Read-Along: The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak (Part 4 – 6 Discussion)


The funny thing about this week’s reading is that the husband and I went to see City of Bones on the weekend (great book, terrible movie) and they had the trailer for The Book Thief before the movie. I had been going into this book blind and the trailer pretty much told me what was going to happen in this next section … and it happened right away! I do have to say that the trailer was awesome — I love Geoffrey Rush! — and I look forward to seeing the movie!

I think I have to say that I’m kind of surprised by Hans and Rosa’s relationship … Hans always seemed so easy going and Rosa so hard. I completely expected that when Hans was planning to house a Jew that Rosa would be totally against it, but I was flabbergasted by the change in character. I just can’t believe how hard she can be with Leisel but she turns into a better mother with the Jew. I don’t know … I think part of me would be hurt if I were Leisel.

I’m not sure what to think of Leisel stealing the books from the Mayor’s wife … I like the idea of the Mayor’s wife leaving the window open because she knows that Leisel is coming, or that she feels bad that she had to cancel their washing with Rosa. And you have to love Hans, who didn’t seem to believe her when she said she got her new book from a nun at school, but said in the end, “Don’t get caught.”

I do love Max’s character, especially the books that he drew for Leisel — so sweet! And I will never stop loving Hans. Now I love him even more that I keep picturing Geoffrey Rush as him!

Oh, and Rudy! I didn’t feel upset at all when Death talked about Rudy’s death … spoiling it, as he said (should Death be called he or she?). It was sad that he keeps pining for a kiss from Leisel and for Death to say that he will go to the grave without that kiss.

I’m starting to really like the book — this section really picked up from the first part — but I’m still betting that it’s not going to be a full-out love like it has been for other people. I do like that the story is a little more flowy, less disjointed … and it helps that I’m getting used to the writing style. I’m still glad that I’m reading this!

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4 thoughts on “Read-Along: The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak (Part 4 – 6 Discussion)

  1. I’m glad you are liking it more! Too bad the trailer spoiled some things for you. I think Death is a he. The way he talks and thinks about things is very much like a man. I will never stop loving Hans either!

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