Oryx and Crake Read-Along: Post Five (Part 10 – 12 Reaction)

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It’s time for the FOURTH reaction post for the Oryx & Crake read-along! If you haven’t read this book, there will be SPOILERS ahead, so use caution! I will definitely post a spoiler-free review of the book in the new year.

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oryx and crakePart 10 – 12 Reaction

One big shark’s mouth, the universe. Row after row of razor-sharp teeth. 

So now we get into more of what Jimmy’s been doing up until the end of “before” … I still cant’ get over the names of some of these corporations, like AnooYoo. They seem so silly and yet when you think about what they’re offering, so true to point.

From what I gather, I still think that a lot of Jimmy’s anger comes from the loss of his mother. He sees her everywhere, he thinks about her — had she stayed, would he still be like this?

As Snowman is raiding through the cupboards looking for food, I had to laugh. There are so many survival stories — books, TV shows, movies — where the survivors come across beer and it’s the best thing ever. But, seriously? Beer goes rancid. It doesn’t last forever. Just ask my brother. I doubt it’s as refreshing as it’s made out to be in fiction.

I still have NO idea what a pigoon is. They sound so gross and so terrifying to look at. It’s interesting that when they were created, they were a safe thing, but now Snowman is wary of them. It reminds me of how people want to tame wild beasts and how it always reverts back to nature. Think of Jurassic Park — life finds a way. Even if these animals are getting spliced together, they will eventually adapt and become something totally different.

A pigoon? (source)

A pigoon? (source)

“What the fuck did he need me for?” he says. “Why didn’t he leave me alone?”

We learn about the BlyssPluss Pill — eliminates disease, prolongs youth (except if you’re a brand new Craker, in which case you’ll drop dead at 30), and gets rid of frustrated libido. Don’t we all want to live forever? Would you take a pill? The interesting thing to me about this is that Crake is so focused on the science behind everything, how to create a perfect society, that he wants to give society a pill to limit feelings, stop procreation — even if that pill has crazy side effects and will (probably) backfire all over him. Is the effort to create the perfect human really necessary? Just because Crake can do it — should he?

We also learn that Snowman might not be the only human. AND that this whole world that he’s in (at least, I think) is the “floor model” of what Crake created. It kind of reminds me of that Jim Carrey movie where he lives in this one world and it’s all on TV. But he doesn’t know it. Of course, this isn’t on TV. That we know of.

The end of this section is what floored me. I was NOT expecting that. So, does this mean that Oryx is basically in Snowman’s subconscious? He talks to her, but she doesn’t exist. Is Crake dead? If he is, then where is Snowman going on his journey? Is his desire to stay with the Crakers based on his mother’s abandonment? Is that why he’s so terrified of hurting them or leaving them alone? In regards to the quote above, is that Snowman calling out for Crake needing him at the Compound? If he never had to go to Crake, if he never felt those last pangs of friendship, what would life be like for him now?

Still SO MANY QUESTIONS. And there are only 3 parts left!

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5 thoughts on “Oryx and Crake Read-Along: Post Five (Part 10 – 12 Reaction)

  1. The most telling thing, for me, about this section is that I don’t even know what to comment on. I barely have any thoughts about what happened. Maybe I’m missing the boat on a few things, or maybe I’m just in a reading funk these last few days (partially true), or maybe the book fizzled a bit. Don’t know. Just feeling a bit “meh” about these last 90 pages or so, which is a bummer. The end should be quite a ride though, so I’m excited for that.

    • I wondered if I missed the boat on a few things, too. Other than the explosive ending of this section, I felt like not a lot happened — especially when compared with the rest of the book previous.

  2. The Pigoons are fucking terrifying. The scariest part in The Year of the Flood was about a pigoon.

    I like the comparison to the Truman Show! What’s reality, who are the actors, the audience… you could probably write a decent paper on that, if you were so inclined 🙂

    I don’t know if Oryx is his subconscious, or if he’s just remembering. His thoughts are so disjointed at times.

    • I didn’t ever picture the pigoons as a pig … I always thought of them as human-ish.

      And Snowman’s thoughts are very disjointed … you’re right! Though I still like to think that he’s imagining what Oryx would say at times.

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