Sunday Reads (52)

sunday reads-01

Another weekend … another update!

In my life: 

Apparently, the events just keep happening in my world! Not too shabby for a pregnant gal who’s ready to crawl into bed by 8pm every night …

On Monday, Laura and I went to Todd Babiak’s launch of his new book, Come Barbarians. Todd is a local author who has written some very highly regarded books — some of which take place in the city! His new book is a bit of a departure from his older stuff, so he made this video about it. (Even if you don’t know who Todd is, this is probably one of the best author/book videos I’ve seen. I bust a gut every time I see it!)

TODD BABIAK – COME BARBARIANS from Tom Gunia on Vimeo.

And here’s a picture of Todd in action …


He didn’t do a reading or anything, but he did chat with Laura and I for a bit and knew who both of us were. He told Laura that book bloggers will take over the world (was it book bloggers? or just bloggers? either way, YES.). He also wrote in Laura’s book that “reading is sexy in bed” which I found to be awesome.

Monday and Tuesday I was supposed to work, but they were painting, so I only got in a few hours. Normally, I’d be okay with working with paint, but I’m pretty sure industrial paint isn’t the same as the stuff we can use safely in our homes. I guess that meant more reading time for me? I’ll take it.

Tuesday I had my doctor’s appointment … my 29th week checkup! Baby is doing awesome and the doctor saw a foot. She tickled it and the baby kicked. I LOVE feeling that little foot. Of course, ask me again in a few more weeks how I feel about it as baby is growing and that foot is positioned right below my ribs …

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty uneventful, save for an afternoon of cards with my mother-in-law. Let’s just say our team totally skunked the other team for one game and won two more after that. Cribbage is awesome.

Friday, the husband and I got to go see Going to Graceland, a show put on my the James Murdoch Band. Apparently, it sells out wherever it goes and is quite the popular production! I had won tickets at my work at the library and had a choice between three different shows. I chose this one because I *thought* it had to do with Elvis, thus sounding familiar, but when I read it had to do with Paul Simon, I was crazy excited! I’m just a newbie Paul Simon fan and have really only listened to his new stuff, but this show really made me want to check out his older material. The band was pretty awesome!

And on Saturday, I completely forgot about this all-day writer’s thing that was going on at a local library. They had 5 authors coming in for the day doing talks and I fully intended to attend, but went to the farmer’s market and didn’t realize the event happened on Saturday and not Sunday (like I had thought) until it was too late. Boo. Hopefully they’ll have something like this again!

And in some sad news this week, our cat went missing. We’re still holding out hope that she’s okay and just hiding somewhere, but keeping some fingers crossed and sending positive thoughts over here would be great!

In reading (& blogging): 

This week I read:

1. The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak (started at the beginning of the month for a read-along)

2. Shallow Enough to Walk Through by Marissa Reaume (Canadian author – Review book)

3. What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones (Verse novel)

4. Perfect Ruin (The Internment Chronicles, #1) by Lauren DeStefano (ARC – Review book)

5. Jenny Pox (The Paranormals, #1) by J. L. Bryan (Reread)

6. Tommy Nightmare (The Paranormals, #2) by J. L. Bryan (Awesome)

7. Tampa by Alissa Nutting (Disturbing)

8. Rosina, The Midwife by Jessica Kluthe (Non-fiction, local author)

The funny thing is that this week I was actually all over the place. I had appointments, ran errands, had events to go to, lunch dates to make, dates with the husband, a trip to the farmer’s market — and yet I still managed to sit down and read. I kind of blame it on the fact that I’ve been getting up SUPER early lately, around 5:30 in the morning. I’m pretty good until about 2:00 when I get really sleepy and usually drift in and out if I’m trying to read, but it’s been nice having some time in the morning to dedicate to the HUGE pile of books on my table.


