Sunday Reads (49)

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Another weekend … another update!

In my life: 

Remember how I said last week was busy? Well, I lied. THIS week was busy — compared to last week. I’m not sure if I’m entering that part of pregnancy where I get all go, go, go and have to do things, OR if maybe it’s just because it’s Fall, but this was a week of making things.

On Sunday, we went to the in-laws and the husband picked me some apples. A few years ago he went and picked a whopping SIX BAGS of apples. These aren’t your regular grocery store bags, either, but those big-ass reusable bags. I spent days trying to figure out what to do with those. So this year he had a limit. I gave him two bags and set him on his way, while the dog and I laid in the grass and read a book. Fun times.

Anyway, two bags was plenty and I still didn’t get through it. Once I started making apple things, I had to make OTHER things and ended up with enchilada sauce, enchiladas (for the freezer), chimichangas (for the freezer), apple pie in a bag, pie crusts, pumpkin scones, apple pie tortillas, homemade bread … and a beautiful, homemade chicken pot pie (which smelled like HEAVEN as it was cooking). On top of that, I read, worked, did accounting things for the husband’s business, cleaned the house, did the laundry … and I may have snuck in some sleep somewhere.



On Friday it was the my and the husband’s anniversary! We’ve been married for 5 years, together for 10 … time is just FLYING! Last night we went out  to a steakhouse in the city for a romantic dinner. No wine for me, unfortunately, though I’m sure I was definitely wanting it! We’ll see how many more nights like this we can fit in with just 3 months left until baby. 🙂

We also saw City of Bones which SUCKED. Within the first 10 minutes I was rolling my eyes and thought the adaptation was horrible, some of the casting sucked (though I did like how Clary and her mom looked similar, and I liked Magnus’s character, even though I was leary about it), and there were some HORRIBLE lines. Not sure if I’ll want to see the rest of the series.

Oh, and the husband and I have awesome conversations:


I mean, seriously … how cool would that be?!?!?

In reading (& blogging): 

This week I read:

1. Unholy Ghosts (Downside Ghosts, #1) by Stacia Kane (audiobook)

2. Beauty and the Blacksmith (Spindle Cove, #3.5) by Tessa Dare

3. Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror, #3) by Karina Halle (reread)

4. Covet by Tracey Garvis Graves (review book)

5. Rot and Ruin (Benny Imura, #1) by Jonathan Maberry

6. My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece by Annabel Pitcher (audiobook)

7. The Ghost Prison by Joseph Delaney (review book)

8. Doctor Who: The Feast of the Drowned (Doctor Who: New Series Adventures, #8) by Stephen Cole (audiobook)

Remember how I talked about speeding up audiobooks last week? Well, I tried to start off with my audiobook sped up, but it felt too fast. When I had about 3 hours left and was going to be doing accounting things for at least an hour, I decided to crank it up a bit so I could get it done in the morning. I should’ve stuck with it the first time around because I got used to it very quickly! And it was nice to be productive in the morning AND finish my audiobook at the same time!

Of course, then I started listening to an audiobook narrated by David Tennant and I just couldn’t speed it up … #davidtennantlove

And, again, like last week, scheduling was key for reading. I’m still trying hard to get as much read as possible during the week, while still spending time with the husband and spending time doing OTHER things. And, you know, working and whatnot. I have a goal I’d like to reach by the end of November and I’d like to hit it!

Oh, and this happened on the blog in the last few weeks … how cool is this?

Blog Stats

Thank you to everyone who got that number up there! 🙂

Now, onto the books! (Click on the covers to be taken to Goodreads)

I got a few physical books for review this week. Thank you to Raincoast Books and NeWest Press! I have the unfinished ARC of Six Months Later, so how gorgeous is that cover? I love the red font!

shallow enough to walk through six months later

And I won this awesome prize pack from The Story Siren! I’d take a picture, but I’m lazy, so here’s the picture from the giveaway. Thank you, Kristi!

the heiresses scarf the heiresses

And just a few freebies this week. Rhiannon Frater was giving away a few of her books in honour of Friday the 13th!

the living dead boy Cthulhu's Daughter the ghost and the graveyard

How was your week? Have you read anything good lately?



25 thoughts on “Sunday Reads (49)

  1. Geez that is a lot of cooking! You could always send some this way >.> lol
    Aww congrats on your Anniversary! I’m so excited to have mine in a month 🙂
    I haven’t seen CoB yet but I really don’t want to. The casting really didn’t seem like good choices when they revealed it, and they’ve been hyping up that movie too much. I have a feeling I’ll be disappointed so I’m saving my money for other movies lol.
    Congrats on the blog hits too! I’m making my way to 20,000 right now. Enjoy your books and prizes!

    • I’m definitely heading into stocking-the-freezer mode … and I think it’ll only get worse in the next few months!

      And yes. Save your money for better movies. I’m so disappointed with how they treated this one … it wasn’t too far in to the movie when I leaned over to hubs and said, “This is ridiculous.” He even thought it was terrible. Is it bad when I say that I think TWILIGHT was better done?

