15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day Three (Hosted by Good Books & Good Wine)


The very awesome April over at Good Books and Good Wine is hosting this 15 DAY CHALLENGE for book bloggers! I’ll admit that my love of blogging has wained in the last few months since learning I was pregnant, but I’m ready to get that love back (which started with reading an ENTIRE BOOK today!) … I hope this helps!

Today’s question: Who are your blogging BFFs?Β 

Whenever I try to find some new blogs to read, I am overwhelmed — there are SO MANY book blogs out there these days! But it’s always nice to have those people who I absolutely love, who are easy to talk to on Twitter, and easy to bounce ideas off of. Here are a few of my favourite book bloggers:

1. Anne from Creativity’s Corner

Anne is super wonderful when it comes time to bounce ideas off of someone. We even came up with this year’s Book Bingo challenge, which has been a lot of fun!

2. Jen from Owl Read It

I love Jen … and she’s a fellow Canadian! I will admit that I’m also biased since we’re both pregnant right now. πŸ™‚ But regardless, I feel like Jen gets me when it comes to blogging — even if she’s way off on the other side of the country!

3. The Edmonton Book Bloggers

Of course I can’t talk about today’s prompt without mentioning the Edmonton Book Blogger group. It’s full of so many diverse bloggers, and just lovely people! It’s fun to meet up with them every month and chat books, life, and whatever else we can come up with!

Who are some of your blogging BFFs? Β 



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