Update: NaNoWriMo2013 (#3)


Good morning NaNoWriMo writers!

Did you catch my last update for NaNoWriMo last Sunday? You can read it here!
Also, be sure to read my motivational post Wait? What? It’s NANOWRIMO time! Gather the confetti!

Week Three Update:ย 

<insert crickets here>

So … I’m kind of slumping this week, which I KNEW would happen. I’m not sure what it is about the first 10 days of November, but after that I just don’t feel like writing.

So I haven’t.

I know. I KNOW.

I am in serious need of some motivation especially since my story is almost finished! I can’t leave it hanging like this! It’s not that I’m second guessing what I’m writing or anything, but I’m kind of thinking, “Hey! I’ve hit 50,000 … I can stop now.” But the story must be finished!

Of course, we’re still living day by day now of “when the baby will come” so part of me also wants to get in some book reading while I can … so my life is torn. Also, it’s been snowing like CRAZY out there and all I want to do is drink hot chocolate and listen to Christmas carols.

It’s tragic, I know.

Share with me some motivation!

Do you experience slumps in your writing? How do you get out of them? ย 



9 thoughts on “Update: NaNoWriMo2013 (#3)

  1. *shakes pom poms* Come on Kristilyn, you can do it! You knocked those first 50,000 words out like a pro. I’m so proud of you! You did something amazing and just think how good you’ll feel when it’s DONE. And think about how you’ll get to tell your little peanut someday that you wrote an entire novel just before s/he was born because you’re SUPERMOM.

  2. I am right there with you. The words just don’t seem to want to come out. I am going to try doing the sprints more often this week. What I write about them is rarely on topic but it gets the writing going and then I am usually able to get a little bit of the story out of my brain. Running/walking helps too!
    Whatever you have written is more than you had when you started so you are still doing well!! Remember what you are writing doesn’t have to be amazing, it’s just the start!! YOU CAN DO THIS!! Work it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The words are DEFINITELY hiding from me! But I do find that once I get back into the story and just writing slowly that eventually it builds and the words come a little more easier. I’d love to run or walk, but the baby in my belly is making one of those nonexistent (I miss running!) and the other one way too uncomfortable.

      But you’re right — it doesn’t have to be amazing, I just have to get it down! I will do that!

      Thanks, Michaela!

  3. It’s SO amazing that you’ve hit the 50k word mark! So amazing that I KNOW you have what it takes to keep writing and finish what you have written. Because seriously, that is such an accomplishment that very, very few people could manage. I know I certainly wouldn’t have the persistence! But the fact that you managed it, and so quickly too, means that you definitely have what it takes to go all the way!!

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