Cover Love: The Colour Series — Shades of Blue

cover love 2014-01

I thought something fun for this Cover Love feature could be featuring different COLOURS of covers. Personally, I think that along with being drawn to beautiful covers, we’re also drawn to certain colours. And I find that some cover designers neglect certain colours, while other colours are used ALL the time. If you have a favourite book with a colour in any of these Cover Love posts, let me know!

Shades of Blue

curtsies and conspiracies hallowed mockingjay night road
Fire flower the fault in our stars the iron knight the light between oceans
timeless wicked lovely wondrous strange fallen

Which one of these covers do you like best? 



22 thoughts on “Cover Love: The Colour Series — Shades of Blue

  1. It’s hard to pick one! I like Green’s cover because of the abstractness. Especially between these other covers, it stands out.
    I like the Stedman cover, because the weirds and the picture go so well to together.
    And I like the Mockingjay cover, again because of the abstractness, and I like
    the picture of the bird.

    You could Assisi say

    • … And I should not do this on my phone. How I wanted to end:
      You could also say I just don’t like covers with people on them. And this is probably true, raucously so with the kind of images of women these covers show.

      • I definitely love more of an abstract cover, instead of something with people on it. I think people on a cover can be done well, but it’s just overdone these days.

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