You might also notice that I’m trying to sneak in some more local and Canadian authors. This is a new mission of mine because it’s so easy to not even think about where the author we’re reading is from — and there are some great ones from Canada! I’ve started to document my reading on my new page Read Local. Read Canadian. I’ll be tracking where the authors are from as I go — and adding my TBR books as they come in.

It’s been interesting going through the authors of books I’ve read — there are plenty from Ontario and Alberta, but there are some definite gaps when it comes to certain provinces and the territories. I hope to fill these gaps in as I go!

Now, onto the books!

A few ebooks for review. Thank you to HarlequinTEEN and Flux for these ones!

pawn the drowned forest

Pawn (The Blackcoat Rebellion, #1) by Aimee Carter (soooo excited for this one!)
The Drowned Forest by Kristopher Reisz

I bought a few books this week, showing more local and Canadian author love … as well as a few other books in series I need to read!

jenny plague-bringer the departed the haunted into the hollow
Jenny Plague-Bringer (The Paranormals, #4) by J. L. Bryan
The Departed (The MacKinnon Curse, #3) by J. A. Templeton
The Haunted (The MacKinnon Curse, #2) by J. A. Templeton
Into the Hollow (Experiment in Terror, #6) by Karina Halle (totally read an ARC of this one already, but wanted it on my Kobo for a reread!)
come barbarians time now for the vinyl cafe story exchange
Come Barbarians by Todd Babiak (bought at the book launch)
Time Now for the Vinyl Cafe Story Exchange by Stuart McLean
My Todd Babiak book is totally signed, too, and I have to say that Todd is kind of epic when it comes to autographing books. Does it get any better than this?


Oh, and just a few freebies today … with more local love! The first is a book written by Todd Babiak (that guy! again!) on the history of the Edmonton Public Library which celebrated its centennial this year (remember? I played piano at it. and ate cake.). And the other one was a freebie offering from local author Trina M. Lee who writes the paranormal series Alexa O’Brien, Huntress. This book takes place on Halloween, so she offered it up for free!

No official cover for this one, yet, but this is what's offered up on the EPL site.

No official cover for this one, yet, but this is what’s offered up on the EPL site.

the wicked kiss

Just Getting Started: Edmonton Public Library’s First 100 Years, 1913-2013 by Todd Babiak
The Wicked Kiss (Alexa O’Brien, Huntress, #2) by Trina M. Lee

How was your week? Have you read anything good lately?



19 thoughts on “Sunday Reads (52)

  1. I’m so sorry your cat is still missing 😦 Cats are pretty resourceful and tend to show back up at the most unexpected times. So I hope she is back soon! My cat actually got out yesterday and I had to chase him around until I caught him. Yeah, preggo running around chasing a cat.

    As for baby, enjoy the kicks while you can! I certainly am! If I’m sitting down he can boot me in the ribs though, I swear last night there was a foot lodged in there and it was NOT fun. But having the reassurance that everything is okay in there is great! I can’t believe you are almost 30 weeks already! I’ll be 25 weeks Tuesday, which is my next appointment. I’m excited for it because it’s also my birthday so hearing my baby’s heartbeat is my present for the day.

    Looks like you had a great week in reading, so that’s good 🙂 I’m slowly reading SLOWLY! And sounds like you had some fun events this week 🙂

    I hope you have a good week this week!

    • I really, really hope she shows up … she’s such a great cat. But she’s very trusting of the dogs since we got her when she was really little and she loves the dogs. We’re worried she’ll try to befriend a coyote or something.

      Ha ha … I just avoid running in general. With my luck, I’d trip and fall or something!

      The kicks are so great! Baby is kicking this morning and I keep feeling that little foot moving around … it’s amazing! That’s great that you’ll get to hear your baby’s heartbeat on your birthday. How awesome is that?

      I’ve been a power reader lately … I mean, only 10 weeks to go to do ALL THE READING! I’m trying to speed up my reading so that maybe I’ll actually get (hopefully) a book a week read after baby. One can hope, right?

