Reading in Winter in the New Year!

It’s the New Year!

*throws all the confetti and distributes cupcakes to everyone*

As you should all know, the end of 2013 was big for me — baby Reading in Winter was born!

*throws more confetti*

Of course, this means that blogging things will change for a while. But do not fret! In 2013, I was not only busy growing a baby, but I also spent a lot of time scheduling the blog. This means that posts will go up at least 3x a week, still — at least, until I can figure out how to manage baby and blogging.

Here’s some of what you can look forward to at Reading In Winter in 2014 (and hey! some new buttons!):

made in canada-01

cover love 2014-01

bloggers favourite things-01

book hoarder new-01

Bookish Spotlight Button 2-01

Q & A

What about your Sunday Reads? 

As you may have noticed, I’ve started doing a monthly update. As I got closer to baby, it was just easier to do a monthly highlight!

Will you still be on Twitter and interacting with the community?

I’m hoping to! We shall see how busy life gets and how much free time I have. I’m suspecting that any free time will go to reading. Or sleeping.

What will happen with Winter Distractions? 

As much as I loved having a blog dedicated to things like crafting, cooking, etc. I’m afraid Winter Distractions will be no more come the new year. I think it’ll be hard enough to do regular ol’ Reading In Winter things! Thank you to all who followed that blog — I know it started to fizzle and fade about 3/4 of the way through 2013, but maybe one day I’ll bring it back.

What about Book Bingo? Will that challenge still be happening this year? 

Yes! Anne and I revamped the challenge and you can sign up HERE. There will still be update posts every three months and I hope that it will get me reading.

Since I have scheduled posts 3x a week, I still have spots open Tuesdays and Thursdays. I may dedicate those to things like blog tours, guest posts, or reviews of books I get read during the year. Again, we shall see!

Thank you to all my followers — you guys are awesome! Here’s hoping 2014 is just as epic as 2013!



5 thoughts on “Reading in Winter in the New Year!

  1. Woo Outlander! Are you as excited for the show as I am? I’ve only read (listened) to the first book so far, but I know it’s a series I’m going to love 🙂 I’m doing Reread January with Kelley and Rinn, so am planning on rereading Harry Potter and some of the Earth’s Children series by Jean Auel. 🙂

    • I’m very excited for the show! I’m not sure how many times I’ve reread the book, but I love it each and every time. I just have to work up to finishing the actual series now. I’ve been rereading Harry Potter … I think I’m on the third or fourth book now. Love them, too!

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