge Button-01

This post is for the participants of the 2013 Book Bingo reading challenge! Thank you to all the participants — we hope you’re having fun!

For the full post on this challenge, visit the original post page.

This is the SECOND update for the challenge — how is everyone doing with their Bingo scorecards? Any winners yet?

Add your update page to the comment section below — whether you’ve reached a line, a square, or if you’ve already blacked out the board, we want to see your progress! Be sure to share your updates as you read on Twitter using the hashtag #2013BookBingo. If you don’t have a post about your update, that’s okay! Feel free to add your update in the comments below!

For example, you can see the progress I’ve made on my Book Bingo page.

A few reminders:Β 

The FREE SQUARE is NOT a free square! You must read a book recommended by someone else participating in the challenge! If you’re looking for a recommendation, feel free to post your request below, or by using the hashtag on Twitter.

If you’re joining the challenge late, any of the books you’ve read since January 1st can be used toward the challenge.

I just want to remind everyone how to use the board: the first line across you will read one book per category, the second line across you will need to read TWO books per category, etc. all before you can mark that space as being complete. The only exception to this is the free square, where you will only need to read ONE book. If you have any questions about this, let me know!

And some housekeeping:Β 

This is the inaugural Book Bingo challenge for me and Anne! We hope to bring it to you next year, so I ask: how are we doing? Is there anything you would change about the challenge?Β 

And most importantly, I hope you are all having FUN with the challenge!

The next update will take place on OCTOBER 1, 2013!Β 

Are you participating in the Book Bingo challenge? Have you become the super reader yet?Β 



26 thoughts on “Challenge Update: Anne & Kristilyn’s 2013 Book Bingo Reading Challenge (Update #2)

  1. I just posted my Bingo Scorecard update . I’m pleased with my progress so far and think I may come close to filling my entire card by the end of the year. The re-read column is going to be my greatest challenge.

    I’m having fun with this challenge and would definitely do it again next year! My suggestion would be to have participants like up their sign up post and their bingo card updates with a Mr. Linky type post on your site so we can find each other’s posts easily.

    I’d also prefer to see a different challenge theme replace the Re-Read column since I typically may only re-read 1-5 books per year total, not 15. May I suggest a column for “out of your comfort zone” (genre, author, media type, subject matter, book length, etc)?

    Thanks Kristilyn & Anne! πŸ˜€

    • I think the reread column is hardest for a lot of people — myself, included! Definitely something to keep in mind for next year’s challenge. πŸ™‚

      I’m actually not sure how to use Linky with WordPress … I’m betting there’s a way I can do it, but I always get so confused with those things.

      Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll definitely mark those down. πŸ™‚

    • That’s interesting! I find that I’m reading more of the books released this year … though it does help to work at a library and get the books before they’re released on the shelves. πŸ™‚

      I wish I could have your mindset to not buy books … but they call to me …

  2. I’m very happy with my progress so far! I’m now looking for a recommendation for the free square, because that will be my 3rd filled column! πŸ™‚ So, feel free to answer me on my tweet on twitter. You can find my bingo card here:

    I think it’s going to be hard to fill the complete re-read column. I have some books I’ve been planning to re-read, but I don’t think I can manage to read 15 of them πŸ™‚ But I will see what I can do right!

  3. Here is my update post:

    I love the challenge and it is so much fun. I also need a book for my Free Square if anyone has a suggestion. My hardest decision is deciding between putting books in my TBR squares or in the books everyone else has read. I like all of the categories, but I agree the reread one is hard to fill, because I keep wanting to read new books instead of the rereads!

    • I debate over where to put the books, too … you’re not alone! And I always want to read the new books, so it’s a challenge to get other ones reread, but once I reread them, it’s totally worth it! πŸ™‚

    • I think a lot of people are … myself, included! But I like that that column gives me the kick in the pants to reread. Try listening to an audiobook when you’re doing the dishes or cleaning or something … that might work!

  4. I’m doing great so far! This is actually a really fun challenge and I definitely plan on doing it again next year. Here’s my card:
    As for next year, maybe less re-reading (although this is the one year I’m actually re-reading stuff and I think I’ll complete that row soon) and less TBR squares. It would be fun to have some random ones tossed around the square too I think! Maybe like try a genre out of your usual reads or read a book from a certain previous year.

    • Yay for almost completing the rereading column! I’m rereading a lot more, too, but I doubt I can keep that up next year … I think a genre column could be fun!

  5. I just did a post announcing the completion of square #22–I’m closing in on being able to cover the board (complete list of books read: I’m really pleased with how I’ve done–I never expected to do as well on the recently released and everybody but me as I have. I tend to read older books (WWII-era and earlier) more than recent books. Christine’s suggestion for an “out of the comfort zone” column is a really good one.

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