Bookish Spotlight (2): T-Rex Trying by Hugh Murphy

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Bookish Spotlight is a new feature for 2014. I wanted a feature that would showcase — in my opinion — the best books, or, the books that I absolutely love and can’t stop sharing with other people. These can be books, entire series — anything goes! My goal is that my readers might find a great new read after reading this feature. 

t-rexTitle: T-Rex Trying
Author: Hugh Murphy
Released: February 2013


Poor T-Rex. It’s hard to be the Lizard King when you can’t even change a light bulb.

Drawn from Hugh Murphy’s wildly popular Tumblr feed of the same name, T-Rex Trying depicts the stubby-armed tyrant in a range of hilarious—yet pathos-inducing—activities that we humans take for granted. Murphy’s 100 drawings include:

T-Rex Trying to Paint His House
T-Rex Trying to Use a Drive-Through ATM
T-Rex Trying to Apply Sunscreen
T-Rex Trying to Break Into a Vending Machine
T-Rex Trying to Ask for a New Roll of Toilet Paper from the Next Stall

Looks like the ancient beast isn’t so tough after all.

Why it’s a favourite: You know that meme that’s been going around that says, “If you’re ever having a bad day, just imagine a T-Rex making a bed”? I laugh every single time I read it … usually because it’s accompanied by a picture OF a T-Rex making a bed and it just kills me! The T-Rex is one of those very scary dinosaurs that it scary in theory, but seems to be the butt of jokes when it comes to dinosaur jokes — I mean, really, someone must’ve been playing a joke by making him have really little arms. This book is so hilarious. Sure, not all the pictures were winners, but I laughed way more than I thought I would when I flipped through this. Definitely one I’d love to have on my shelf to flip through on a bad day.

Have you read this one? 



8 thoughts on “Bookish Spotlight (2): T-Rex Trying by Hugh Murphy

    • Aww, I’m so glad! I looove T-Rex. There are so many funny things, like that meme “Whenever you’re having a bad day, just picture a T-Rex trying to make a bed.” Too funny. 🙂

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