15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day One (Hosted by Good Books & Good Wine)


The very awesome April over at Good Books and Good Wine is hosting this 15 DAY CHALLENGE for book bloggers! I’ll admit that my love of blogging has wained in the last few months since learning I was pregnant, but I’m ready to get that love back (which started with reading an ENTIRE BOOK today!) … I hope this helps!

First off, it is VERY hard to come up with 15 book-related confessions! I’ll see what I can do …

  1. I have a serious problem when it comes to buying books. I can’t just enter a bookstore and buy ONE book, but I have to buy lots of books. This means my shelves are full of books that I haven’t even read yet. Like, entire bookcases of unread books!
  2. I can’t read with any distractions. Even if the husband is watching boring hockey or golf on TV, I still can’t concentrate on a book. I can’t even listen to white noise. Birds are okay.
  3. I can’t enter a bookstore and select books to buy without checking Goodreads first. I like to see if the books I buy have good ratings or bad ratings. I’m trying to get over this since there are lots of books that get crap ratings that I actually enjoy, but so far it only happens when my phone dies.
  4. Even though I’ve confessed that I’ll be taking my new babe to the library, that doesn’t mean I haven’t already started buying books for baby’s bookshelf.
  5. I can go through long stretches of not reading. I’m usually okay with them, but it does irk me when I go a few weeks (like as of late) without even thinking of touching a book. I’ll never get through my TBR pile this way!
  6. I’m a very easy target when it comes to book recommendations. Seriously. Everything looks good to me.
  7. I refuse to dog-ear the corners of my books. Or write in them. If something bad happens to my book, I will get slightly teary-eyed.
  8. In relation to number 7, I rarely lend out my books. I’m more likely to BUY a friend of a book I want them to read than lend my copy out to them.
  9. I’m addicted to getting signed copies of books. My ultimate goal is to get a signed Neil Gaiman book. That would make my life.
  10. My eyes tend to wander when I read. I will definitely glance at the right-hand page if I’m on the left. I’ll never actually flip to the back of a book (though I’ve done that once), but I like to be slightly prepared for what’s coming.
  11. I hate it when I go to someone’s house and I can’t go look at their bookshelves. I can feel myself twitching when I think about it during a visit.
  12. I love nice boys in books. There are too many books out there with bad-ass guys, but it’s so rare that I’ll fall for them (maybe in the case of Dex in the Experiment in Terror series, but that’s about it).
  13. I have yet to find the perfect scary book. Every year I’m on the lookout for something that will get my heart racing — or a book that I’ll want to put in the freezer a la Joey on Friends — but it never happens. “Horror” books are always so-so to me. I attribute it to the lack of scary music.
  14. While I can’t read on the computer, I’m not picky about the other ways I read … I’ll read on my iPad, eReader, physical books, or even listen to audiobooks. I like trying out all mediums!
  15. One of the things I wonder about when it comes time to deliver baby and raise baby is how much reading time I’ll have. Being the voracious reader I’ve been, I wonder how I’ll manage NOT being able to read all the books. I know it’ll be worth it, but it’s something I think of a lot!

That wasn’t so hard!

What are some of your book-related confessions?Β 



23 thoughts on “15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day One (Hosted by Good Books & Good Wine)

  1. I haven’t read a truly scary book since I was a kid, I can still remember the scariness of one of those, that I’d have put in the freezer, I’ve been looking for another one of those ever since.
    I also love nice boys in books!! They’re so much better than the guy who’s all badass and kinda mean in the process!

  2. ME TOO! In fact, I have had to ban myself from going in bookstores just for that reason. I breathed a sigh of relief when one of my book clubs moved to a restaurant LOL. Of course the other one is still in a book store.

    Also guilty of checking goodreads especially if I am picking up a book based on the cover.

    • I definitely go to bookstores way less now, but I do have days where I want to go to ALL the places that sell books to see what’s new and exciting … usually coming home with at least 10. *sigh*

  3. I know I took a few years hiatus when my kids were little – didn’t read a thing!! (children’s stories don’t count!) You just have to tell yourself that THAT”S OKAY!!!

  4. My reading time seriously decreased after having my baby – it’s just something you have to get used to. It’s very saddening. Neil Gaiman isn’t doing anymore signing tours in the US. He says that the Ocean and the End of the Lane was his last, though he will do appearances and readings/QAs, etc. I think you can buy one from the Booksmith in San Francisco where he presigned like 500 they might still have some, you should check!

  5. This is fun. I’m pretty positive you’re not alone on any of these confessions when it comes to book bloggers. Because we can all relate to this stuff! Especially the dog-earing of a book being a big no-no and the wishing that there were more good boys in romance. I would’ve had a hard time coming up with 15 confessions, so impressive job here!

    • Dog-earing drives me NUTS! That and spine-breaking, which I didn’t mention. I’m soooooo careful with my mass markets because I want them to stay pretty forever. *sigh*

  6. I love that you are already setting up a bookshelf for baby, that’s super! I bet you’ve got some fun books on it too.

    Also, I bet babies do cut into reading time, but when you look into your child’s face, that won’t matter one bit.


    And thanks for joining in. πŸ™‚

  7. I find it interesting that you cannot read with distractions! I just assumed that a voracious reader like yourself could read during anything lol. Funny that you can concentrate so well then during audiobooks and multi-tasking!

    My eyes wander too when I’m on the left-hand side of a book! It’s so bad that if I’m in a really juicy part of a book and know I will run the surprise for myself by glancing over, I will actually cover the right page with my hand or a piece of paper!

    Just say NO to dog-ears! And cracked spines! Once, I leant a hard-cover book to my mom and she cracked the spine. This was years ago and I have still not let her live it down. BUT…I have started writing/underlying in books here or there and I’m quite enjoying it! πŸ˜‰

    • I think I kind of half-concentrate on audiobooks when I’m multitasking. I mean, if I’m working on cleaning a closet or filing while listening, it’s a lot easier than, say, reading blogs while listening. My brain just can’t keep up when I’m trying to read with the TV on … it keeps trying to hear what’s going on on the television!

      Ha ha … I love that you cover the right-hand page sometimes. I find that there are times when I completely concentrate so that my eyes DON’T wander, especially when I know that a chapter might end with something awesome and I don’t want to spoil it.

      I try not to lend my mom books where the spine could get cracked. I don’t think she’d understand if I burst into tears when it was returned.

  8. I recognize myself in so many of these (I wish I’d seen this before, but I’m just catching up on all the blogs I read after vacation) – I basically always get a minimum of three books if I go to the bookstore. I love to browse bookstores but I have so many unread novels that after I have a pile of books I think I want, I go to the cafe section, and go through them, reading the first few paragraphs and checking reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. I just figure there are so many books left to read, I should make sure I get something I’ll like. Sometimes, of course, it doesn’t matter, I just like the cover and the description. I’m totally with you on 7,8 and 11. A friend of mine has two different books signed by Neil Gaiman. I’m so jealous. I feel like horror stories always have great build up, and they can be nice and creepy, and then the end just never quite takes it all the way there. The last one I read that I really liked and I would say came close (or at least created a great atmosphere for two thirds of the novel) was Dark Echo, a ghost story on a boat.

    • I am so jealous of your friend! I would love to have just ONE signed Neil Gaiman. ONE DAY!

      I think I have Dark Echo somewhere … I might have to check. I love a good ghost story!

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