      • Yeah, I think with how fast you read, once you’re into a routine and adjusted, you should be able to read a book a week no problem. When Kailyn was first born she slept a lot, so I would be sitting around trying to figure out what to do because normally she fell asleep on me. This time it will be harder for me to get reading done since I have her to watch too and she NEVER stops. Like honestly, she is constantly moving, it’s tiring.

        Only 10 more weeks is crazy! I have a friend who just had a baby girl this week, so time is speeding up. 🙂

      • I’m just glad she will be almost 3 and almost out of the “toddler” phase (hopefully). She is able to tell me what she wants for the most part now though, so that is And is almost potty trained, we have to work on wearing clothes and still using the potty, right now it’s just if she is naked, so she is naked all the time (less laundry eh?) Picking up after her is getting increasingly hard though, we need to purge her toys before We don’t get her much but everyone else spoils her.

        It’s definitely going to get interesting come January for us!

  2. Pawn is on NetGalley, though I don’t plan to request it as my read-to-approved ratio is not great, but I’m working on it! That’s quite possibly the best book dedication I’ve ever seen!

    So sorry about your kitty cat. We had a cat that went missing when I was in high school, so I know how worrisome it can be. Sending good thoughts your way.

    • Thanks, Celine! The food we’ve been putting out was gone this morning, so we’re hoping it was her and not another stray!

      We don’t get a TON of bookish events, but there have been a lot more events with local authors, which is great.

  3. Wow, busy girl! I’m so glad the baby’s doing well. I love your list of Canadian authors. I’ve been trying to read more books by Canadian authors and/or set here, too. There are so many fantastic ones to choose from!

    • There really are! I have one on my list by Jessica Martinez, The Space Between Us, and I’d like to read that one again because it was set in Banff, AB and I loved that I actually could picture where it was taking place. I had an ARC but gave it away … I’ll have to see if I can get a finished copy!

  4. Omg, happy to hear about the baby, but so sad about the cat 😦 my fingers, toes, legs and eyes are crossed for you guys! I hope the cat arrives home safe and sound! I know how I’d feel if my cat went missing.. (well actually I do, it happened a few years ago, we never knew what happened to him 😦 ) I hope you end up with some resolution (good news!)

    I can’t even like LIST all the books that sound amazingtastic on your list this week, just know I’m going through your haul and goodreads adding them to my wish list 😀

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

    • Thank you, April! That must have worked because the food we’ve put out is gone! We’re not sure if she ate it, but we’re hoping so. It’s really hard when they go missing because, like you’re saying, there is no resolution. It’s hard wondering if she’s safe or not! The coyotes were close last night, so here’s hoping she’s not befriending them …

      Aren’t book hauls great? I’m ALWAYS adding more to my TBR because of them!

  5. How did you find the time to write this post?!?!?! You’re a machine! Just kidding… I think it’s so true that if you’re doing something you love, it never is work and you always have time to do it. I never miss reading and I’ll always have fun writing reviews. I just may not be inspired to do them all the time 🙂

    I can’t wait until your little bambino gets here – everyone who has had a kid LOVES to hear about new parents and their sleepness nights. I’m not sure why but it puts a big ‘ole smile on my face!!!

    I sure hope your kitty is back soon! I’m sending good thoughts your way – I know how you feel and have had my own miracle in the past with a dog who returned 6 months later. It can happen!!!!!

    …. sorry if I’m all “rambl-y” – I’m a bit sleepy today with this cold fall weather *yaaawn*

    • Ha ha … I actually try to start my Sunday posts way early in the week (sometimes the previous Sunday) so I can just add to it as I go. It’s much easier to document what I’m reading that way!

      I’m already having sleepless nights … my body must be preparing me for it!

      That’s definitely a miracle with your dog returning after 6 months – wow! I hope the cat makes it home … we sure do miss her! The other cat notices she’s gone, I’m not sure what the dogs think …

      Yay for cold, Fall weather!

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