The Hot Summer Reads Read-A-Thon (Half-Way Point)

The Hot Summer Reads Readathon Button

This read-a-thon is hosted by Jen at YA Romantics and Patrick at The Bookshelves and runs from July 14th to July 20th. Read one book or a whole stack — there’s no competition. Just read and have fun. We will be planning some fun challenges to keep the energy up! Click on the image to be taken to the sign-up page. 

It’s the half-way point for the Hot Summer Reads read-a-thon! I am happy to say that not only have I been an AWESOME reader, but I’ve also gotten lots of blogging and house things done — it’s just a win all around! Thank you to Jen and Patrick for organizing this. A read-a-thon is just what I needed right now!

THE GOALS (Update)

  • Read at least 3-4 books. Can I maybe make it 6 books?
  • Chat with other participants and comment on blogs. <– I have chatted somewhat on Twitter, but I should visit some more blogs!
  • Have fun! <– Yes! I’m having fun!

Books Read So Far

I’ve read FOUR BOOKS so far this week! That makes me super excited!

the fifth wavenomadunchartedthe moon and more

Really, Uncharted is a novella, but it was a pretty long novella, so I’m counting it as a book! I have a few more review books I’d like to get to this week … hopefully I can keep up the momentum!

Are you participating in this read-a-thon? How’s your progress going so far? 



5 thoughts on “The Hot Summer Reads Read-A-Thon (Half-Way Point)

  1. Wow — you’re doing great. I started off strong with one book read by Monday, but for the last couple days I have been packing — we leave for vacation on Friday. But Friday and Saturday should be good reading days so I am confident I can meet my goal of three books!

      • Yeah, I can definitely use it, so will be doing my best to get some reading done.

        And yes, carpal tunnel does suck! I hate it, it’s not too bad today though, I’ve been wrapping my arm for the past few days and it has helped a lot! Hopefully it doesn’t last too long for me!

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