Sunday Reads (44)

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Another weekend … another update!

In my life: 

A bit of a busier week for me. MAINLY because I learned my due date for baby is a whopping 10 days earlier than I thought. I feel so unprepared! After that news on Tuesday, I spent more time making lists and making sure I’m on the right track with all the baby prep and whatnot.

However, this is kind of a good thing in my eyes since baby will most likely be here in the world BEFORE Christmas — I was so worried that baby would be born ON Christmas. At any rate, I spent a lot of time shopping with my best friend and planning the nursery. This is flying by so fast!

In non-baby news, the dog was in a dog show this weekend. Not in the ACTUAL show, but in the Sieger part of it, which any dog could enter — fixed or not. We had to rush to find a groomer for her AND to, you know, train her to do the ring. That was fun, but since it’s all in good fun, it was okay. Our other two don’t do the show circuit or anything, and Bailey hasn’t done it for YEARS (since she hates it) so it’s fun to have an event like this. She did AWESOME, even if her rating wasn’t the best. She had shown in dog shows years before and always hated the ring, but seemed to be in good spirits for this one!

AND I totally broke one of my crowns this week eating a frozen chocolate chip cookie. The funny thing is that the last time I broke a tooth, it was on one of those thin chocolate bars with mint in it — one of the mint pieces broke my tooth! Apparently, me and frozen chocolate don’t mix. The bad news is that my dentist doesn’t work on pregnant women when it comes to dental surgery, so they’re going to file down the sharp edges and leave it at that. Boo. 😦

Fun things I found this week:

First of all, how AWESOME is this Mumford & Sons video? EPIC.

Second, I completely adore Hugh Laurie and was so excited to find he had a new album out! Me and the dogs rocked out to this one this week:

Album cover from Wikipedia

Album cover from Wikipedia

In reading (& blogging): 

This week started off to be the week of blogging! I was way behind on writing reviews and had an outline of posts to schedule until the end of 2013. I spent ALL DAY on Monday working on these posts and scheduled pretty much everything until the end of the year, minus the spaces reviews. I’ve even started scheduling reviews in 2014! I am determined to get totally scheduled for when baby comes!

This week I read:

1. How My Summer Went Up in Flames by Jennifer Salvator Doktorski (review book)

2. Stay With Me (With Me, #1) by Elyssa Patrick (review book)

3. Rules of Summer by Joanna Philbin (review book)

I kind of sucked with reading this week, but hope to do a little better next week. I had a bit of a baby brain this week!

Now, onto the books! (Click on the covers to be taken to Goodreads)

Here are the review books I got this week. Seriously, some people are completely and totally awesome. Karina Halle, for one (who was as shocked as I was to learn I wasn’t approved for her latest on NetGalley — I mean, I fangirl over her a LOT.). And Tracey Garvis Graves and her publicist. They completely made my week! And big thanks to Simon & Schuster Canada, Elyssa Patrick, and Sourcebooks!

covet shooting scars perfect ruin don't want to miss a thing stay with me

I bought A book this week — I didn’t go crazy! Though we are having a book blogger meetup today, so I bet I’ll buy more then. 🙂

kissing in bed

And a few more freebie books from Amazon. 🙂

deer in headlights the butterfly storm on an edge of glass

How was your week? Have you read anything good lately?



19 thoughts on “Sunday Reads (44)

  1. I’m a huge fan of House M.D. but I didn’t know Hugh Laurie had a new album, or that he was even in the music career! Will have to check out his album soon. Great set of books here, btw! I ordered Rules of Summer and I’m real excited about it. 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had a fun week! That really sucks about your tooth though, will they be able to fix it after you have the baby?
    Yay, I have Perfect Ruin too! It looks interesting. I hope you enjoy your other books, and good job not going crazy and buying more!

    • They’ll be able to fix it after … I guess it’ll just be annoying until then! I’m hoping that they can file down the sharp edges so it doesn’t bug me as much.

      Yay for Perfect Ruin! I hope you like it, too!

  3. I would be scared to have the baby on Christmas, mostly because I would want them to have their own special day. I’m sure everything will go great for you!

    The tooth thing really sucks though! Really!

    You read as much as me this week and I was having a good Looks like a nice group of books that you got! 🙂

  4. Will you post pictures of the nursery?? And the bookshelf you bought for baby? 🙂

    That sucks about breaking your crown. What if it was something more serious that had to be fixed right now? What would your dentist do then?

    I’m so excited for Tracey Garvis Graves to have a new book coming out!! I had no idea.

    See you soon! 🙂

    • I might post some nursery pics! Of course now that I seem to be on the path of ruining the surprise of what we’re having, it won’t matter what I show! Ha ha … The bookcase is just a normal bookcase AND it’s outside of the baby’s room, but at least it’ll be their OWN bookcase. Since mine are already overflowing. 🙂 I do plan to put shelves in the room for board books, though.

      I have NO idea what they would’ve done if I needed something done right away! Especially if it was a root canal — I couldn’t put up with that for another 4 months!

    • Yes! Karina is freaking awesome and I love her. 🙂

      Bailey did great in the show, though they said her ears were big … must be because I tell her how pretty she is all the time!

  5. Oh boy…A Christmas baby is wonderful! Well not on the actual day of course…that would be bad. My b-day is the 26th and there is nothing better than sitting back on Christmas after all the gifts have been opened and seeing more under the tree and knowing they are your birthday gifts!!!

    Boo about the tooth (gives me the chills but I have a “any problem with teeth phobia” lol. I’ll have to check out Laurie’s music…I loved House…up until the end…still haven’t watched the last season!

    Enjoy your new books and have a great week!

    • Well at least you enjoy your Christmas birthday! I’d be thrilled if baby was born before Christmas so I can put the decorations up AFTER the birthday celebration. 🙂

      You must watch the last season of House! it was awesome! 🙂

      Hope you have a good week, too!

  6. Oooo, that’s kind of great news about your due date! I can see why you would have been worrying about being in labor on Christmas, that kind of would’ve sucked!

    Why won’t your dentist not fix pregnant women’s teeth? I hope it’s not hurting you too bad :-/

    Hope you have a great week 🙂

    • I think it has to do with the drugs for freezing and whatnot. AND I can’t really lay down for the amount of time it takes for a procedure — it’s just not comfortable! Thankfully, I’ve had a root canal on that tooth already, so it was more of a nuisance than anything else. 🙂

      Hope you have a good week, too!

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