Read-Along: Dragon Bound (The Elder Races, #1) by Thea Harrison (Update Post #3 – FINAL)


This is my FINAL update post for the Dragon Bound read-along hosted by Rick over at Another Book Blog. For more information on this read-along, or to see other participants visit his introduction page!

Read my first update post on chapters 1 thru 7.
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My reaction on Chapters 15 to the end: 

dragon boundChapter 15

So here we enter Dragos in a fit of jealousy after Pia was fighting with the guys. I mean, naturally, when you’re teaching your girl to fight and a move resembles a sexual position (while everyone is fully clothed) it’s natural to assume that the guy assuming the position on your lady will promptly rip off her clothes and they’ll do it right there.


“Realization dawned. He wasn’t being protective. He almost killed his First because he was jealous.”

After this fight, Pia takes some time to think. It’s interesting that she seems okay with the situation when she remembers how sexy Dragos is. Like, they have some sort of (morbid) chemistry — so what if he’s a psychopath who is basically keeping her as a prisoner in his home? Pia is going to make the best of it and completely write off the fact that she’s scared around him.

Because most women are like that. *rolls eyes*

One thing I’m just not understanding is how comfortable Pia is. She’s rarely questioned the fact that she’s being held prisoner and is all too eager to go with the flow because of an attractive (albeit unstable) male. Is this how most women are supposed to think? Because it just comes off as wrong to me.

“She was suffering from a supersized value meal of Stockholm syndrome.”

Right. She knows there’s something wrong with this situation, but she’s in loooove with the crazy man.

“He handled his penis with brisk practicality.”

Yup. Because we needed to know that.

Meanwhile, the man is all about getting Pia to talk, telling her not to deflect, and then he goes and does just that. And Pia is okay with it.

“You’re right, your past is gone,” he said. “You will make friends here if you want to. As far as the future is concerned or any possible context or foundation we may have, you’ve got to make some decisions. I think you’d better make them pretty fast.”

So, not only does Dragos basically kidnap Pia, but when she asks a question about her former life, he has no compassion whatsoever and isn’t even giving her a chance to think about anything. But it doesn’t matter to Pia. For some reason, she’s beyond happy with her situation.

And you know, Dragos’s only real reason for all of this happening is because Pia is his.

Are you sick of hearing that as much as I am?

And then, just like all horrible relationships, Pia gets upset and Dragos leaves. Apparently other things are more important to him and he could care less that Pia is concerned for him or that she might be hurt from the previous conversation. At this point, Dragos comes across as not really giving a shit.

But you know, it’s okay because then he buys her jewelry.


Chapter Sixteen

So, here’s what I don’t get. This whole book seems to revolve around this stolen penny, which is one of the reasons Pia is being held prisoner, but now that Dragos has Pia, he could care less about his hoarding skills. Instead, he’d rather focus his attention on only Pia. Because that’s totally healthy.

“So,” the gryphon said at last, “tell Uncle Gray about it. Dragos hurt your feelings or something?”
“Wow, that would be simple,” she said. “Been there, done that, going to do it again sometime soon, I imagine.”

Again, Pia knows that Dragos is a douche … Why is she still with him? Why not fight more for your freedom?

“Hey, don’t go all 90210 on me.”

*tries to withhold uncontrollable laughter*

Once Dragos does come home, Pia’s pissed at Hume and his first reaction is not to talk, but to make out. And she does nothing about that. *cringes*

“How do you expect me to trust you when you act like such a pig?”

No kidding.

Then he apologizes and Pia decides to just accept it, knowing full well he’s just saying the words, but she’d rather avoid a fight. Even though he’d probably just go back to “devouring” her again.

Chapter Seventeen

After all the allusions to Pia looking like a horse or a dog, she is a unicorn.

I’d like to be impressed, but I’m not.

And what’s with Dragos suddenly being Mr. Tender Man now? All the darlings and sugars just seem to go against his character.

“He looked like it was his birthday, Christmas and New Year’s, all rolled into one.”

Hm. Dragon is attracted to unicorns. Who knew?

