Sunday Reads (50)

sunday reads-01

Another weekend … another update!

In my life: 

If I could sum up my feelings after this week in one word, it would be …. TIRED.

I worked this week, I read this week, I spent time with the husband, I met another book blogger for coffee, and I even took a road trip to my parent’s house. I am tuckered! Here are some pics from the trip to my parent’s house:

A nice morning on the lake.

A nice morning on the lake.

This morning -- the fog on the golf course. It was a chilly morning!

This morning — the fog on the golf course. It was a chilly morning!

This morning's fog on the lake.

This morning’s fog on the lake.

Someone was very happy for her morning walks with her mom!

Someone was very happy for her morning walks with her mom!

I found this while we were out shopping. It smells DELICIOUS! I didn't buy it. I feel like I'd want bacon ALL THE TIME if I burned it.

I found this while we were out shopping. It smells DELICIOUS! I didn’t buy it. I feel like I’d want bacon ALL THE TIME if I burned it.

Meanwhile, about 4 hours south-west of us, this happened this week:


In reading (& blogging): 

This week I read:

1. 172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Larstad (audiobook) <– Unnerving! 

2. The Madness Underneath (Shades of London, #2) by Maureen Johnson

3. Let the Old Dreams Die by John Ajvide Lindqvist

4. The Forest of Hands and Teeth (The Forest of Hands and Teeth, #1) by Carrie Ryan

5. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness <– Brilliant!

6. Six Months Later by Natalie Richards

7. The Mysterious Howling (The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, #1) by Maryrose Wood (audiobook)

8. Coraline by Neil Gaiman (reread) <– I’ve reread this one a LOT. It’s a must during Fall.

I’m pretty pleased with the amount I read this week! It’s nice to work in audiobooks — they’re perfect for when I’m driving, doing the dishes, prepping dinner, etc.

I also did some blog stuff this week, a lot of updating of scheduled posts. And cleaning out my reader. I still have a HUGE pile of reviews to write, but I’m hoping to get to them this week!

Now, onto the books! (Click on the covers to be taken to Goodreads)

I got one physical book for review this week. Thank you to TOR for this beauty — I think it’ll be perfect for the season!

the nightmare affair

I got this AWESOME package from Kobo. I am so excited to use ALL of it!! Big thanks to them! I’ve used the Kobo Aura a bit since I got it and I really like the front lighting option — makes it nice to read at night!


I won this ARC from Jenni (at Alluring Reads). Thanks, Jenni!

NOT the cover I got ... I was too lazy to take a picture!

NOT the cover I got … I was too lazy to take a picture!

I bought this lovely book from local author, Michael Hingston. You might remember him — he interviewed me about the Edmonton Book Bloggers! (I’d link to the article, but the paper doesn’t have it up anymore if you’re not a subscriber … grrrr. I will have to type it up and link to it on the blog somewhere!)

the diliettantes20130918_175149

I also bought a *few* more books this week. I met Jenni (from Alluring Reads) at the bookstore and bought a few books AND an order from Amazon came in AND I went shopping with my mom in Red Deer and bought a few sale books. I wasn’t planning on getting the third book in the Benny Imura series in hardback, but it was only $4.99!! I couldn’t pass that up! And I’ve already read Wanderlove, but I think it’s time for a reread. Couldn’t pass up a sale on the hardcover!

the beautiful and the cursed this song will save your life the dark between between the devil and the deep blue sea flesh and bone wanderlove

How was your week? Have you read anything good lately?



12 thoughts on “Sunday Reads (50)

    • I’ll try! For some reason, I haven’t been tired … I guess that’s okay. I can keep doing all the things!

      I like the cool weather, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for snow yet. I hate driving in it!

  1. You got snow? That’s not cool! It’s too early for it to start!
    You got a Kobo package? Lucky! That looks like a good package of stuff for a reading night! Can’t wait to see what you think of This song Will Save Your Life and The Dark Between 🙂

  2. Ew, ew, ew, ew! Snow already makes me soooo sad! lol I’m looking forward to playing with Kailyn in it this year because she keeps talking about snow men and all, but ugh, let us have a fall first please! 😉

    I love your dog. She is adorable!

    Also, yay for Kobo Aura and the front lighting! It’s the same as the Kobo Glo and I love it because it doesn’t at all hurt my eyes likes something that is back lit. I hope you enjoy it!

    I am always impressed by the amount you manage to read in a week. Always. It’s so much more than I could ever I also still have a ton of reviews to write.. going to have to get working on it!

    I hope you have a bit of a slower week and you get to rest some 🙂

    • Fall is AWESOME! I definitely want to enjoy it before the snow flies! And that’s funny you say that about Bailey … she’s normally not so photogenic. She hates the camera, but she was goofy that morning. 🙂

      I’m really enjoying the Aura so far. And the battery power is awesome on it! It’s been 5 days and it’s still at 100%!

      I’ve been working on reviews and things this week, so I bet I won’t read as much as I did last week! That’s why it’s nice to have weeks like that … so I can spend a week not reading much!

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