Weekend Library Reading (12) — Mini Reviews & New Books

WEEKEND LIBRARY READING is a feature of Reading In Winter! If YOU make use of your local library, feel free to participate. I work in a library that has a HUGE selection of awesome books, and even when I’m not working I seem to come home with a TON of them, so it only makes sense to showcase some of the beauties I plan to read from my local library over a weekend. 

I remember when I worked at the library before maternity leave and I’d come home with anywhere from 5-10 books after each shift and they’d sit on my kitchen table unread until I brought them back. Sad books! It’s kind of nice that I’m actually taking out books that I want to get to right away and (in a way) forcing myself to read them. Dare I say that this year is teaching me to be a more effective reader?

Here’s what I got last week:


My thoughts:

why grizzly bears should wear underpandsWhy Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants by Matthew Inman

I’ve always been a huge fan of The Oatmeal (the website) and remember my first comic that I had read over there. It had something to do with punctuation and was just absolutely hilarious. When I saw that the author, Matthew Inman, was releasing books based on the popular comic, I knew they’d be a hit. For me, his books have been either hit or miss. I loved the one about dogs and liked most of the one about cats, and was convinced that this one was solely about bears. I’m kind of glad that he didn’t stick to just one theme in this book. Instead it’s a whole bunch of different comics from the website. Most are absolutely hilarious and some are just ok (there was only one that I really didn’t get) and they all have that classic Matthew Inman kind of humour. It’s another one of those books that’s great to devour in small doses or else the type of humour could get a little tiring. Still, I do like his books and look forward to more Oatmeal comics in the future!

I had wanted to get to the other two books, but with my addiction to Downton Abbey this week, that was a complete fail. Ah well, maybe next time!

NOW … onto this week’s books!


1. One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B. J. Novak is a book I laughed over during its trailer. I’m a HUGE Office fan and loved Mindy Kaling’s book, so is it safe for me to say already that I should like this one, too? I mean, I wasn’t a Tina Fey book fan, but I don’t watch her show, so I’m hoping that this one seems slightly familiar since I know some of his writing …

2. Flight, Volume 1 is a collection of graphic novel shorts by various artists, edited by Kazu Kibuishi. I actually wanted to pick this one up because it has a story by Vera Brosgol, who wrote Anya’s Ghost, in it. I like the idea of shorter graphic stories, especially because it could give me a glimpse into certain authors. I also love how this one seems to be all about flying.

I branched out this week and got an actual book with NO PICTURES. I am still loving the graphic novel, but I think I might need to take a break from them. I miss my longer books and know that there are a TON of new books out there that are just itching to be read. However, it’s been fun discovering new graphic novels and a new genre in manga. I’ll for sure be checking more of these out from the library, but will try and steer towards more long-form books, too.

Have you read these books? What are your weekend plans?



3 thoughts on “Weekend Library Reading (12) — Mini Reviews & New Books

    • I have the first 5 books in his Percy Jackson series but had only read the first three … I really should get back to it sometime! I remember them being really good …

      • They are really good! I just read the second one in the Heroes of Olympus series yesterday and it was again, awesome..lol I have been trying to read about 20% of One Hundred Years of Solitude in between each “me” book, but I dived right into Mark of Athena last night because I had to..lol

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