october recap-01

Well hi there! It’s been a while!

Lately, I’ve found it too time consuming to write up a weekly recap, so I’ll be moving over to this format, a monthly recap, this month! I’m hoping to continue doing this throughout the new year, too, so I guess it’ll be good practice. 🙂

So what happened this month with me?

We had Thanksgiving … which was full of a LOT of good food. Surprisingly, I didn’t gain a thousand pounds at my cruelly timed doctor’s appointment the day after that weekend of eating.

I attended some bookish events:

  • Words in the Park, where I met Jessica Kluthe and Jason Lee Norman, two local authors.
  • Writing in Blood, a panel I attended with Laura, which featured local authors Jessica Kluthe, Jenna Butler, and one of my FAVOURITE authors, Lawrence Hill! Expect a recap soon!

In baby news, baby is doing well, I’ll be at 34 weeks this weekend, which is NUTS. I’ve had a few more ultrasounds due to a few issues, but so far things are okay. My bags are packed and ready for the hospital, though. I’d like to say I’m ready for anything, but attending prenatal classes has installed this panic attack reaction in me … I’ve never been one to have panic attacks, so it’s been interesting. I’m so thankful to have such a great husband to support me through all of this!

Oh, and Halloween! We have a tradition which involves getting Chinese food and handing out candy. As with all previous years, I order too much Chinese food and we end up eating Chinese and leftover candy for 3 days. No biggie.


Looking ahead …

  • I wasn’t planning on participating, but everyone’s enthusiasm for NaNoWriMo means I’ve signed up! I have a smidgeon of an inkling of an idea of what to write about so I will definitely be winging it! (Be prepared for a pep post on Monday!)
  • November will be my last month to do ALL THE READING. I have a certain number of reviews I’d like to get written and scheduled before baby and I’m happy to say I’m right on schedule!

books read-01

I think I’ve had one recap so far this month, but I’ll include all the books I’ve read. I’ve been busy!

  1. Perfect Ruin (The Internment Chronicles, #1) by Lauren DeStefano
  2. Tommy Nightmare (The Paranormals, #2) by J. L. Bryan
  3. Tampa by Alissa Nutting
  4. Rosina, The Midwife by Jessica Kluthe
  5. Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown
  6. Alexander Death (The Paranormals, #3) by J. L. Bryan
  7. Just Getting Started: Edmonton Public Library’s First 100 Years, 1913 to 2013 by Todd Babiak
  8. Racing Savannah (Hundred Oaks, #4) by Miranda Kenneally
  9. Dragon Bound (Elder Races, #1) by Thea Harrison
  10. Hellgoing: Stories by Lynn Coady
  11. In a Glass Grimmly (A Tale Dark and Grimm, #2) by Adam Gidwitz
  12. 40 Below: Edmonton’s Winter Anthology by Various Authors
  13. Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Halloween by Melanie Watt
  14. This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales
  15. The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver
  16. Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman
  17. The Benson (Experiment in Terror, #2.5) by Karina Halle
  18. Just One Year (Just One Day, #2) by Gayle Forman
  19. Hot Ticket (Sinners on Tour, #3) by Olivia Cunning
  20. Love Overdue by Pamela Morsi
  21. The Unseen by J. L. Bryan
  22. Jenny Plague-Bringer (The Paranormals, #4) by J. L. Bryan

Not bad for this month! Especially considering I had a two week span of having 9 books on the go (and only finished 6 of those this month!). I’m actually kind of happy with the stats of this list, too:

Local Books: 4/23
Canadian Authors: 7/23
Review Books: 5/23

Sure it doesn’t look like much, but my goal was to read more local and I’ve been doing that and I love all the Canada love in my reading!

mailbox goodies-01

So, come the new year, I definitely can’t buy books like I’m used to … I’m sure I’ll take more advantage of sales, freebies, and whatnot, but to track them for a month will be a bit of a pain (since I have the memory of a thumbtack). Therefore, I’m going to show books and bookish things of note that I received during the month! This might include signed books, review books, or other goodies I get in the mail or at signings.

Rocking my new Book Thief shirt that I won from the read-along! That’s right. I managed to fit it over my preggo belly. 🙂

20131027_125350 20131027_125409
Sent to my by the lovely Janet Gurtler! She lives about 3 hours or so south of me. 🙂
20131031_084623 20131031_084648
LOVE Gayle Forman. I rarely order things from other bookstores, but had to get my hands on this swag pack with a signed bookplate!
20131031_084614 20131031_084605 20131031_084557
All of my signed Lawrence Hill books from Writing in Blood! The Book of Negroes and Some Great Thing are both copies I owned and read (and loved!) and I bought Any Known Blood at the event. He was super nice!

How do you like this new format for my recaps? Is there anything else you’d like to see? How was your month? Have you read anything good lately?



7 thoughts on “October

  1. I have been wondering about the updates! ..lol Updating once a month sounds like a much better idea once baby is here, rather than weekly.. since you’re going to have to adjust to a new way of life..lol

    I can’t believe you’re almost 34 weeks already, which means I’m almost 29 weeks *gasp* I think your Halloween tradition sounds nice 🙂 Mmmm Chinese food!

    As for NaNo, Yay for joining the crazy! I’m not sure exactly how my novel is going to come out, but I also have an inkling of an idea and hopefully it will come to me easily!
    Good luck with yours!

    Nice mailbox goodies! Signed books are always fun to get 🙂

    Have a great month! (Also, 22 books is awesome for reading!)

    • I’m not sure how I’ll manage to update once a month, since I could barely remember what happened in the week to update weekly, but we’ll see! I hope it’s easier this way. 🙂

      Yay for Chinese food! I love that I don’t have to cook for a few days when we get it!

      And super yay for NaNo! I actually started with barely anything on Wednesday, to a bit more of a fleshed-out idea on Thursday, and then today, after I had written about 500 words this morning, I drove to work and BAM! It hit me! I hope that this recent inspiration can keep me going until the end! Good luck to you!

  2. Busy busy! October was a so-so reading month for me (I feel like I’m in a semi-slump) so your 22 books just floors me. 34 weeks – eep! I remember when you were 20 weeks and I said I couldn’t believe you were halfway. Where is the time going?? It’s great that you got to go to some bookish events. I went to a blogger meetup yesterday and someone had brought their baby, and it made me think of you for next year lol.

    • And for me, 22 books seems like a slow month! Ha! Of course, I *say* that now knowing full well I’ll be lucky to get in maybe 3 books a month once baby gets here …

      I remember you saying that at 20 weeks, too! Time is just FLYING! It’s nuts! I can’t wait to bring my baby to meetups … and bookstores … and libraries …

  3. Ooh, good to get some baby updates! Glad to hear everything seems to be going well. Don’t panic! You seem very prepared so I think you’ll be okay. It’s cool that you met Lawrence Hill and get all your books signed! I admit I still need to read his books, but I always hear amazing things. And good for you for signing up for Nanowrimo again this year! I absolutely admire anyone who has the perseverance to write an entire novel so good on you! Hope you get done all the reading you want to get done this month.

    • I’m prepared in all ways except for the baby actually being here … but I don’t think anyone is ever really prepared to become a mother. 🙂

      You must read some Lawrence Hill! The Book of Negroes is his best work, in my opinion. I hope you can try it!

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