After this discovery, Pia sleeps, then wakes, then (again) almost says I love you to Dragos. I can’t help but wonder about him not knowing what loved is. Should she really be accepting that excuse?


Pia’s been having dreams about baby dragons, which obviously means she’s pregnant. I find it laughable that she’s barely pregnant (seeing ads she hasn’t been with Dragos for that long) but she’s already suffering from sickness. Coming from a pregnant women, nausea doesn’t appear after 2 days. Just sayin’.

And now, Pia’s off for the afternoon and Dragos is being an ass because she left. You know, since she’s oh so untrustworthy. I mean, nothing like saying someone isn’t your prisoner and then getting mad when they actually try to, you know, leave the prison you’ve set up for them. AND he threatens her. Dude, chill. Give her an hour.

But no, Dragos then has to put a tracking spell on her because he’s too impatient and insecure to leave her be. Can we say stalker behaviour?

Not too much else happens in this chapter besides quite a long, unnecessary passage with Pia’s doctor. In my opinion, about half the jargon about IUDs, pregnancy dos and don’ts, etc. weren’t really necessary.

Meanwhile, will Pia’s baby actually be a dragon? How is that possible?

Chapter Eighteen

Can in just say that I wish I could just put my hand to my belly to scan my baby? How cool would that be?

So Pia is kidnapped now and has been drugged and fell out of a car (all normal activity for an expectant mother). Dragos knows he’s going to be a dad and is on his way.

We get another pointless Greta Garbo reference, but this time the kidnapper reacts like most people with, “Who?” (Though I’m sure he’s wondering how relevant this information is. Much like Pia’s dentist ramble earlier.)

Honestly, I think we were supposed to be excited about this chapter, but I’m just not feeling it anymore. It sounds like Keith’s killers are more curious why Dragos kept Pia alive than anything else. Meh. Boring.

Chapter Nineteen

Blah blah blah. Dragos gets angry at people, Pia gets rescued. Not much happens.

Though I do have to say, it is kind of weird starting off a series with a character being pregnant. I mean, sure there were some awkward sexy times, but now what? Pia and Dragos raise a child? That’s gotta be book two …

Chapter Twenty

I like how it can’t just be said that Pia is flipping through a magazine or watching TV. Instead we get references to Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, and General Hospital. I don’t even really know what one of those things is.

Dragos is compared to Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady. I’ve seen this movie plenty of times, but I’m sure it’s a weird reference to others.

We get to see Quentin again! If I actually planned to read the rest of the series, I’d want to see more of him, but it looks like this was a goodbye to his character.

And finally, finally!, the book ends … with a sex scene and Dragos pretty much insisting things again. I know I should be surprised or happy by how things turned out, but I’m just happy it’s over.

Final Thoughts

Rick from Another Book Blog told me that I went into the s novel expecting a 10 and I’m pretty sure he’s right. There were times where I thought I could like the story, but the characters drove me nuts. Having a male lead who’s aggressive, ignorant, demanding, and just plain cruel is not a swoon worthy male in my eyes. And Pia had inklings of being a tough female, but then she became too complacent and took things at face value. Not to mention, she got super whiny, needy, and weepy.

I know this book is crazy popular with people … I mean, just look at the reviews on Goodreads and the majority on the front page are positive. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the paranormal romance book for me. Too many things irked me right off the bat and I just didn’t care about the characters.

I probably don’t have to say it, but I don’t plan on reading the rest of the series. There are way better romance books out there, in my opinion. But it was nice to give this one a try!

Did you read this book? What are your thoughts? 



5 thoughts on “Read-Along: Dragon Bound (The Elder Races, #1) by Thea Harrison (Update Post #3 – FINAL)

  1. Your commentary on the book made me crack up 🙂 I am sad you didn’t like it but every book isn’t for everyone. Plus, you just made it fun for everyone by reading your thoughts! Pia and D actually have two books in the series. I know, I can see your eyes roll from here LOL

    • Ha ha … definite eye rolling action going on here. 🙂 But you’re right — not every book is for everyone! I may not understand why everyone loves this one, but who am I to judge, right?

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