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! 🙂

    Look at you making all the things! I’m hoping to get a few good nights of cooking in this week, I’m starting to crave all the fall food. Have a great week! I hope you get to relax a bit.

    • I love fall food … stews, casseroles, chilis … it’s going to be so good! I’m hoping to make a few pot pies for the freezer at some point, too. It’s nice to be able to just pull something out.

  3. I was laughing in disbelief as I read all you’d done this week. I’m not six months pregnant and even I don’t have that kind of energy. Sheesh, girl. That’s amazing! I LOVE the maple leafs on top of that pie – gorgeous! Also, happy anniversary to you and your husband! AN AUDIOBOOK NARRATED BY DAVID TENNANT?! *dies* I started watching Spies of Warsaw last night…I love him so much. *swoons* Congrats on hitting 100,000+ page views! That scarf is so cute. And this comment is ALL over the place lol. Glad you had a good, productive week! 🙂

    • Suffice to say, I am EXHAUSTED today! I think too much has been done … but I still have more pies to make.

      And yes! David Tennant narrates audiobooks! I love his Doctor Who ones and he does a few other ones, too. They’re all great!

  4. Heh, total agreement re: City of Bones. I read the book a week before I saw the movie — and to be honest, the only reason I finished it was because my BFF wanted to see the movie with me. Still cannot get over the portal blob stroking scene. Most (suppressed) laughing I’ve done in a movie all year, though.

    • Oh my gosh … YES. That scene was ridiculous! And the kissing scene with the TERRIBLE song and the sprinkler system? Awful. Oh, and the water blob punching scene. WHY DID THEY RUIN IT ALL?!?! I do plan on relistening to the audiobook. I love the first three books in that series and just have to relive that love again …

  5. Aww, you’re definitely nesting 🙂 I am hoping to buy a small deep freeze next month so I can start making freezer meals for when baby comes because it was crazy hard for me to get meals made after Kailyn was born, I can only imagine how hard it will be having her running around this time. I really want some apples now too. I will have to try to get Chris to head down the road to the orchards in the next couple of weeks. I’m curious as to what apple pie in a bag is though! You should let me know because apple pie is my favourite type of pie! 🙂 Well dessert pie!

    Your pie you made looks so good! Is that the chicken pot pie?

    Also, I’m sad because I did like CoB! I thought the movie was actually fairly well done, although I did enjoy it more the second time I watched it.

    I am finally listening to an audiobook at 1.5x the speed, it took a couple minutes to get used to it because it did sound fast, but then I got used to it and it’s all fine 😉

    Great new books this week! Six Months Later sounds really good, so I’m looking forward to your thoughts on that 🙂

    Have a great week!

    • Prepping before baby is something I must get done … especially food-wise. I really hate on a normal day trying to figure out what to make for dinner … I can’t imagine how I’ll feel when I’m tired and busy!

      That pie is an apple pie! I’m bringing it to my parent’s this weekend, so I wanted it to be pretty. 🙂

      It really does take some time to get used to the speed of audiobooks! I wish I could speed mine up to 1.5x the speed … I think it would be more manageable than what my iPod currently offers.

      You have a great week, too!

  6. Wow, nesting much? 😉 haha! Good for you! And Happy Anniversary! Which steak house did you two go to?? I don’t miss wine at all, but I do like to be able to order a fancy mocktail drink when I’m out. 🙂 I feel lame and boring if I just get water!

    You won that scarf with a giveaway? So awesome! I’ve never sped up an audiobook (because I’ve only ever listened to them on CD in my car), but hubby and I will often watch slooooow movies on 1.5x speed to get though it faster!

    • I’m betting that this nesting will only get worse … I like to think that I’m trying out freezable recipes right now to prep in November. I plan on making a lot of meat pies, enchilada and taco meals, and maybe some soups for the freezer. 🙂

      We went to the Keg. It really wasn’t that special of a meal, which sucked. I doubt we’ll go again! I ended up getting a raspberry lemonade … they added in a TON of fresh raspberries and it was so refreshing! Though, I really can’t wait until I can have that glass of wine or that refreshing beer!

      Isn’t that scarf awesome?!? I got it this week and have already worn it twice!

  7. I’ve been eyeing up Shallow Enough to Walk Through. Interested to see what you think.

    What’s your goal for November? I remember with each baby I had a goal for “before baby comes” which I missed both time. I’m like the opposite of a nester, I slooowww right down at the end.

    I never knew you could speed up audiobooks. Or movies! I’m imagining the voices like Chipmunk voices haha.

    • I’m sure if I sped them up enough, it’d be like the chipmunks! Not yet, though. 🙂

      I’m hoping to read and review Shallow Enough to Walk Through by its release day on October 15th …

      Oh, and my goal is to have the entire year of 2014 scheduled and to the end of this December finished by the end of November. THEN I can slow down and read whatever the hell I want to and relax. I’m actually getting close! Might happen by the end of October!

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