Oryx and Crake Read-Along: Post Two (Part 1 – 3 Reaction)

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It’s time for the first reaction post for the Oryx & Crake read-along! If you haven’t read this book, there will be SPOILERS ahead, so use caution! I will definitely post a spoiler-free review of the book in the new year.

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oryx and crakePart 1 – 3 Reaction

“It is the strict adherence to daily routine that tends towards the maintenance of good morale and the preservation of sanity.”

Thus, we meet Snowman. I will admit that this first chapter is what lost me every single time I started to read this book in the past. It’s not that long and it’s obviously a dystopian kind of society where this Snowman character is struggling to maintain his humanness and not succumb to what the rest of society has become. But for some reason it always lost me.

I push on … (trying not to think about ants crawling up my arm and kind of craving a mango …)

The kids have never seen snow. They don’t know what’s harmful to them and what’s safe, so they look to Snowman for advice. They were obviously born in this world and not in “before.” It almost seems like this world of Crake’s children is one of Adam and Eve — perfection, no sin has entered their world. Anything that isn’t useful doesn’t exist — except for the remnants from “before.”

I liked reading about Snowman, a.ka. Jimmy’s, past — I wasn’t a big fan of his parents and felt very sorry for Jimmy having to go to such extremes to get any attention or reaction from them. Though, while Jimmy thinks everything is just A-OK, something is happening in the background — there’s a virus? What exactly are the pigoons? From the sounds of the descriptions (and maybe I missed something), it’s like human cloning — is this where society went wrong?

His time, what a bankrupt idea, as if he’s been given a box of time belonging to him alone, stuffed to the brim with hours and minutes that he can spend like money. Trouble is, the box has holes in it and the time is running out, no matter what he does with it.”

I love this quote, since we have all said that there are better things to do with our time — with my time. Though, just by saying that, time is running out. What do we do with our time?

Who is Crake? He used to play chess with Snowman on a computer …

The idea that the future can’t read — the Crakers can’t read — is terrifying. Think about this society, the one we live in now, and how many people don’t read anything. Could there possibly be a world in the future where reading is obsolete?

I also find the last chapter in part 3 interesting … the fact that we’re so keen on technology and advancing, advancing, advancing. We build buildings, we create the latest and greatest architecture … but one day that could all come down and disintegrate around us. Were we wasting our time doing the wrong things? Should we have been teaching ourselves survival skills rather than building our creations all over the world?

After reading thoughts … 

So what happened to Jimmy’s world? How did Snowman get to be where he is now?
Who exactly are Oryx and Crake? We’ve only heard them mentioned, but not a lot of detail …

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Are you participating in this read-along? What are your thoughts on parts 1 – 3? 



15 thoughts on “Oryx and Crake Read-Along: Post Two (Part 1 – 3 Reaction)

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  2. This does sound like a very interesting book! No reading in the future?! That is terrifying. As is what you said about the ants.. Ahh, I hate ants (I have retroactively gotten my moms fear of ants 😦 ). Weird that the characters the book is named after haven’t shown up yet though!

    • I hate ants, too! We have them in the backyard and they creep me out. Funnily enough, the ants occur around a mango. I happen to love mangoes. Now I won’t think of them the same way!

      • 😦 I love mangoes too. I had an infestation of sugar ants, stupid little jerks. I put ant traps in places Kailyn can’t get to and they seem to have disappeared. I’ve also been scrubbing and keeping more caught up on getting and finding all the bits of food the kids drop.

        I still feel like they are crawling on me all the time though.

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