Read-Along: Dragon Bound (The Elder Races, #1) by Thea Harrison (Update Post #2)


This is my SECOND update post for the Dragon Bound read-along hosted by Rick over at Another Book Blog. For more information on this read-along, to see other participants, or to sign up, visit his introduction page!

This update encompasses pages 113 to 226. LAST WEEK I accidentally read the first chapter of this week’s reading. Seeing as that put me in the lead for reading, I decided I had to keep going the next day (mainly since I failed last week and read the ENTIRE section we had to read the night before. I know, I know. I procrastinate.)

Read my first update post on chapters 1 thru 7.

dragon bound

My reaction on Chapters 8 to 14 (<– a little less vague than last week!): 

Just like my last update post, I’m going to just update as I read … makes it easier than wondering what to say by the end of the section.

Chapter Eight

So, I kind of want Pia’s power. How cool would it be to NEVER have to carry keys around ever? Though, I’m not sure why her power works only on locked doors and not ALL locks. I would think that she’d be able to unlock manacles, but maybe that’s just me.

If there are goblins in this world, what else is there? I’m kind of eager to find out.

I would think that the goblins would be slightly smarter … I know Pia and Dragos aren’t out of the clear yet, but those goblins are freaky. Who knows what kind of crap they could do!

I’ve said it before, but still liking the interaction between Pia and Dragos — minus the ‘shut up’s and ‘you are a stupid woman’s — it’s nice at this point because they’re both in trouble and they both need each other.

I’m just curious if it’ll all still be about that penny once they’re out of this mess …

Chapter Nine

Ok, Dragos is kind of annoying. I remember Laura (from Reading In Bed) mentioning something on Twitter about the feminist in her wanting to say something and I see it now. This is kind of like in Twilight (yeah, yeah) with Edward and his possessiveness. PERSONALLY, when it comes to romance novels — especially paranormal romance — I much prefer more of a commeraderie between people, not this:

“You are never to do that again,” he said between his teeth. “Do you understand?”
“Dragos,” she said, speaking with care because he was still so upset. “You’ve got to stop giving me orders.”
No matter how gently she said it, it was still like a spark to dry tinder. 
“Fuck you,” he snapped. He thrust his face down to hers, eyes flaring to lava and features hardening. “You’re mine. And you. Can’t. Leave.”

In the grand scheme of things, if this were the real world, this would NOT be a healthy relationship. I don’t care if Dragos is an almighty dragon. He’s an ass.

The thing that bugs me (on top of what I just said) is that he isn’t even being definite with Pia. It’s like, “Oh, you’re mine … but I might get bored, maybe, but I’m not sure yet. Regardless, this relationship is totally in my hands and I’m calling the shots.”

And I thought he just had OCD issues? Nope. Pia really should be running from him, not swooning over him.

Oh wait … I spoke too soon. Right. He’s just a controlfreak of an ass, but by ALL MEANS have sex with him. *sighs*


They have a bit of a conversation of the Other worlds and Dragos admits that he reads a lot.

And yet … HE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT A ZIPLOC BAG WAS CALLED. (Yep. I’ll never get over this.)

By the end of this chapter, I wonder how I ever thought Pia was a strong female. I mean, she’s got the talk and can defend herself *sometimes* but after sex with this guy she seems to regret it. Because that’s gonna change things.

Chapter Ten

Again, now, Pia and Dragos are on the run from goblins! Those stinky, stinky goblins.

At one point, Dragos turns into his dragon form. I’m all for this, BUT I’m not sure what I think about him talking as a dragon. I mean, I would get it if he would talk telepathically, but how does he actually form words with a dragon mouth? AND he carries Pia. At this point, the only thing I’m picturing is something like a T-Rex cradling a woman in his arms.

As Pia considers what will happen when her and Dragos get back to New York, I wonder where her head is. Sure you had mindblowing sex with the dragon, BUT is that really enough to base a relationship on. Especially when you can’t even differentiate between being his prisoner or not?

Chapter Eleven

Asparagus risotto, mixed greens, sliced pears, dried cranberries, fresh baked bread, blueberry crumble … not to mention a stocked minibar. #foodFTW

Remember with my last update how I said i was maybe, possible, could-it-be LIKING the story? Well, now I’m annoyed at BOTH the main characters. Here’s Pia, who’s now a hostage of Dragos — who went back into stalkerish mode and moved EVERYTHING from her apartment into this well-guarded room — and she thinks she’s on vacation. Here’s a hint: If you can’t actually come or go, or heck, even OPEN the door to where you’re staying because you’re not meant to leave, IT’S NOT A VACATION!

Well, I’m guessing Pia could open the door, but still. UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP.

“It was a jealous, suffocating hold. She should want to break free of it.”

Yes, yes you should.

There is a serious lack of trust going on between these two and it is IRKING me. AND the guy undresses her when she sleeps (“just a little beguilement” <– DOWN WITH THAT WORD!).

