Sunday Reads (41)

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Another weekend … another update!

In my life: 

Look at me! An update TWO WEEKENDS IN A ROW!

Seriously … who am I?!?

Really, though, not much has been going on with me. We had a bit of a baby scare on Tuesday at the doctor’s when the heartbeat couldn’t be found (usually not a huge deal, but I was very worried since it had never been a problem at any other appointment), BUT then we had an ultrasound on Thursday and the little nugget is safe and sound! We even found out the sex, which was very exciting. I’m pretty sure I started crying whenever I thought about it that day. The plan is to NOT share it with anyone, but the husband and I are pretty sure that I’ll be the one to accidentally let it slip.

Other than that I’ve been at home a lot. I’ve been really tired lately and just can’t keep my eyes open for much. Lots of reading has been happening, an afternoon out with the husband, and that’s about it. My life is boring.

In reading (& blogging): 

I’ve been a bit of a reading machine this week! I’ve been participating in the Hot Summer Reads read-a-thon and read SEVEN BOOKS, which is awesome. I’m trying to power through a lot of my review books that I’ve been neglecting, so if you see my Goodreads updates, that’s probably what you’ll be seeing a lot of.

This week I read:

1. Uncharted (On the Island, #1.5) by Tracey Garvis Graves

2. Nomad by J. L. Bryan (review book)

3. The Fifth Wave (The Fifth Wave, #1) by Rick Yancey

4. The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen (review book)

5. Nantucket Blue by Leila Howland (review book)

6. The Fury (The Fury, #1) by Alexander Gordon Smith (review book)

7. The Lucy Variations by Sara Zarr (review book)

I also WON some books — first books won for baby and they’re some of my FAVOURITES!


Love Melanie Watt’s Scaredy Squirrel series … I hope to pick up the rest at some point. I even got the husband to read through the first one — I don’t think he appreciated it as much as I do, but I’m sure he’ll come around.

I also hit up the bargain books on Amazon, something I tend to do every few months or so. They have GREAT deals on books that they have a few left of and I think I got all of these for only $40. I was super excited to get the first four books in Alyxandra Harvey’s vampire series, as well as a stand-alone from her. And I picked up the third book in Lesley Livingston’s series, mainly because of the price. I have the first book on my ereader and don’t own the second book, but I couldn’t pass it up since it was only $3! Amazon was super fast at shipping, too, and I received two packages 4 and 5 days after ordering. Win!


And lastly, I got this book from a coworker. The author is a friend of hers and was looking for reviewers. I plan on passing it over to Laura over at Reading In Bed, but I might try and give it a read first!


How was your week? Have you read anything good lately?



8 thoughts on “Sunday Reads (41)

  1. Yay for an ultrasound! It’s always good to see baby after a scare like that! Sometimes it’s just hard to find the heartbeat because the baby moves into a different spot. Once they start moving more it’s a bit easier because then you are reassured by a nice kick. Speaking of, I felt my baby last night! I was super surprised because I felt a flutter and waited but it wasn’t just gas (lol). So it must have been the baby. And already before 14 weeks! I’ve heard that you can feel them sooner the second time around than the first. With Kailyn it was 17 weeks.

    I still can’t believe how much reading you’ve gotten done this week, so much! And it looks like you got a nice haul of books, good deals are always hard to pass up! Have a great week!

    • I’ll be happy (and kind of freaked out) when I can start feeling the baby … it’s scary not hearing a heartbeat! That’s awesome that you’re already feeling yours!

  2. Bargain books are AWESOME. It’s been awhile since I went bargain book shopping, but I’m thinking it’s time again. You got some awesome looking stuff, girl, and YAY baby books. Also I’m so glad everything is okay. *hug*

  3. Those squirrel books look so cute! Animal books are kind of hit or miss for my kid, but he LOVES books about cars, trains, or firetrucks.

    Oh and I hate you, not really but kind of. I decided to go check out the bargain books on Amazon and spent $25 that I wasn’t suppose to spend until next month. Damn book buying addiction.

  4. Glad to hear you and the baby are doing well!!! And can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl 😉

    And those Scaredy Squirrel books are so cute! Are those already out in bookstores? I’m going shopping tonight for my nephew and was going to buy him a book, so I’ll look for them to take a peek.

    • I can’t wait to share! Though, I’ve already told the husband that I’ll probably be the one to break the secret … I can’t talk about baby without saying he or she!

      Yes! The Scaredy Squirrel books are in stores! They’re by a Canadian author who also does some really cute ones with a cat, Chester. I hope you check them out!

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