Recap: Kelley Armstrong Book Signing in Edmonton, Alberta

Just last week, Edmonton was lucky enough to have Canadian author Kelley Armstrong visit! Thanks to the Edmonton Book Bloggers who are ALWAYS on the lookout for awesome authors coming to the city, a bunch of us decided to go. We had actually met Kelley LAST year at the Smart Chicks Kick It tour (something I still haven’t written up a recap for!), but it’s always nice when authors decide to come back to the city!

A handful of us got there about three hours before the event, thanks to the advice posted by Kelley on Twitter. This is usually an okay thing, but seeing as we have to sit on the floor, I was a bit uncomfortable. Floor-sitting isn’t fun for 2.5 hours when you’re pregnant. Of course, Starbucks helps with that. As does taking pictures!

Cassie, Ambur, & Me

Cassie, Ambur, & Me

Buuuuuut ….

Seriously. How awesome is that shirt she's wearing? I WANT!

Seriously. How awesome is that shirt she’s wearing? I WANT!

Then we got to sit on chairs and Kelley came out!

She did a bit of a Q&A and I tried to remember as much as I could from that:

She’s been reading Moby Dick for years, but never seems to get past the first 50 pages. Currently, her copy is lost and she said if she finds it, she intends to read it. The rep at Chapters told her they’d give her a new copy and Kelley said it might mysteriously get left in the hotel room …

When asked what character is her favourite, Kelley responded that she likens her characters to that of her favourite relatives: She looks forward to them coming, but eventually like it when they go home. It’s great to write about a character, but eventually she gets to the end of that character and needs a break. Of course, after writing other characters, it’s nice to go back and visit past characters.

She will be writing a middle grade series since her boys don’t want to read her Darkest Powers series, mainly because there’s a girl on the cover holding a necklace.

The Cain series’ first three books have been sold, though Kelley has her sights on the series being about 5-6 books in length. She wrote the first book three years ago and had a hard time not mentioning it since she didn’t want to take the focus away from the end of her Women of the Otherworld series.

Speaking of the Women of the Otherworld series, Kelley was asked how much input she gets for the upcoming TV show for Bitten. She said that she really doesn’t get any, but has read the first few scripts. She admits that the book would probably be boring if it followed the book exactly, so she knows that changes will be made to make it a fit for TV.

When asked about why she started writing, Kelley said that she was always a big reader and eventually wanted to write her own stories. She said that she alway writes for herself first and her stories always have to be something that she would enjoy and read herself.

When asked what her favourite book is, Kelley said that it’s changing all the time, but if she had to pick her top three, they would be:

The Standย by Stephen (the) King
Pride and Prejudiceย by Jane Austen
Watership Downย by Richard Adams

Afterwards, she did a signing. I was so happy to pick up a copy of her new book OMENS. I actually started reading her Women of the Otherworld for the event. I own ALL 13 books and am just starting it now. It’s awesome. I have high hopes for Omens!

I got to meet Kelley! I asked her about her new series and how she’s sold the first three books and whether or not the last book was written with a resolution, or if she left it open for more. She said she was pretty sure the series would get picked up, so it’s pretty open. I also told her that I was loving her Women of the Otherworld series!

Don't mind the tired-looking pregnant lady.

Don’t mind the tired-looking pregnant lady.

She signed a few of my books:

SignedBitten SignedOmens SignedRising

LOVE getting bookmarks and swag at signings! How cool is that bag?

LOVE getting bookmarks and swag at signings! How cool is that bag?

It was so great to see Kelley again and I hope to catch her during her library tour in Alberta. I also hope that Edmonton gets some more amazing authors to the city!

Are you a Kelley Armstrong fan? What is your favourite book by her?ย 



18 thoughts on “Recap: Kelley Armstrong Book Signing in Edmonton, Alberta

  1. You’re lucky you got the bag! Only the first 10 got them here. I’m so glad you had fun though! We didn’t think to go early, so we had a 3 hour wait before everything got signed. Also doesn’t help that there was a fire at the food court before-hand lol. I’m still re-reading the series so not sure which book is my favourite yet, but I do love No Humans Involved ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think she said the first 50 would get them? I can’t remember!

      Oh no about the fire! That must have been scary! We probably got there too early, but it’s nice to be up front and get the signing over with at the end, rather than wait in line. I’m old and need sleep. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’ve just started the series, so Bitten is definitely my favourite right now … I guess we’ll see after I finish the next one! I’m sure they’ll each become my favourite as I go on!

  2. I’m glad you had fun! I’ve read about half of the WOmen of the Otherworld series (though like you, I own them all), plus the Darkest Powers series. I adore her as an author!

  3. Not even going to lie – Kelley is one of my all-time favorite authors. LOVE her Darkest Powers and Darkness Rising books, and the few WotO books I read were FANTASTIC. So glad you got to go and happy you got to meet Kelley!

  4. Ooh I loveeee that bag! That’s so awesome she came back. I love that she did a Canadian tour this time around. I’ve seen Kelley a few times since she’s a local author, and she’s always a great speaker and has the best swag for people. =)

    • She really does! I’m hoping to go to her library event at the end of the month, too … it’s funny that I don’t think she’s been here in forever and now it’s three times in just over a year. ๐Ÿ™‚

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