15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day Two (Hosted by Good Books & Good Wine)


I’m not sure if I have an actual ritual of reading at bedtime, but I do really like it. I might go days and weeks of watching TV before bed (shows like Sex and the City, usually), but for the most part, I get to bed earlier than when I want to sleep, like at 8:30 (which makes me look like a grandma), and try and read as much as I can. Sometimes I’ll get through chapters and other times I’ll get through pages.

I’ll also read any ol’ book before bed, whether it’s a physical book or an ebook. I kind of like ebooks because they keep my page number when I fall asleep and wake up three hours later with my ereader buried in the bed somewhere. Too many times I’ve woken up in the morning wondering where I left off in my physical book — and you know how you get through those last few pages, forcing yourself to read even though your eyes are closing constantly? Yeah, that makes it really hard to find where you left off. Certain parts seem familiar, but I spend more time confused than actually reading.

What is your bedtime reading ritual?Β 



17 thoughts on “15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day Two (Hosted by Good Books & Good Wine)

  1. I definitely agree that reading in bed on my Kindle is much easier than reading say a hardcover. Even just holding it laying down is much better. I find that I sleep better if I read a bit before bed so I always try to go to bed early enough to sneak in some chapters too. And yes, 8:30 is when I usually do that too, we are grannies together!

    • I find I sleep better with a book, too! The problem with TV is that I’ll wake up 2 hours later to the TV still going … that always wakes me up! And yay for being grannies together!

  2. My bed-time reading habits have changed substantially since 1) getting married and 2) getting a smart-phone. My husband cannot fall asleep if I am reading which is so annoying lol. And while I always tell myself I will go up to bed early to get in some reading before hubby comes up, this never happens. I am a night-owl! And when I DO go up early, I end up playing games on my phone, checking facebook/twitter/instagram and before I know it, hubby’s in bed and telling me to turn off the lights! Sigh. I think this is why I don’t accomplish as much reading now in my life (I used to do the majority of my reading in bed, before bed). I know, I know…there are simple solutions to my problems!! lol πŸ˜‰

    • Those darn husbands! We usually go to bed at the same time and hubs likes to watch TV before bed. I can’t read with the TV on, BUT he usually falls asleep in about 3 minutes, so by 5 minutes in I can turn it down, assess his reaction, then turn it off and read to my heart’s content! I guess I’m lucky that having the light on doens’t bug him. He can sleep anywhere. THAT or I’ll stay up and read elsewhere and go to bed later, but that’s usually only when he’s overworked and goes to bed ridiculously early.

      Oh, and in the morning, I’m ALL about checking all the things on my iPod or iPad … I see it as still being productive!

  3. Right now, it’s pretty much non-existant..lol I just crawl in bed and go to sleep because I’m so exhausted. Normally I will read for awhile though, until my eyes start closing. If I’m having trouble falling asleep, it tends to be one of the few things that helps.

    • I agree with this. I was watching TV before bed, but found I slept better when I read before bed. Of course, I’d also wake up constantly with a book in my hand and try to keep reading even though I was half asleep … I get very familiar with at least a few sentences in bedtime books!

  4. I always used to fall asleep while trying to force my eyes to stay open, especially if my book has totally hooked me in! However, more often than not I’d wake up with my (usually heavy) book on my face, not burrowed in the bed somewhere. I must say though, I’m much more likely to read a paper book in bed than an e book. Possibly because I don’t have an e-reader, just an app on my phone, so it doesn’t do my eyes much good. Coz I usually read for between 20 mins to 60-90 mins before I go to sleep. It helps me wind down!

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