The Hot Summer Reads Read-A-Thon (Final Post) & The High Summer Read-a-Thon (Sign-Up)

The Hot Summer Read-a-Thon is now over! I’m sad it had to end, but if you read further, I did find another read-a-thon to help me keep the momentum going. πŸ™‚ Big thanks to Jen and Patrick for hosting this event!

The Hot Summer Reads Readathon Button

THE GOALS (Update)

  • Read at least 3-4 books. Made it to SEVEN BOOKS!
  • Chat with other participants and comment on blogs. <– I tried to do this on Twitter!
  • Have fun! <– I had a lot of fun!
  • ADDED –> I even participated in most of the challenges!

Books Read

I originally planned to read 3-4 books, but got on a major review book kick (which is good since I tend to let them pile up) and finished with SEVEN!

the fifth wavenomadunchartedthe moon and morenantucket bluethe furythe lucy variations

I am thrilled with the amount of reading I accomplished and hope to continue the momentum with …

high summer rat

Hosted by Michelle at Seasons of Reading, we will start on Monday, 7/22 at 12:00am CST and finish on Sunday, 7/28 at 11:59pm CST . Read what you like during the week. Click on the banner to sign up!

The Goals:Β 

  • To have fun (as always)
  • To read (and this might be ambitious) at least EIGHT BOOKS.
  • To chat with other participants using the #HSReadathon hashtag.

Time for Reading:Β 

Oh, I have time for reading — I just hope that I can stay awake for it since I’ve been super tired lately.

Books to be Read:Β 

Might as well keep up the momentum with the review books, right?

sea of tranquilitythe night she disappeareddark triumphfurioushound dog truerock onscorchenchantedhow zoe made her dreams come true

These choices could very well change, but I am determined to make a HUGE dent in my review pile in the next few weeks! Hopefully I can complete this and more!

How did you do in the Hot Summer Reads Read-a-Thon? Are you planning to participate in the High Summer Read-a-Thon?Β 



7 thoughts on “The Hot Summer Reads Read-A-Thon (Final Post) & The High Summer Read-a-Thon (Sign-Up)

  1. Seven books?! You crazy! πŸ™‚ At least you will have a lot of books to write reviews for in the new year (I don’t know if you write them right away or not).

    And you’re doing another read-a-thon already? I suppose if you’re on a streak! You have some great books picked out for it, I loved Dark Triumph! Furious and Scorch are both really good too! Good luck with it!

  2. So glad you’re joining us for High Summer, Kristilyn! You have a great list there. Hope you get to do some reading and not be too tired. πŸ™‚ Just a little over 4 hours until the starting line post goes live. Be sure to sign in when you start reading for the week.

    • Thank you! I’ll have to link up my post … I’ve been without my preferred choice of blogging (i.e. laptop), so I’ve been neglecting things! At least I’ve been reading!

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