I do have to laugh at the fact that every sex scene so far has some kind of eating word associated with it. There’s really nothing tender about any of it. And the aggression! Not only is Dragos a possessive douchnozzle when they’re not in bed together, but everything so harsh with him when they ARE in bed together.

And, lastly with this chapter, we are back to the hair thing. I still don’t understand the Pia-can’t-bleed bit from the last section of chapters — which still hasn’t been explained — so if her blood can’t be in the hands of others, why would she just oh-so-willingly give up her hair. ESPECIALLY in a world where witches obviously exist. She’s just like, “Oh yeah, sure! You can have my hair! Here, let me braid it for you and place it in your stalkerish hands!”

I just know if I were with someone who was like, “Give me some of your hair,” I would IMMEDIATELY be skeptical of this.

Chapter Twelve

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but isn’t it kind of rude — prisoner or not — to just start painting your toenails in front of people. I mean, Pia barely knows these guys and just whips out the nail polish and remover. After breakfast. Probably while some are still eating. That’s not a smell I’D like if I were eating.

And, again, I am so sick of Dragos’s attitude, his I-can-do-or-say-whatever-I-want attitude. I just want to tell him to shove it. And enough with the possessiveness! Seriously, there is nothing WORSE than a male lead who is so possessive you can smell it on him. At least Pia realizes that he’s like this, but she obviously has no idea how to put him in his place. If this continues for the rest of the book I’m going to be so disappointed.

At least it seems like Dragos REALIZES he has issues, but still. Lighten up, dude. And then we have Pia, who cries when she can’t get her way. *rolls eyes*  Yeah, this is going SPLENDIDLY.

Chapter Thirteen 

I like how when Pia meets Tricks, Tricks basically says, “So, Dragos has issues — we know that — but he’s hot, so whatever.”

Right. Because looks ALWAYS erase the negative things. AND is she really chalking up Dragos’s “issues” to him being a man? Like he’s a man, so OBVIOUSLY he’s like that and we all just have to live with it? Give me a break.

And now Dragos has given her money to spend, like she’s a prostitute or something. What is this? Pretty Woman?

AND we meet Stanford. Now, I’m all for LGBT books, but could Stanford be more a stereotypical gay man? Or fae? Or whatever he is? I love how he loves to shop, so NATURALLY that meant he had to be a gay character. *rolls eyes — again*

Chapter Fourteen

Pia kicks butt in this chapter in her training, so AGAIN we get proof that she’s a tough girl. If ONLY that would go to her brain at some point. I actually really liked the fighting scene. Much better than the previous drunken scene where Dragos basically doesn’t listen to what Pia or Tricks says and just tries to get information out of Pia’s drunken mind.

“What the fuck did she have so much to think about?”

Ah, Dragos. Could he be more clueless about women? And is it just me, or does that sentence make no sense? I like how after he says this, he thinks about Pia and how he wants “to pin her down and drive into her again.” Because that’s romantic talk right there.

And then we end the chapter by Dragos being, surprise surprise, JEALOUS because Pia is an awesome fighter and is fighting with someone. Apparently, the stance resembles a sexual position, so NATURALLY that means Dragos must kick ass.

Oh dear god.

Overall Impression Thus Far

Remember in my last update how I said I wasn’t too judgemental? Well, apparently the floodgates have opened. I really, really wanted to like this book, but it has stopped growing on me. Already, at the end of chapter 14, I can say that I don’t want to continue with the series. Which is sad, since a LOT of people love this series! It makes me think of the Black Daggar Brotherhood series and how I just can’t get into that one, either. I find the names in that series too ridiculous.

My problem lies in the fact that Dragos is way too controlling and possessive and Pia — while realizing this and not liking it — just goes along with it. Oh sure, he’s a MAN, that’s gotta be the answer, RIGHT?!? Wrong. Don’t blame your shitty attitude on your sex. It’s just not right.

Can the last 70-ish pages redeem the story? Who knows. But at this point, I’m going with no.

Stay tuned until next week when I give my final update post …

Have you read this book? Are you participating in the read-along? What are your thoughts? 



10 thoughts on “Read-Along: Dragon Bound (The Elder Races, #1) by Thea Harrison (Update Post #2)

  1. I will also never get over the Ziplock bag thing.

    Nope, the relationship is toxic as all hell, and I`m shaking my head so hard at all the people swooning over this guy on Goodreads. I wrote a bit about it in my post.

    That `what the fuck`sentence is gibberish. I never even noticed!!

    • There are good relationships and bad relationships and this one definitely falls into the latter. I mean, the whole thing just doesn’t make sense to me.

      And there have been a few sentences that haven’t made sense to me …

  2. I love your reaction posts! This book has put me off romance forever. I almost wish someone out there who likes it was blogging along so I could understand how this kind of book gets an audience.

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